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  1. There is another pressing going up tonight at midnight on I Surrender
  2. New Song "You're No Good To Me Dead" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUX0gSx6P0Y&feature=emb_title
  3. US Store: -- 2 Colored Variants limited to 75 each on the US store https://flagshipapparel.com/collections/frank-turner UK Store: https://www.xtramilerecordings.com/products/frank-turner-and-jon-snodgrass-buddies-ii-still-buddies-goodies?ffm=FFM_3a1cb7eddfbc1c2301d343fff5480d79 Tracklisting: 1. Still Buddies 2. Retractions 3. S-Bar 4. Stephen Plays The Drums 5. MacBeth 6. Bad Times Good Vibes 7. The Age Of A Dog 8. The Fleas 9. Hold Me Homie 10. The Earth Is Flat Bad Times Good Vibes:
  4. PO goes up at midnight EST: https://isurrenderrecords.merchdirect.com/ new song "Better Days": Tracklisting: 01. Better Days 02. You’re No Good To Me Dead 03. Dive 04. Fake Weed 05. Love Song 69 06. Are You Listening? 07. Tokyo 08. Concrete 09. Earthquake 10. The Morning
  5. It honestly doesn't sound bad, especially considering the production on this album wasn't the highest quality to begin with. It's got the same tracks from the 2011 pressing and includes the 7 inch tracks that came with it.
  6. It's a double and has the B-Side "Elf Tower New Mexico" as well as Junesong Provision (Acoustic) and the Everything Evil demo.
  7. Got mine in today from a different source. Quality is great for a "bootleg" of this album.