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  1. dammmn.. oh well black it is I ain't paying $98 shipped for the HDR exclusive versions
  2. that laserCD.com store's exclusive color is Black... unless I'm missing something
  3. eeeesh that sucks. hopefully there's a better option for you
  4. Really?? where are you shipping to? Bandcamp has usually been reasonable, $5 normally. This one for some reason is like $8, which isn't horrible, I've seen way worse off bandcamp.
  5. New Heiress record is finally here, well for preorder at least. Release is scheduled for October. https://heiress.bandcamp.com/album/distant-fires Looks like there are 3 color ways for this to choose from, no idea about pressing numbers, Black w/ Optic Blue Swirl Clear w/ Brown & Blue Splatter Purple with Dark & Light Blue splatter. First track is a banger as always
  6. https://www.yellowdogdiscs.com/collections/record-store-day-2021/products/god-forbid-1 I grabbed God forbid here
  7. man I really want one, but I just can't justify the shipping being priority only 😕
  8. I feel the way to get black to sell out faster is to call it some variant like: "None more black" "Blacker than the Blackest Black times Infinity" "The Biggest Blackest Disk"
  9. Yeah.. this is a shit show.. I'm out. Was thinking of giving it one more chance but QR codes to wiki pages and the not really exclusive exclusive. for the price..lumped together with the whole mystery aspect so If you really don't like something you can't opt out until it's too late. it's just not worth it. So far the only recent subscription thing that has proven to be worth a damn IMO is the Gimme Metal one.

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