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  1. I think the most aggravating part of this is that a lot of what is up on StockX right now is stuff that, looking through these threads when they are made are usually things that kind of hang around for a minute and are "easily" attainable. Now, looking at what is on there and some of the ridiculous prices on some things is going to make it more of a mess with (personally) trying to get some releases. Hip hop in particular which will be frustrating. On the up side at least I know I can make a quick buck off of my Travis Scott, Denzel Curry, Kanye, Ariana albums if I am ever in a pinch. Also, P
  2. I saw her open for The Decemberists YEARS ago and was in love ever since. She is a true talent.
  3. I have an original WATT pressing but I would take another one and I will 100% get down on a live stream as well.
  4. Yeah, that money has already been spent so long ago it doesn't even really matter at this point. I here for the ride now.
  5. Got my split over the weekend and the box had a hole in it. Solid little dimple ding in the spine but other than that this thing looks great. Super happy with the split.
  6. Just got shipping confirmation with tracking for this. The 4 split color edition.
  7. Finally got my Milky Clear from Australia and let me just tell you, it looks like it came from Australia. Not a straight corner or side. Super quality shipping container. But, at least I opened it up and it wasn't black.
  8. I really shit the bed on this one, I'm glad I may get a shot at redemption.
  9. Agreed. She is just like a solid human being in general on top of her talent.
  10. This mock up of the collector's edition is honestly one of the most beautiful pressings they have put out. I hope it's as close as can be with this one.

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