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  1. Doom label Battleground Records (CHRCH) were the absolute BEST people to deal with. BUY CHRCH:
  2. Wow, completely forgot about this forum then remembered this ace thread. Only 5 pages of posts since I was last here years ago? I think that Chrome Peeler guy goes around every music message board on the internet flogging his stuff. Recently splurged on the FLOOR 8xCD thing. It werent cheap for a stingy cunt like me. So good though. The latest TORCHE lp, aside from "Infierno", did nothing for me.
  3. wonder what happened. the new guy Casey was quite open about planning on it being his livelihood. He deleted the (fairly dead) stonerrock.com forum that was attached to ATIH? Guess he didnt want having a dead message board making his business look less than thriving... or hearing from people slagging off his greedy prices... $24 t-shirts etc. Although to his credit that mega-gouging angle seems to be done away with now.
  4. New CONAN, yeah much the same as the last 4 lps. I've been with them from the start, bought each one as it came out, but I think I may be Conaned out. This one was kind of a bit more forgettable. Plus the new drummer is just playing too much for my liking. I dunno, all starting to feel a bit perfunctory at this stage, getting their mega-expensive "product" out there every year. No more wholesale like the Burning World days. Recall about 5 years ago being thrilled to shit with the first couple of records but sorry since then they've churned out about 6 more LP's which aint been nearly as good. Maybe I'm jaded. Spoilt. Plus being signed up to the fuckwits at Big Business Napalm Records its all starting to feel a bit uh big business. Was wayyy more fun dealing with the guys at Burning World on plus side, found out about new bands: SUMAC HEY COLOSSUS
  5. not entirely rooting the new CHRCH like I thought I would be. In fact A-side seems like a misstep compared to Unanswered Hymns. Too much of the solo solo Malmsteen bollocks and lot enough murder rumble. there7s already a zillion bands that sound like that. B side was more solid in their usual 1 riff meatshit murder way but I dunno still. #I_dont_like_new_directions
  6. had a bit of a DIY freebie homepage fiddle: https://doomdistrojapan.wixsite.com/doom pretty agricultural but fuckit. surely the humble beginnings of the worlds greatest doom/sludge one-stop
  7. fahhk that is amazing, its like an art gallery. although I7m wondering why you havent got the speakers in the corners of the room? you'd have to be a bazillionaire to have a space like that here in japan. my records sort of outgrew the living room so had to be shifted to another room. Sonab OA14's in each corner and Technics either side. Wife HATES this setup and keeps nagging me to get the amp/TT etc on a vertical RACK in that far corner. FUCK NO. 7"s and relegated speakers in other room tapes are a yes cd's are a no Boring!
  8. ah jeez my potty mouth gave me away there. what would you guys say are the crucial Electric Wizard lp's? I only have Come my Fanatics on vinyl, have read some people arent really into it (9/10 for me) and Dopethrone on CD, still trying to scab the LP version. Where would the cutoff point be?
