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  1. The non colored versions are $40 each. I would rather go for them personally UYI 1 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13700394/guns-n-roses-use-your-illusion-i-2-lp UYI 2 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/1582551/guns-n-roses-use-your-illusion-ii-2-lp
  2. got a shipping notice from teh official store also
  3. It's a little annoying that this record is taking so long. I pre-ordered the latest cancer bats record a couple days ago from dina alone and already got a shipping notice for it
  4. The new single kicks ass: also looks like the digital single dust will be on this release too.
  5. New Brutus record is up for preorder from Evil Greed and Hello Merch. Unsure of pressing numbers, but there seems to be 4 variants I can find so far: Yellow/Orange Splatter (die cute sleeve): The Hello Merch version seems to depict an orangy haze in the middle? /800 https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/brutus/products/unison-life-deluxe-12-yellow-orange-splatter-vinyl https://evilgreed.net/collections/brutus/products/brutus-unison-life-deluxe-lp Cloudy Red (die cute sleeve) AKA Dinked Edition (apparently): https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/brutus/products/unison-life-deluxe-12-cloudy-red-vinyl also a bunch of stores here: https://brutus.ffm.to/unison_life-dinked Turquiose/Light blue /1000: https://evilgreed.net/collections/brutus/products/brutus-unison-life-lp Turquoise w/black/light blue splatter (retail version /3000): https://evilgreed.net/collections/brutus/products/brutus-unison-life-lp?variant=43606150676745 Indie Store edition is Transparent Orange: https://roughtrade.com/us/brutus/unison-life/lp-plus
  6. New Off! Music/Record is coming out. There seem to be a bunch of variants on this standard appears to be blue Bandcamp: https://offofficial.bandcamp.com/album/free-lsd Blue and signed Pink fat Possum: https://fatpossum.com/products/free-lsd Rough Trade https://www.roughtrade.com/us/off/free-lsd Peacock Green /300 Purple (Indie Exclusive
  7. New Fucked Up records sounds like they are doing some sludgy fun, the cover also looks rad AF From Tankcrimes e-mail: https://tankcrimes.merchtable.com/tankcrimes-music/vinyl/fucked-up-oberon-12-vinyl-lp
  8. Same for me.. WTF?? Actually now that I think about it.. did we just get this one and they mixed up the orders? 300 - Red / Black Mix (Deathwish Exclusive) Can someone post their DW Exclusive?
  9. Fuck you for making me spit out my coffee laughing LOLOL
  10. looks like brooklyn vegan also has copies: https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/prodigy-the-fat-of-the-land-2lp-25th-anniversary-edition-metallic-silver-vinyl another cost effective option for US types
  11. bifocal Media has a cool new shirt /300 (if that matters) for preorder https://bifocalmedia.com/product/cave-in-walsby-t-shirt/