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  1. Got the deluxe from Amoeba this morning (after ordering it on Friday). Not sure if the deluxe is worth the extra $13.50, but the album is outstanding!
  2. Pre-ordered. Hopefully, there is only one variant and when Asthmatic Kitty officially announces it there isn't anything different.
  3. I wonder if there's a difference? I have a tweet into Bullmoose, so hopefully, they'll have it up for pre-order.
  4. Why is it $40+shipping on W.A.S.T.E and $26+ shipping on XL?
  5. https://sheandhim.merchline.com/collections/she-him-vol-1-10-year-anniversary-collection
  6. AdamJNovak

    The Third Man Records Thread

    If anyone is a vault member and can help me with the password for the JW Lollapalooza aftershow, I'd greatly appreciate it! Please PM me if you're willing to! Thanks in advance!
  7. Got one as soon as Jeff put it on Twitter. It says in the description that it's being pressed on "hot hot pink and high high highlighter yellow" but the only option available is "hot sunset"?
  8. Got the blue opaque variant from Amoeba and got 10% off. $24 and change which wasn't bad in my opinion. Could have gotten an extra 5% off a few days ago but oh well.
  9. How do you open the mystery 5th disc?
  10. Expecting this from Amazon today. Pretty stoked to give it a spin!
  11. Pink goes pretty well with the album IMO. Why is it a "nicer variant"? Because of the lenticular cover?
  12. Just placed another order for the UO pink variant. Let's see how long it takes before it gets canceled.
  13. I emailed them. It's weird because I had a problem with it last Friday and emailed them then as well and they said my order was confirmed so I'm not sure what the deal is?
  14. Just got a cancellation notice from UO