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  1. Snagged the pre order at FF! They’re only allowing 1 per person
  2. now apparently Counterparts, Copeland, Life In Your Way, and Poison the Well all dropped off. Glassjaw will be playing instead?
  3. Looking for a color pressing For the album that isn’t outrageous
  4. single sounds like a mix of core, butt rock, and AFI
  5. So I was an idiot and didn't pre-order the New Surrender livestream and they sound really good. I really like the atmospheric touch they did with the guitars throughout. Hopefully they pop up online again.
  6. Misery Signals cancelled. Not related to covid, major bummer.
  7. Snagged 3 day pass tickets hours before they sold out. Anyone know if the Further Seems Forever lineup is with Chris or Jason? My personal hype train: Friday: 18v (have liked them since like 2002 - never seen live) Emery ETID FATA Terminal (I was a big fan of Goodbye Tomorrow before and when Travis was in the band - maybe some Goodbye Tomorrow thrown in??) Thursday (fan since 2002 never seen live) underoath Saturday: Anberlin Cartel Evergreen Terrace Further Seems Forever (somehow have never seen them - long time fan) He Is Legend Mae mwY Misery Signals Poison The Well Shai Hulud Taking Back Sunday Sunday: ABR Copeland Darkest Hour Fit For A King Juliana Theory Showbread KSE
  8. War All The Time would be an instant buy. Victory pressed FC into oblivion so I’m good with what I have from that, but it’s cool the band has their music back and may be going in sequential order? Waiting and now, presumably FC remaster?
  9. I’ve been kind of meh on livestreams overall, but if any album would be worthwhile it would be Vital, as it absolutely slaps.
  10. Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place live stream https://anberlinmerch.com/ Anyone else think they might announce a new album at the end of all these live streams? I'm getting suspicious lol

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