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  1. Yeah, they did play a new song at Maxwell's last year. I have video of it somewhere.
  2. Yeah, it's a giant conspiracy! AFS sat on this box of records just so they could put them up for the exact same price months later. Such a scam. :
  3. Yeah, it's a giant conspiracy! AFS sat on this box of records just so they could put them up for the exact same price months later. Such a scam. :
  4. I'm almost always against capital punishment. Like Flood said, it isn't a deterrent and there is too strong a possibility that the person is innocent. With that said, here's one case that I have no sympathy for: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/21/texas-death-row-inmate-executed/
  5. That's kind of a broad assumption; you haven't been to one, therefore, they don't exist.
  6. That's kind of a broad assumption; you haven't been to one, therefore, they don't exist.
  7. Got the Smogtown and Junk records today. Can't wait to spin them.
  8. Have you tried calling the number you posted or calling their office? Office number: (347) 599-1855
  9. Yeah, making available records that people want is stupid. It's not like they're running a business or anything.
  10. So stoked for these releases! Also, that Drips 7" is pretty awesome. Probably the only stuff of theirs not on White Drugs.
  11. I love the Drafthouse. Too bad the one I frequent in San Antonio has such bright lights at their tables, I don't think I could see if someone was texting if I wanted to.
  12. Got my ticket today. Gonna have to wait to book the hotel room though.
  13. The thing about it is, when you see it in history books or wherever, it never shows the big buildings around, or the Ripleys Believe it Or Not Museum facing it. The other missions just seem a lot more legit. That's understandable. To me it's a symbol of sacrifice; people willing to give their lives for Texas and its independence from Mexico.
  14. ^^^ Oh yeah, the Cove. I used to work down the street from there. Great fish tacos! They used to have live wrestling there too. I don't know what people expect when they go to see the Alamo that would make it such a let down.
  15. There are the obvious touristy things to check out in SA: the Alamo, River Walk, Tower of the Americas, any of the other missions. There's also Market Square (El Marcado) downtown. San Antonio is really spread out, so if you want to venture outside of downtown, you'll definitely need a car. For records, check out Hogwild - 1824 North Main North St. Mary's has some cool bars with live music most nights To eat - there are tons of little taquerias around the downtown area, all of which will have amazing mexican food. There are a few restaurants on the River Walk that are good, but are usually really expensive. There's a place on the east side of downtown called Pico de Gallo that has some really good food. I'd use Yelp and see what's good close to where you're staying.
  16. From the AFS newsletter sent earlier today: KEVIN DEVINE "LUXEMBOURG" & "PART OF THE WHOLE" 7"/DIGITAL VINYL OUT MAY 17TH; PRE-ORDER APRIL 1ST; DIGITAL OUT APRIL 12TH W/ RECORD STORE DAY PRESSING We will be teaming up with our good friend KEVIN DEVINE to release two brand new 7"s in anticipation of his upcoming full-length, out later this year. Each 7" features one song, "Luxembourg" and "Part Of The Whole", and the b-side of each 7" features a beautiful screen-print based on the 7" artwork. Each 7" will be limited to 1,000 copies, with 3 different color variations (/100, /250, /650), colors being announced when pre-orders go live on April 1st in the AFS WEBSTORE. The mighty Long Island-based LOONEY TUNES RECORDS will be the exclusive retailer for the /250 color of both 7"s, being available for purchase on this year's Record Store Day (April 16th). Kevin will also being doing an in-store performance the same day to commemorate the releases, so be sure to mark your calendars! If vinyl isn't your thing, the two songs will be available together for digital download worldwide through all major digital retailers starting April 12th. See more here: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/SOUND....id=FMXVVPAuIbg
  17. I have an extra copy of #4, PM me if you're still interested
  18. Lakers definitely had the Spurs number today. But the Spurs are still 2-1 over the Lakers this season.
  19. Yeah, kinda lame. But I plan on going to the shirts for a cure and fat showcases on Friday, so it kinda works out.
  20. Mess With Texas lineup announced http://mwtxparty.com/
  21. I don't have a problem with this bill at all. I can't speak for upstate, but in NYC, a lot of bicyclists ride around with little regard for anyone else (cars, pedestrians, etc). Here's an interview with the guy who introduced the bill and why he feels the bill is needed: http://gothamist.com/2011/02/28/bike_license_assemblyman_envisions.php
  22. Yeah, they've been trying to initiate this in NYC too. Now maybe hipsters will get pulled over when they run red lights on their bikes.
  23. 2nd pressing is up now http://store.mtsrecords.com/products/6743
  24. I can't speak for other people, but the only venue I had problems getting into was the Atlantic.
  25. Stopped reading at this sentence, "...I would much rather align myself with a more duchampian dadaist philosophy revival, mixed with a post modern anti metanarrative school of thought..." Pseudo-intellectual garbage *Edit* haha great minds think alike