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  1. I like color in color so the black in clear was an easy pick up for me.
  2. For sure. They always are putting in those man (and woman) hours with all of there stuff and I think that is something to admire and adds and obvious understandable element to all things they are putting together and shipping themselves. Plus I also would wait any amount of time for this. I have I think 8 pressings of this album so it isn't like I am in a rush to hear it. I just want it to match the rest.
  3. My favorite part about these emails is we ALWAYS get something like this in some form about every mWY release almost ever. It's just kind of expected to a fault. Which, isn't a bad thing. I personally always assume I am going to get whatever it is at lease a month later than originally expected.
  4. I am saying it is going to be an A-B life edition pressing and a Brothers and Sisters live stream. That is also what I am hoping for honestly.
  5. I would agree as well. Ten Stories wise I feel like even with a fresh variant people will still buy it up. A because it is mewithoutYou and B because I personally would be sold on the matching spines, it looks nice on the shelf.
  6. This is pretty laughable. I don't know if anyone posted it yet. https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-Chemical-Brothers-Life-On-The-Murder-Scene-Vinyl/352901186
  7. So I didn't end up watching the first two of these and I'm just curious as to what the set is. Are they going to play this full album front to back or do they just have a random setlist heavily influenced by this album or how does it go. Watching it either way but I was just curious.
  8. It's on both their website and Dine Alone https://cityandcolour.store-08.com/featured/ https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/sometimes-collection
  9. 17$ is almost as much as the record, but still picked it up. Thanks for lookin out!

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