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  1. Nooooo all of my wrestling heroes are dying, please don't take flair next!
  2. I really need to get mine framed. Maybe I'll try and do that this weekend! Looks awesome by the way!
  3. I don't feel like he meant it in a "my career is over" type of way. I took it as a "I'm out of the spotlight now, pay attention to the up and comers, and not me."
  4. Nope, they followed me on Instagram and no reply.
  5. Ouch, can't do it then. I'll have to find someone to grab me one or hope they put them online eventually
  6. I want the atw but I don't want to spend $43 on tha combo. Do they have it separate and I'm just missing it?
  7. Got my shipping confirmation today too, but mine arrived a few days ago...
  8. It's all a ruse. I'm sure to some extent it's become a part of their actual lives. But it's all one big piece of performance art.
  9. I'm trying to make it. Hopefully you won't have to go alone!
  10. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. It's only a test, I don't have the finished artwork or track list. It's definitely not the whole album, it's the song echoes and one or two more tracks, I'm just not familiar with the Floyd album so I don't know which they are.
  11. I got a test of this from Todd a week or so ago and it sounds INCREDIBLE. Do yourself a favor and grab this!!
  12. This whole event has been great aside from the Brock/Kofi match. It was good but totally pointless. I feel the opposite about the commentary, I can't stand Michael Cole. Give me JBL and Lawler any day.
  13. Headed to the donut shop now! I'm so stoked for this.
  14. I am! We're waking up early enough to go grab breakfast and get home to watch it.
  15. I'm loving this so far. I've only got to play around with it just a little bit though. I really love how when you save an album it puts it directly with the rest of your music. Having it all in one place will be great. I tried to search for some random off the wall stuff and it was all there. I can definitely see myself bailing on Spotify
  16. I'm dumb and waited too long and missed out on this. If anyone wants to be generous and has an extra copy, please Pm me.
  17. I'll eventually check everything out. I'm definitely not limiting myself to 2010 and up.
  18. Is there a way to watch Lucha Underground online like I can with wwe network?

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