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  1. This new press does not include Shut Me Down. The fourth side will be etched.
  2. Shocking I know, somebody after blond. But if you're in Australia or even New Zealand and want to sell me your reasonably priced, legit copy, let me know. Thanks!
  3. Seriously. About two out of 15 stores in my city got stuff in, and even they had about two or three releases each. Other stores are saying it's just getting too expensive to buy stock.
  4. Passed on black midi live cause of shipping costs, but ended up caving for this one. Hand screened art, new tracks. Can't wait.
  5. Gone on kanyes site but still on merchbar. I'd be upset I didn't buy it if the album itself wasn't a garbage fire.
  6. That UO listing says Patience will be on the tracklist, while others have said it won't be on it.
  7. Cayendo has sold out, but Dear April is still up. Must either be different timings for each, or the first time he's done set limited amounts.
  8. If anyone is in Australia, musicglue have aqua LPs and bundles for sale https://www.musicglue.com/angelolsen/
  9. What colour did everyone grab? I got the orange but I might go for pink too later on.
  10. If anybody in Melbourne (Australia) is looking for a copy of Samurai Champloo, Plug Seven in Fitzroy have 4 copies. $65 dollars.
  11. https://store.matadorrecords.com/new-releases/groove-denied Get on it! Will not last.
  12. Vinyl is up. Also $15 https://shop.kanyewest.com/products/ksg-vinyl-album
  13. It's actually killing me inside that I don't own these records, so please, ease my troubled mind. Willoughby's Beach 12 Bar Bruise Eyes Like The Sky Oddments Float Along, Fill Your Lungs (not the oddments/fafyl double lp please) Am based in Australia. Here is my discogs, maybe we can work out a trade. https://www.discogs.com/user/ThatHarlequin/collection