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  1. Great to see their LPs selling! That Urban is probably the most expensive ~$28 shipped but it looks really cool and is still available
  2. I like Thief Club but I’m not paying $25 for a 5 song EP
  3. 3 colors, cant really figure out the pressing info. June 5th released, LPs expected to ship in July $26 shipped Black White https://www.emerymusic.com/preorder-collection/white-line-fever-vinyl $46 shipped Beer with Black and White Splatter /300 w/ Variant gold album art https://www.emerymusic.com/preorder-collection/white-line-fever-variant-vinyl-download
  4. Defender Nebula is back in stock on their web store. Just ordered one.
  5. I love A&B and stoked for a new album, but i'm nervous buying from Tooth and Nail with their questionable sound quality on LP releases.
  6. I’ve been an 18v fan for years and missed this!
  7. Brand new, sealed in box. Normally $100, $80 PPD Paypal or BTC/LTC. Ships with tracking to US only.