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  1. As of now everything is just a place holder image but they are all clickable and able to order. I'm pretty positive this is on purpose and I love it. https://www.kaceymusgraves.com/
  2. https://memory-music.net/products/balance-and-composure-the-things-we-think-were-missing-live-at-studio-4 Looks to be three Variants up Neon Pink in Clean with Purple Splatter - 500 Neon Pink and Purple Pinwheel with White and Black Splatter - 500 Pink with Purple and Cream Swirl - 1000 Also there is paired merch and a live stream ticket as well. Personally I love this album so I am really excited for this Studio 4 album
  3. Very excited for this personally. Parchment/300 290 Left Jockey #2/200 152 Left https://www.stayinside.store/products/ferried-away-vinyl
  4. Confusion/Questions on the included Appendix have been added to the webpage. *The Pale Horses Collector's Edition does not include Pale Horses: Appendix EP. The Appendix EP can be purchased separately HERE.
  5. I bought the PD too because I pulled the trigger too fast. Went back and ordered the single rainbow. Then went back again and bought the appendix. Guess I need to email and try to get it all with one shipping cost.
  6. I feel like they will. They aren't a cash grab band but what they are are perfectionists and if they don't do that one it wouldn't look right on my shelf so I feel they will come through for that reason alone.
  7. I agree, this album is good and flows well. I enjoy the progression of this band as a whole.
  8. I just unloaded a copy of this at Limited To One over the weekend and I am glad I saw someone already picked it up.
  9. Opened last night and they look great. Have not spun yet but I am not worries about that.

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