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  1. fuck.. had to do blue white mix.. ahh well. Honestly just can't wait to hear this whole thing
  2. same here.. I had it on amazon watchlist.wishlist forever thinking it wasn't that limited, guess I just ran out of time.
  3. Need an Oddfellows repress... My box set is still lonely without it That being said, I went with the bullmoose hopefully jacket is embossed. I can't imagine it wouldn't be though ...
  4. god dammit, Track one is called "The Great Beyond" and all I can think of is "The Great Below" And now I want a lounge jazzy version of The Great Below to open this damn movie
  5. 3 tracks.. $25... band that's been on hiatus for over 10 years?? No Thanks
  6. /100 DW for me. I'm fine with it. BTW, discogs has a few copies of the old album with Lou from Sick Of It All, I'm sure Live they won't play any of the songs, but they are still rad! https://www.discogs.com/Blood-From-The-Soul-To-Spite-The-Gland-That-Breeds/release/1976606
  7. EP is $18 over at indiemerchstore now. earlygrind coupon code gets you 20% off the thing so even cheaper.. https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/93520 go go go
  8. I read somewhere that they are going to be releasing a companion remix album called Black Stallion soon, so maybe it'll be part of this re-release in march? /shrug
  9. Jesus and promptly sold out for that matter... at least on bandcamp
  10. I bought it from their bandcamp earlier this year and it is really awesome. I'm super interested to see what's on that DVD , but not really interested in buying it again. Currently it's up on bandcamp if you want to try before you buy, The joke schick is also rad IMO, watch the mini documentary on their site and read the bio at the bottom: https://jazzsabbath.bandcamp.com/releases
  11. Having gone to a show on this tour, I would have really LOVED for this to have been a DVD of sorts vs a live album only

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