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  1. Anyone have a pre sale code for NXT tickets for Houston that go on pre sale Thursday? Id love to be able to score front row tickets
  2. Anyone have a pre sale code for NXT tickets for Houston that go on pre sale Thursday? Id love to be able to score front row tickets
  3. Cody Rhodes statement on his release. Good for him, hopefully we'll see him in NJPW soon. https://mobile.twitter.com/PrinceCGR/status/734501299337584641
  4. Stoked on the in ring debut of gallows and Anderson tonight!
  5. Thanks It's almost done, I'll have another picture posted this weekend I believe
  6. I enjoyed how they debuted. Reminds me of when "the Outsiders" debuted
  7. I've been working on my record room in my new house, here's the progress so far
  8. It's printed on really heavy, nice paper. I've got one from when they went up for sale last year. It's great quality
  9. I'm getting into town Friday, I'll be at mania, section 217 and raw on Monday.
  10. Thanks guys I was warned by my brothers about that, so I've already got it in my head! The people who lived in it before us were Navy, they barely lived in it for 2 years
  11. I think it was really good, solid matches all around, but it was your typical house show. No storyline progression and nothing huge really happened. Great to see Enzo & Cass along with The Revival though, itll be great to hopefully see them called up soon.
  12. I got them in the mail and they seem to be just as good or better quality than what you would see in a record store. Then again, I had a Huffy as a kid, so what do I know?
  13. I plan on combining a few letters, but I want to have a tab for bands that I have a "collection" (3 or more different releases) of as well. I Should have 6-10 extras that I'm sure I'll use for something in the future. Ive got ~1200 lps, I think it will look nice having a few bands labeled.
  14. These are the ones I bought, they should be here tomorrow. https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/141821350146
  15. That's kind of how I'm feeling too. I would hate to have to buy even more dividers. I bought 50, I should be set with that. I hope.
  16. My dad and I got all 4 of my new front facing shelves using the audio karma plans built. I can't wait to move into the new place and set them all up. I ordered dividers too, I didn't realize they were basically $1 a piece! It's time to decide how OCD I want to get with my organization. I can't fully decide if I want to split up into loose genres (metal, punk, rock, soundtracks, Various Artists) or just keep it simple A-Z with dividers also for bands I have collections of. To you guys who have dividers, what have you done ? Also, do any of you have any clue what type of paint I should or shouldn't use for painting my new shelves?
  17. I enjoyed NXT last night, but what happened to the #1 contender match for the tag titles? I was looking forward to AA and the Vaudevillians going at it.
  18. My realtor is actually a long time friend of the family, so we lucked out. She's only taking 2% commission, dropped from 4% to help out the deal and everything. Everything has fallen into place just right! If I remember, I'll post some pics a little later.
  19. Actually we don't have much to do at all! We got very lucky and got a home before it even went on the market. It's in good shape, luckily we caught it early. We've got our final walkthrough tonight!
  20. Thanks dude! Congrats to you too, I can't wait to move in, I'm getting really anxious!

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