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  1. I’ve been an 18v fan for years and missed this!
  2. Brand new, sealed in box. Normally $100, $80 PPD Paypal or BTC/LTC. Ships with tracking to US only.
  3. Actually I’m pretty sure that clips is the feedback from the beginning of January 1979
  4. Stick with it! Just try to avoid the CD-sources stuff whenever possible and as others have echoed, give up the variants if you’re into that. Buying LPs is a lot of fun and is a way for me to discover and rediscover albums and bands
  5. Bitcoin is at a high point for the year (just under 13K, was at $3100 last December). Litecoin “halving” in less than a month. Coinbase earn let’s you earn about $30 of free cryptos you can trade off if you think they’re trash