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  1. Just arrived via torrent and gonna give a listen now. *Edit: I´d say it´s pretty basic Earth. At moments feels like a slight return to Bees´ era but also borrows elements Carlson´s solo efforts. Highlight so far remains the very first single that was released.
  2. Guess they had underestimated the demand for this. Which is odd...
  3. New Torche is up. First two variants sold out. Wouldn't bet on this one lasting long either https://store.relapse.com/item/73119/clear-with-purple-smoke-and-black-bone-white-and-white-splatter-ltd-to-500
  4. Turning the psychedelia to 11...Paranoias https://ritualproductions.bandcamp.com/album/asterismal
  5. Have always felt discouraged by the 'radio friendly aspects of their sound but am oddly enough finding myself liking this tune quite a bit.
  6. Elephant Tree both album represses ! I guess the sophomore has been available for some time now. https://elephanttreeband.bandcamp.com/album/elephant-tree Going through my Slomatics collection atm and really falling in love with this band again. Future Echo Returns has to be their least enticing though, sadly. Anyone else feel that way? I absolutely abhor that sing-along harmonics part and still recall cringing when I first heard it. A Hocht on the other hand still has special magic to it. Also, I just checked for tickets to All Them Witches' upcoming show in Finland and it turns out they've double booked it and Sleep's supposed to be playing on the same date which is fucking awful if they're going on the same exact time. The venue is like half a mile apart and I guess the agency is working on it so it might come out fine. That is, if the show is still happening though.... Any news on Matt Pike's toe toe though, doe?
  7. If you prefer doom that's all hazed out and adrift
  8. So Limited Black & Gold Galaxy swirl or Limited Black & Green Galaxy swirl OR Indies only Crimson / Black Galaxy Oh, and did I forget to mention...LIMITED
  9. They are but have had a UK store for a few years now. I would assume that means they have storage there as well. http://sargenthouse.awesomedistro.com/products/637861-earth-full-upon-her-burning-lips-12-vinyl And man, I do love me some Earth but it almost feels like they've cut it way too close to their original formula with this one. At least as far as this single is letting on. Like the train-chugging beat from Torn By The Fox of the Crescent Moon meets the slow trud of Rise To GloryFox of the Crescent Moon
  10. 40USD is still a lot for a 2LP to be shipped from the UK to over these parts. Almost on par with Rise Above's releases.
  11. Hope this doesn't come out too indie. And tbh, I've found most all of their artwork to be meh. Funny thing about the driver's licence though. Can relate, as I still need to finish mine after being enrolled but sleeping on driving school for the last 8 years.
  12. New Earth 40USD shipped from the UK for this though. Blergh. *Edit. Well, at least it's a double LP
  13. Sweet. This is one covers album I could see myself getting behind.
  14. Well, for some reason this grabbed me immediately https://blindmonarch.bandcamp.com/album/what-is-imposed-must-be-endured Also, I don't know how many of you are into Un, but this was an amazing surprise. Grabbed the cassette already a month ago as I didn't expect this to get a pressing at all but Translation Loss are really flying high right now and are putting their split with Coltsblood out along with Sentiment which is freaking epic. They're also swaying me pretty hard from breaking my promise of limiting expensive vinyl purchases. http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/product/coltsblood-un-split-lp-preorder