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  1. had to preorder this, reminds my of the menzingers :-)
  2. Also grabbed the clear and the white longsleeve, great design and without ISIS on it so I can walk around in public without people starring at me :-)
  3. Looking for the 1st press on purple, PM if you can help me out
  4. Looking for H2O - Thicker Than Water with the Silkscreened special boat show sleeve , sold at thicker than water 20 years anniversary boat show in New York, September 2017.
  5. Looking for Integrity - Humanity Is The Devil Black & Red Liquid filled LP
  6. Preorder is allready available at coretex (Germany) http://coretexrecords.com/Boy-Sets-Fire-20th-anniversary-live-in-berlin-RSD-SPECIAL
  7. Pre-order for the new LOA - A Place Where There's No More Pain is up! https://shop.napalmrecords.com/lifeofagony Black Vinyl 200 Gold Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition to 200 Gatefold Copies in GOLDEN 180g Vinyl