  9. yeah thanx, been buying from him for over 20 years now! Not much doom/sludge there though jealous of that wall of records pic in post above. NO shops in my town carry anything made this century. All used oldies. Although there was one store that went bust last year, run by an old prog/psych guy who didnt use the internet for pricing... and had a massive blind spot for 90's punk/indie/metal etc. AKA, my wheelhouse. It was a goldmine that seeminly only I knew about. I went every week for 20 years and usually walked out with something that left me shaking my head. Neurosis "Times of Grace" LP for $8? Probably my favourite record of all time. Compared the quality to my own copy then almost felt bad for the guy when I flogged it on eBay for 100 bucks. my take on doom/sludge outlets: Cobraside: pretty good but they don’t even know about Fedex “Great Rates” for us foreign cunts and that’s amateur hour Revhq: never ordered but looks slightly enticing Ebullition: great but not so doomy Revolver: best. Hello, ACID KING. Deathwish: never tried but looks good, albeit lacking in the doom. Armageddon shop online: top shit to deal with for us foreign cunts Southern lord: great guys great stuff but not quite enough stuff Secretly distribution: top shit for Flying Nun/Touch and Go, no doomy Sounds of california. a weird one. no website. And $25 Fleetwood Mac lp's alongside $9 Suicide s/t. ILD: exclusive distro for SFTRI, Six Weeks etc. Rockbottom prices, no doom. Musicfearsatan: all the doom but wayyyy the fuck too expensive for this cunt. Robotic empire: looks ok but never used, tney never seem to have enough shit I want when push comes to shove
  10. thanks guyz will check them out, unfortunately I'm in Japan so with the nutso postage prices from US these days can't afford to buy lp's one at a time and pay $20 bucks shipping. went back and read first 30 pages of thread, and then last 10 pages, weird to compare, start was all enthusiastic and shoppy shoppy, last 10 were bummed out on the greed and fuckhead shipping chicanery couple more bands that surely have been mentioned by now but werent in first 30 pages: THRONES. GODHEADSILO what I think of as totally underrated sludge. share the fantasy lp. PART CHIMP. also on the noise rock sludge end, i am come is a yes. ps, new UNSANE lp in Sep (Southern Lord) psp CORRUPTED / NOOTHGRUSH lp getting reissued soon. at one stage I had almost everything by Corrupted but one day stupidly relaised I really dont like the cookie monster vocals and sold the whole lot. MORAN.
  11. holy shit, a 332 page stoner doom thread. Googled "doom sludge forum" and the top 3 hits were all dead empty wastelands. anyone know a good sized (wholesale?) one stop for doom sludge etc? I can't seem to find one. midheaven/cobraside etc have the usual piecemeal bits but where is the motherlode?
  12. very nice, that takes me back. still regret selling my "raise" lp. have done a couple of these tape clubs before and they often end acriminiously. But have gotten a couple of GREAT tapes. I thought the accepted format was get, say, 12 people, and every month 1 person makes 11 tapes and ships em out to the other 11 people. Twin tape deck hi-speed dubbing makes it easy. So make 1 tape you're done. "My month is May, yours is June" etc. Problem there is it only takes one person to flake and they want 11 tapes while flaking on their month and not making anything. interesting challenge would be 26 people, each making a mix of bands starting with a certain letter. "You have A, I have B" etc
  13. I'm old. I started on cass walkmans in the mid 80's. Had a listen to my daughters iPod 10 years ago to see if I should get with the program but it was just a tinpot squawk. No thank you. Continued on with cass walkmans. Some MEAT in your music. had about 3 of these over the last 20 years: Sony WM FX-888. Production ceased in 2003. if you can find one of these you are SORTED. mine all eventually broke. usually its either the auto reverse that fucks them or the jack hole gets loose and the sound cuts out intermittently (it's back! oh its gone) and proceeds to drive you batshit insane. I love these things so much that would persevere for months walking/commuting keeping one finger pushing against the phones input before eventually crying no mas. Currently using Sony WM-EX900. Stone cold killer. Daftly though, the volume only has 3 default settings.: -Mildly pleasant. -Loud. -Skullfuckingly loud.
  14. signed up for Alliance. wft. wholesale? they just buy their shit from other wholesalers and mark it up! That aint wholesale thats just another distributor! could hardly find a single thing that I couldnt get cheaper elsewhere. will keep looking though cos its fahkin huuge CAHR is another one but looks like he recently had the mother of all sales.
  15. ebullition (not really my bag these days) revolver (BEST) RevHQ secretly distribution (looks great, Flying Nun, Touch & Go) sound of california (no website and a wacky mix of prices. Fleetwood Mac "Rumours for $25 wholesale and Suicide s/t Lp for $8? wft) cobraside (bit flaky and it aint cheap) southern lord (top shit) I need more! A doom distro? ps, no idea records kaput. wonder who does wholesale for all the Hot Water Music/Against Me etc

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