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  1. https://thecallousdaoboys.bandcamp.com/album/celebrity-therapist-2 https://mnrkheavy.com/collections/the-callous-daoboys Quad Split 300 (Band Camp Exclusive) Emerald Ghost 1000 Splatter 1000
  2. My wife and I have seen them upwards to 20+ times and every time I see them they are so on point. They do have a good couple of songs that consistently play, which isn't a bad thing but seeing these set lists for this final tour has me that much more excited. Got tickets to the Philly shows. Can't wait.
  3. I have no information on this but I want to comment to follow if you get it back. Rooting for you!
  4. https://riserecords.com/collections/artist-kublai-khan https://www.merchlimited.com/collections/kublai-khan
  5. Yeah this is good. My homie Justin saw it live and said it was amazing.
  6. I gotta pick this up mostly because I love how the CCIC looks.
  7. WWWY is gonna be tight though so there's that.
  8. Picked up the BV as well. Pup is consistently solid so it was an easy pick up.
  9. Just seeing if anyone has a drop on the CIC Orange/Clear vinyl.
  10. I feel bad for variant collectors because this record now has line 100 different pressings.
  11. Nevermind. I guess when it crashed out the last time it went through because I got a confirmation email. Alls well that ends well.
  12. Keeps crashing out on me. I'm over it. Congrats to the ones who made it!