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  1. thanks 👍 I will try. have also a few not-so-flat records in my shelves.
  2. and that works? how long let you the vinyl between the plates? with a sleeve?
  3. i do not understand why the quantities of operation ivy represses are always that small - the demand is certainly given and they can easily sell much more copies. i am also waiting to my chance to get a copy.
  4. Don't know. Was just my feeling of the Danzig Sings Elvis discussion 😉 https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/140461-po-danzig-danzig-sings-elvis/#comment-2885662
  5. I know you guys do not really like Glen but one or the other is still interested: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=danzig+satan+child&post_type=product
  6. There is another variant online in Germany: https://www.finestvinyl.de/punk-hc-vinyl/nofx-punk-in-drublic-375-exclusive-mint-black-coloured-edi/?item=5225781
  7. Yes let's see. It is online on several retailers with release date 3/25 (with shipment ready between 2 - 4 weeks. E.g. https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/slipknot-slipknot/hnum/10897063
  8. https://muse.lnk.to/WOTP-PreOrder?ref=https%3A//willofthepeople.muse.mu/%3Fref%3Dhttps%3A//startpage.com/
  9. https://www.kerrang.com/weezer-to-release-first-of-four-seasonal-eps-in-2022-on-spring-equinox
  10. boahh.. it's hard not to order this but oversea shipping is so damn expensiv. hope they find time to do a 3rd album some day!
  11. jpc.de sells the clear variant for 41.99 EUR - the accepance limit is reached. sorry this is ridiculous.
  12. Seems there is a repress of their debut under way. I asked my local dealer, they confirmed a 2022 repress but no specific release date announced so far. Up for pre order also here - but you have to wait till 2025: https://www.merchbar.com/hard-rock-metal/transplants/the-transplants-vinyl-record-2270896 Saw also a colored variant..
  13. Seems the pressing plants are still busy with Adele's 30..
  14. any hints that punk in drublic pops up in other variants soon or was this a newbury one shot?