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  1. Picked up Ten Stories box set on black Friday. Sad this will be my only not colored variant of this whole set but at least my set isn't just void an album so I'll take it.
  2. Definitely one of the best albums of the year for me.
  3. Yeah looking back I can find like twitter posts and stuff. I don't go on SM that much so I just must have missed it.
  4. How did I miss the Ten Stories Collectors Edition Fire and Ice. I feel like I saw no post about it on any of their social media and it was just up.
  5. https://nosleeprecords.com/search?type=product&options[prefix]=last&options[unavailable_products]=last&q=gatherers&type=product&options[prefix]=last&options[unavailable_products]=last Black 200 Cataract White 300
  6. Yes, done and done. I'm honestly embarrassed I let it go so long without noticing.
  7. Shipping notification for tri color from their BandCamp.
  8. I don't see them coming back, at least not any time soon. Aaron is just sort of over it. Over the span of their career I've seen them at least 20 times and the shows more recently (last few years) he just seems tired. During A-B life tour a few years back he literally just left the stage for like 10 minutes at the show I was at. They had a good run, and a few years from now it would be tight to see a random tour but I also think it is really over. But hey still got a bunch of box sets still to get to so there's that. Also, Saturdays show was amazing and emotional.
  9. Out October 7th https://store.boundariesct.com/ White/Navy: 100 https://store.boundariesct.com/products/burying-brightness-lp-white-navy Black/Orange: 100 https://store.boundariesct.com/products/burying-brightness-lp-black-orange Neon Violet (A)/Purple (B): 150 https://store.boundariesct.com/products/burying-brightness-lp-a-side-neon-violet-b-side-purple Gold (A)/Olive(B): 150 https://store.boundariesct.com/products/burying-brightness-lp-a-side-gold-b-side-olive Galaxy Pink/Beer: 250 https://store.boundariesct.com/products/burying-brightness-lp-galaxy-pink-beer Galaxy Purple/Mint: 250 https://store.boundariesct.com/products/burying-brightness-lp-galaxy-purple-mint
  10. https://thecallousdaoboys.bandcamp.com/album/celebrity-therapist-2 https://mnrkheavy.com/collections/the-callous-daoboys Quad Split 300 (Band Camp Exclusive) Emerald Ghost 1000 Splatter 1000