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  1. Abso-fucking-lutely. Their post-TGM tour had to have been one if not the best live performances I´ve ever witnessed. There´s just no comparison to any other band. Even with earbuds they absolutely destroy. Just sheer amazement. I only wish I´d heard of them earlier because they had a live here back in 2010 after My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky. After The Seer hit there was just so much novelty due to the sheer amount of hype around them returning. So being late to the party , To Be Kind used to be my favourite but now I would agree that most of their back catalogue is pretty amazing.
  2. Man that artwork takes me back to the days of playing Tomb Raider 2 all day.
  3. So, this is finally happening DEBUT ALBUM REPRESS AND BIRTHDAY SHOWS 2019 After years of you guys asking us we are delighted to say we have a new Limited Edition Repress of our debut album on its way. The release will include a brand new live album recorded this year during 10 year anniversary 3 night residency in Belfast and it was mixed by the legendary Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios, the man who made some of the records that made us want to start this band in the first place, from Minor Threat to Jawbox to Fugazi. This four plate reissue will feature more original artwork by artist Julian Friers who did the cover painting in 2009. This will be on sale at the following shows where we'll be performing the record in its entirety. DEBUT ALBUM TOUR 2019 27/10/2019 // London (Sold Out) 27/10/2019 // Paris 27/10/2019 // Ghent 27/10/2019 // Amsterdam 27/10/2019 // Berlin 27/10/2019 // Prague 27/10/2019 // Cologne 27/12/2019 // Kilkenny 28/12/2019 // Cork 29/12/2019 // Limerick 30/12/2019 // Galway 31/12/2019 // Dublin NYE Show
  4. Magnetic Eye is giving 50 off everything with "thedayofdoom50" https://store.merhq.com/merch Pretty good bargain if you ask me. Should get that new Horsehunter perhaps...its so good. Way to go out with a killer release. https://store.merhq.com/album/horsehunter
  5. Yeah I guess I didn´t explicate myself enough. Since I have to go through the UK itt´s 30€ through their store with added 17€ to ship a 2LP, rounding out at 42£. Even without the album, that shipping price is a stab in the face by itself.
  6. 🤨 I´ll probably get stabbed in the face for this but why do Castle Face LP´s always have to run so high in price.
  7. Midheaven https://midheaven.com/item/face-stabber-by-oh-sees
  8. Not yet...but https://www.normanrecords.com/records/177174-oh-sees-face-stabber
  9. of Segall fame. Probably going to be belter https://intheredrecords.com/collections/cfm/products/cfm-soundtrack-to-an-empty-room
  10. Would it be wrong for me to assume that you are fond of David Blaine? Or at least, you know. The fake impersonated kind. Sort of looking forward to this but not buying. Am off vinyl and trying my hardest not to relapse. Relatedly, if anyone´s interested, I have a red Pain Is Beauty and clear/smoke Hiss Spun that I am willing to have shipped anywhere.
  11. Yes. Was thinking the exact same thing. I would have to say that Descending Belladonna might actually take the cake for me over '[email protected]
  12. Same here. The purple copies of it are still available as well. Yet to listen to this but it´s deemed to be a belter. Ye
  13. Full stream now https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2019/06/05/full-album-stream-slomatics-canyons/ And then this...made me lol. Get a LTD /100 album for the price of three records https://webstore.earache.com/sleep-sleeps-holy-mountain-clear-vinyl?search=sleep *Edit: also...what happened to this thread? Stoner/doom is dead...all hail stoner doom!