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  1. god that looks great, so happy I sprung for the box. Can't wait to spin this and relive some rad high school memories
  2. So March 28th according to the Roman numerals there
  3. Amazon has a white/black (or clear/black.. unsure) version, probably the indie store variant: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NRF2FHD/
  4. Amon Amarth would like some making Fuck apparently! j/k New record comes out May 3rd apparently. The first single Raven's Flight is pretty good stuff: Looks like there are 2 /750 Variants to choose from Black w/ red Haze and Clear w/red splatter. Each $32 2x12 https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/search/?q=AA-Berserker-19
  5. From John B ^^ god I want that framed for the house
  6. I felt like Y&G failed with fans cause they wanted to evolve. It wasn't my favorite record, but really I felt it would have done better not as a double album. Purple was a natural progression of everything that they had put out to that point, which blended the good stuff from Y&G and their previous albums. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a further progression in that trajectory. I'm excited to see what the record brings, but I can't base that on this clip alone.
  7. Good Lookin Out! I grabbed the Copernicus versions of both
  8. eh.. the cokie thing was fun as a 7 inch, but I'm good with not needing this.. shit sounds way too depressing than where I am in life/what I want out of music. Already have enough depressing music in the library heh. Thanks though!
  9. Is this a cokie reissue or a new record? Throw some of us old folks who don't give a shit about social media a bone here
  10. yeah.. I'm with you in this boat. When I heard the new single I thought, that this sounds exactly like every other bad religion song. talk about sticking to the formula, but they were one of the first punk rock bands I fell in love with and at this point I'm just a sucker for them. At least they aren't horrible
  11. I do love me some Katatonia. Good looking out, but price is a bit high for me right now though