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  1. The shirt option is the best vinyl (So far) IMO. I just don't want to order it with a shirt I'll hardly wear when the possibility of a just a good variant shows up in like three weeks.
  2. Maybe I'm just being biased because I don't think anything will be as good as "Better Off Dead." The album has some banger tracks but it just sounds like everything else that is out there lately which isn't their style.
  3. They used to be so good. I'm just having a hard time convincing myself to pick this up. They are so "independent and underground" but yet were on Madden.
  4. This album is pretty amazing honestly. They did a great job with this.
  5. This is a really good album. Super happy with it.
  6. Carol City. Shit, I typed too fast and didn't realize. haha
  7. Yeah, I picked this up with the quickness. I wish I could see a mock-up of the CIC though. Might have to pick that up too at some point.
  8. Anytime this album has come up in my life right now, that is the song I reference.
  9. I'm like crying I'm so happy I can listen to this all day at work. Today is the best Monday in history.