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  1. The Purple w/ Green splatter edition has been made available to buy via bandcamp: https://toxicholocaust.bandcamp.com/album/primal-future-2019 $20.. $27 shipped to CA.
  2. Prollie not as that was on Popestar
  3. Finally!! New Toxic Holocaust, out 10/4!! Black: https://eone.merchnow.com/products/v2/297943/primal-future-2019-black Purple w/ Green Splatter: https://eoneheavy.aisamerch.de/Toxic-Holocaust-Primal-Future-2019-180-Gram-LP-Translucent-Purple-with-Emerald-Green-Splatter_1 (Unfortunately no shipping to the States that I could tell) Doesn't seem to be a US non Black option 😕 I'll update if one shows up.
  4. Agreeed, Shame that the internet shitlords keep giving her crap about her past that a) no longer applies and b) is demonstrably false and the whole Google thing that just happened where her accounts were suspended for the most important time after the debates and other fuckery is proof that she's got a huge mountain to climb, but she pretty much has my vote for the primaries Honestly after all the posturing and pandering that is done, she seems to be one of the only ones with a level head and some decent ideas. Including you know.. stopping the regime change wars.
  5. I grabbed from Napalm, cause they were only charing about 7 EUros for shipping to California. So total came to 31.98 Euros (approx $35 shipped)
  6. What we need is a proper re-release of the Tony Martin era of Sabbath. Headless Cross was incredible
  7. Honestly, For me, it's more of that idea that you listen more to the original albums that got you into a band in the first place. My dad had the first 5 sabbath records and when he introduced me to them, I legit thought there was no other Black Sabbath stuff after Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Then when I got to college I started seeing sabotage, mob rules, etc. I listened to them and thought they were ok, I did like Sabotage more than the others though. It took me way too long to even touch Heaven and Hell and I kick myself every time I hear it cause it's that good.
  8. You'll pay for the first 8 but only listen to the first 5
  9. I'd be in for a box set, you know it would be stupid elaborate
  10. Meh, what evs, if it sells out, I'll put it on the list to buy from 1234 go. not really worried/really caring about variant scarcity at this point in my life.