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  1. Jesus and promptly sold out for that matter... at least on bandcamp
  2. I bought it from their bandcamp earlier this year and it is really awesome. I'm super interested to see what's on that DVD , but not really interested in buying it again. Currently it's up on bandcamp if you want to try before you buy, The joke schick is also rad IMO, watch the mini documentary on their site and read the bio at the bottom: https://jazzsabbath.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. Having gone to a show on this tour, I would have really LOVED for this to have been a DVD of sorts vs a live album only
  4. Tron: Legacy.... is there a better example of a shitty movie with an amazing soundtrack
  5. according to bandcamp, my record is set to come in oct 14... Will be listening to the digital drop before then
  6. I went with the newbury one. In the end it was $25 shipped to me, which I can stomach a little more for this also had the diy coloring one came with a normal version of the cover the way morbid stuff did I probably would have reconsidered
  7. Agreed, I also want to wait for a US distribution of this.
  8. been on the road from Bay to LA all day. Was able to nab the ZIA thanks all for keeping this up to date and alive! New Single Slays!
  9. I really want a Beastie boys Boxed set with everything
  10. See ya at 9:40 AM, Hopefully Nativity In Black will still be available
  11. So this showed up on my youtube feed to my excitement: Unsure about if this is an EP/Full length or what, but will probably be up at Nuclear Blast on the 4th. Also a new pressing of the old record is out now /500 https://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/products/sound/vinyl/2lp/killer-be-killed-killer-be-killed-white-black-splatter-lp-import-.html