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  1. Yes, there are in limited amounts. Half green half red with a rabbit head looking thing on them...I didn't get a good look. I posted a page back asking if anyone could get one for me, they sold out before I could get one. Throwing it out there if you are feeling generous! haha
  2. Would anyone going to a Brand New / Modest Mouse show be willing to pick me up a tour poster? Long story short, they sold out and wife was bummed. Would be awesome if someone could help me out!
  3. Would anyone going to a future Brand New/Modest Mouse mind picking up a tour print for me? Will pay for cost and shipping of course. Brand New is the wife's favorite band. We went to the Tampa show tonight, after brand new played we went to get one and the line was super long and I suggested just waiting till MM started playing and buy one then. Of course when we went back they were sold out. Guess I messed that up lol Would be much appreciated!
  4. Gotcha, when I heard live I was thinking in concert
  5. So...I'm just listening to this now. Is this a live album? Sounds like they RE-recorded songs with Tillian from what I'm hearing....I'm confused
  6. You just spend so much money on their music and concerts, you tend to forget they aren't all millionaires. If that makes sense
  7. To me, it's always slightly mind blowing, to hear from bands you grew up listening to for years and years, while I became slightly successful, going to college and starting a career, that the artists I looked up to say stuff like, "I was just working in a coffee shop" I'm not trying to be an ass, but you forget that these artists are not rich and famous and are trying to make ends meet like you are. It's very cool and humbling
  8. Guess I completely missed this PO. New song is pretty eh, but I would've ordered it anyways because Thrice can't put out a bad album...I hope
  9. Haha I would've never guessed it even got pressed. After this thread I just started looking around. Hope it sounds good, the album is so damn catchy.
  10. I love DGD but just have never been into live albums. Really hard pass for me. Slightly on topic, this thread made me realize Icarus the Owl pressed their new album. A band off of Blue Swan records. I bought that
  11. Before I got my expedit, I used to use something similar to these on the "open" side of a shelf for a temporary solution. Worked fine for me https://www.waresdirect.com/products/office-supply/universal/standard-metal-bookends45451?trackURL=froogle&udv=%7Bdevice%7D&mtyp=%7Bmatchtype%7D&nwrk=%7Bnetwork%7D&kw=%7Bkeyword%7D&gclid=Cj0KEQiA_fy0BRCwiLaQ5-iFgpwBEiQA884sObxf4qVQlWki5Vr9D8JeD7Rqx1C9ofCehrz97jVBK-IaAnug8P8HAQ
  12. Got my new power cord in today. Back in business! So relieved. xxmartinxx thank you so much. I almost gave up after trying everything and then getting smart ass comments on here
  13. I ordered a new power supply from Cambridge. $40! Don't lose yours! I'll let you know if it fixes it....let it be so, all I want to do is listen to records in my new house

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