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  1. ordered a galaxy mix. Didn't really like "Chains" but I'm hopeful!
  2. are people still showing up to ACB shows? After all their shenanigans? (drummer freaked out and deleted all their social media stuff and that was their latest split up, etc)
  3. We have an SRC op saying they aren’t. Deep State stuff right here. All I know is I don’t like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the freaking frogs gay!
  4. Of course it’s fine haha. I’m just being tongue in cheek primarily because interpunk sucks.
  5. SmartPunk, interpunk. What is this 2006? Did you guys grab the exclusive from zambooie.com too?
  6. Brand New complete discography box set /500 RSD. Nice!
  7. Can't wait for this! Wonder whatever happened to the FTSTYS 2 pressing plans?