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  1. Damn, missed the white/black variant. Grabbed pink/yellow instead.
  2. Grabbed from BM last night. White Marble is tempting but will probs just stick with the pre order I already have.
  3. Probably will just wait till BullMoose pops up with their pre order. Really don't feel like shelling out the funds right now for an album I won't receive until February.
  4. Open to offers on these. Will sell pretty comparable to how much they're going on Discogs. PM me if interested in any. Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics https://www.discogs.com/Trey-Parker-Matt-StoneCast-Of-South-Park-Mr-Hankeys-Christmas-Classics/release/9408003 Frank Ocean- Endless https://www.discogs.com/Frank-Ocean-Endless/release/11202661 Sufjan Stevens- Mystery of Love https://www.discogs.com/Sufjan-Stevens-Mystery-Of-Love/release/11889171 Jose Gonzalez- Veneer https://www.discogs.com/José-González-Veneer/release/12831869 Marcy Playground- S/T https://www.discogs.
  5. Might get guff for this but anyone interested in a copy of Endless?
  6. Looking to sell my copy of Frank's Endless. Have spun it maybe once or twice. Jacket is in pretty pristine condition. Open to offers and am willing to send pictures of it. PM me if you're interested
  7. Me too and my card was charged. So maybe they got in more and just never notified us?
  8. Just got the canceled email for the 12” from Bullmoose. I placed my order literally 3 minutes after it went up on their site...
  9. $22 and change for two songs... Woof, but I snagged it anyways.
  10. Oh gotcha. Yeah, I got super confused with all the colors on the promo pics. Hopefully it’s only the clear variant then!
  11. Grabbed it off of BM. If the AKR variant is cooler, I can always cancel. Bummed I missed the 12" on Bandcamp, but stoked for new Suffy!!!
  12. With SS memberships, can you swamp like VMP? If I don’t want to Molina release for July, but am technically signing up for Bright Eyes, could I pick an older exclusive as my July record? Or that’s not a thing?

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