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  1. Can you link the new song? Also is the album called 9 ? Or is it a tentative title because it’s their 9th LP?
  2. ejeffs

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Gonoherpasyphilaids here. No bundle, ordered a few minutes after it went up
  3. Not relevant, "Woahs" were included in MSIT.
  4. False. Did not hear a single “Na”.
  5. When it was up on Interpunk they had the LP (Bone Colored) by itself.
  6. So glad Blink didn’t leak over to this. Feels good to have them back
  7. From what I’ve seen the single has a release date of 7/19 so I’m sure preorders will be up tomorrow
  8. Single leaked https://youtu.be/C-eRwc1i8Qo
  9. Didn't get a shipping notification (US) but checked my order status and it has a tracking number and is out for delivery right now.
  10. Preoder is up: https://www.jsrdirect.com/bands/bosstones
  11. Anyone know when this ships? I'm moving soon and need to know where to get it shipped to.
  12. Get So Long, Astoria brand new for $18.50! https://kungfurecords.bandcamp.com/merch/ataris-so-long-astoria-on-limited-coke-bottle-clear-vinyl
  13. ejeffs

    Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    He had physical copies in Austin last night
  14. ejeffs

    Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    Picked a tour variant up last night. It’s a black and blue swirl