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  1. roadmonkey

    Beard care

    Hell yeah.. Sweet, My wife has loved all the scents I've gotten from them so far, even the holiday themed ones, She's also not a big fan of Patchouli and neither am I tbh. The part I like best about these guys is that the smell lasts all day, unlike other brands I've tried where the scent lasts about a couple hours.
  2. roadmonkey

    Beard care

    I've been getting into bad ass beard care's products recently. I love their scents. So far I have the Thanksgiving, & Christmas holiday scents, and also the Mountain Man. https://badassbeardcare.com use this referral code for a free sample. MANISHP42110
  3. I'll probably grab this during their tour with Youth Code. Can't wait for that show.
  4. nice - although.. Oof $32 before shipping per record is a little high for me right now. it'd be nice to have these though
  5. roadmonkey

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    Meh, that's cool then.. $100 that won't leave my wallet
  6. roadmonkey

    The Bronx - B Sides and Rarities

    yeah, I want this.. I don't $100 want this. I'll wait for the record only version
  7. Hell Yeah! Thrill Kill Kult are always amazing!
  8. Fuck Yeah! Been waiting for this. Also did the cash grab version, I figured to buy everything separate, but the rest seemed to be worth the extra few bucks IMO
  9. just going to leave this here:
  10. wait.. megadeth greatest hits record has any tracks post Youthanasia?? I'm confused
  11. JSR just put up their pre-orders. Only option is Black, but the shirt kinda rules: https://www.jsrdirect.com/bands/devin-townsend That being said.. WTF rip off is this shite, for less than the US Black Vinyl you can get the Vinyl (black), CD, and signed booklet on the Omerch EU site.
  12. fucking hell that was quick.. I grabbed red, mainly cause red looked better in the mock up.. would have loved that blue though
  13. Blue is sold out from the omerch store Red and yellow still available