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  1. Got my split over the weekend and the box had a hole in it. Solid little dimple ding in the spine but other than that this thing looks great. Super happy with the split.
  2. Just got shipping confirmation with tracking for this. The 4 split color edition.
  3. Finally got my Milky Clear from Australia and let me just tell you, it looks like it came from Australia. Not a straight corner or side. Super quality shipping container. But, at least I opened it up and it wasn't black.
  4. I really shit the bed on this one, I'm glad I may get a shot at redemption.
  5. Agreed. She is just like a solid human being in general on top of her talent.
  6. This mock up of the collector's edition is honestly one of the most beautiful pressings they have put out. I hope it's as close as can be with this one.
  7. I'm really late to this band and I am pissed I didn't listen to them sooner. This album has been on constant rotation for me for the last few weeks.
  8. I just didn't see a point in a new thread being made when this one worked fine for the last three+ releases. I figured the "Everything Else" would really open it up. haha
  9. I was just about to change the name of this since it's basically been the mwY thread for like two years now
  10. Good point. I just pulled the trigger on one. haha This is also the only CE I don't have thus far.
  11. Do we still hate them, because Orphan Twin just shuffled on and I didn't skip it.

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