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  1. Compare the reunited 18v sound against the butt rock James was doing with Burn Halo 😆
  2. love 18v, was just thinking how I hope Obsession gets pressed at some point. Love how they are writing again
  3. I haven’t kept up, are they doing Summer’s Kiss or So Impossible EP?
  4. Great to see their LPs selling! That Urban is probably the most expensive ~$28 shipped but it looks really cool and is still available
  5. A livestream vinyl pressings. That’s a first.
  6. I like Thief Club but I’m not paying $25 for a 5 song EP
  7. 3 colors, cant really figure out the pressing info. June 5th released, LPs expected to ship in July $26 shipped Black White https://www.emerymusic.com/preorder-collection/white-line-fever-vinyl $46 shipped Beer with Black and White Splatter /300 w/ Variant gold album art https://www.emerymusic.com/preorder-collection/white-line-fever-variant-vinyl-download
  8. Defender Nebula is back in stock on their web store. Just ordered one.
  9. I love A&B and stoked for a new album, but i'm nervous buying from Tooth and Nail with their questionable sound quality on LP releases.