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  1. https://store.warnermusic.com.au/pages/search-results?q=the front bottoms I got an email about it and when I picked it up it said "Last One" and I don't see it on the site anymore but I do see lemon. It says 55$ but that's AUS not USD. I've bought a decent amount of records from Poison City (Camp Cope) so I knew it was a conversion. It did cost like 50$ shipped but personally, it was worth it.
  2. Ending up picking up a Milky Clear this morning in fears that another variant wouldn't come up. Not a HUGE fan of grey considering I have a Going Grey in grey already.
  3. I hoping another variant pops up because TFB is top 5 for me.
  4. In (late) but in to make sure I get this. I’ve got an original pressing of TOCS and LITSOS but I need a copy of DTGL
  5. Personally I think this album fires on all cylinders. Pulling the Pin is definitely top songs for me. I've listened through a few times now and I find this to be consistent. There isn't really a track that I skip...for now.
  6. Oh I know. He's one of my good friends. Shit was garbage. Dude is an incredible talent so it ultimately is their loss.
  7. They also go rid of Justin. They're trash anymore.
  8. I liked their last album less than most of their other releases, but this single just won me over immediately.
  9. You can still do the "All Four" option so I guess if you still wanted the black you could do that. Unless it just hasn't been updated yet.