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  1. Only Pre-Order I've found is via Newbury Comics: https://www.newburycomics.com/products/avoid_one_thing-right_here_where_you_left_me_exclusive_lp?variant=29245744676969
  2. This is actually a nice, new and refreshing take on my favorite album. I love it!
  3. I pre-ordered from the US store about an hour ago but didn't get a confirmation e-mail. Did get a charge on my card though. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. Kris Roe has a solo record? Or is it just all those acoustic versions of Ataris songs that he put out a few years back?
  5. Yeah, what a jerk putting out 12 other new songs a year after his last album.
  6. Out 8/16, free signed print for the first few orders! https://store.frank-turner.com/?utm_campaign=FrankTurnerNoMan'sLand20190702&utm_content=&utm_medium=social&utm_source=Social-Other&utm_umguk= Frank’s brand new album ‘NO MAN’S LAND’ will be released on 16th August.Dedicated to telling the fascinating stories of women whose incredible lives have all too often been overlooked by case of their gender, the women featured on the album’s 13 tracks come from across the world - from Byzantine princess Kassiani (The Hymn of Kassiani) to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, one of the most important and influential musicians in American History. With 2018 ‘Producer of the Year’ Catherine Marks at the helm, it features a dynamic cast of all-female musicians.Developed by the UK’s leading podcast production company ‘Somethin’ Else,’ the ‘Tales From No Man’s Land’ podcast will be released weekly from 3rd July. Featuring special guest contributors, each episode will delve further into these enthralling stories. Tracklisting: Side A 1. Jinny Bingham's Ghost 2. Sister Rosetta 3. I Believed You, William Blake 4. Nica 5. A Perfect Wife 6. Silent Key 7. Eye Of The Day Side B 1. The Death Of Dora Hand 2. The Graveyard Of The Outcast Dead 3. The Lioness 4. The Hymn Of Kassiani 5. Rescue Annie 6. Rosemary Jane
  7. Streaming up at NPR: https://www.npr.org/2019/05/02/718209559/first-listen-a-a-bondy-enderness
  8. Pre order is up. They only have the standard black at the moment. Doesn't ship until august.
  9. Hot Water Music posted a pre-order to their new EP "Shake Up The Shadows" out on 5/24 via Epitaph. https://hwm.ffm.to/shakeuptheshadows As of right now the pre-orders don't seem to be available.
  10. Losers is up on Spotify this morning US Preorder: https://merchnow.com/catalogs/spanish-love-songs
  11. SRC just posted that Greatest Hits is getting a repress. Out April 19th. Not sure if it’s up anywhere else? https://www.srcvinyl.com/reggie-and-the-full-effect-greatest-hits-1984-1987-green-lp.html