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  1. BullMoose has it up for pre-order, not sure if it's colored or not. I bugged them a lot yesterday about The National, so I'll let someone else ask lol.
  2. So what do we have: green (Spotify), orange (limited) and standard black? I like the orange but I can probably wait to see if anything else pops up.
  3. Pretty bummed that they're coming to Chicago the same day I'm seeing Massive Attack.
  4. It's his best since his self-titled. FWIW, I liked Overgrown and hated his last album.
  5. Really like how that early bird looks so I'll probably pick it up. Anyone know how many are left? Can I wait a bit?
  6. It's the entire show stretched between four discs. When I saw the show in October, it was a little over 3 hours so it makes sense.
  7. Just canceled my order from BullMoose and bought it on Amazon. This was originally supposed to come out on December 14th but I guess got pushed back until January 25th now. Came out to $50.50 shipped because I have Prime until the 20th and had a little bit of a gift card left over. $21 saved, yes, please!
  8. When did the date get pushed back to January 25th for the vinyl release?
  9. Picked up Phish, Talking Heads, Jose Gonzalez, RATM at Reckless this morning. Was thinking about the Femmes greatest hits but really didn't want to spend another $30.
  10. 4th (or 6th) in-line at Reckless in Chicago l. Went down to Shuga but they were out of most things
  11. BullMoose has it up for $72. That's where I pre-ordered mine from. Got to see the show two weeks ago and it was remarkable!