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  1. Really like how that early bird looks so I'll probably pick it up. Anyone know how many are left? Can I wait a bit?
  2. It's the entire show stretched between four discs. When I saw the show in October, it was a little over 3 hours so it makes sense.
  3. Just canceled my order from BullMoose and bought it on Amazon. This was originally supposed to come out on December 14th but I guess got pushed back until January 25th now. Came out to $50.50 shipped because I have Prime until the 20th and had a little bit of a gift card left over. $21 saved, yes, please!
  4. When did the date get pushed back to January 25th for the vinyl release?
  5. AdamJNovak

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Picked up Phish, Talking Heads, Jose Gonzalez, RATM at Reckless this morning. Was thinking about the Femmes greatest hits but really didn't want to spend another $30.
  6. AdamJNovak

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    4th (or 6th) in-line at Reckless in Chicago l. Went down to Shuga but they were out of most things
  7. BullMoose has it up for $72. That's where I pre-ordered mine from. Got to see the show two weeks ago and it was remarkable!
  8. AdamJNovak

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    A few things at first glance: Phish Violent Femmes Weezer Talking Heads Adam Sandler Mom+Pop 10 year (interested to see what's on this)
  9. Got my green copy in the mail yesterday. DG doesn't send out shipping notifications and they must tell USPS not to ring the doorbell when they deliver it because I was working from home all day yesterday and didn't hear anything. Went to go check the mail and low and behold it was sitting on my front step.
  10. Anyone get a shipping notification on green. I haven't but wondering if I should be expecting mine?
  11. Got the deluxe from Amoeba this morning (after ordering it on Friday). Not sure if the deluxe is worth the extra $13.50, but the album is outstanding!
  12. Pre-ordered. Hopefully, there is only one variant and when Asthmatic Kitty officially announces it there isn't anything different.
  13. I wonder if there's a difference? I have a tweet into Bullmoose, so hopefully, they'll have it up for pre-order.
  14. Why is it $40+shipping on W.A.S.T.E and $26+ shipping on XL?
  15. https://sheandhim.merchline.com/collections/she-him-vol-1-10-year-anniversary-collection