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  1. I think I'm going to wait to see if there's an indie exclusive through Bullmoose if not, the pink variant for $28 is fine with me.
  2. Ordered! So stoked to finally own this album. Opaque Brown sounds a bit boring compared to the older presses, but I'll take what I can get!
  3. Of course, the Amazon replacement was wrong again. So now I need to drop two boxes off at the UPS store. Just ordered it from Amoeba and w/ FB10 got it for $49 and change.
  4. The replacement is coming today so hopefully it's the deluxe one this time.
  5. Received my amazon order of the deluxe 3LP version, but of course, it was only the standard black. A replacement is coming tomorrow but who knows if it will be right? Fingers crossed it is...
  6. My 3LP is showing up tomorrow via Amazon. Stoked to spin it!
  7. I've had this album (digitally) for about a week and it's an absolutely beautiful record. Super emotionally heavy (more than usual from this band). Also, a lot of great female artists throughout the entire record! Can't wait to spin it on Friday!
  8. Well, this was an awesome surprise!
  9. Emailed Kung Fu and my orange variant will also be here tomorrow. Hoping it’s one of the signed ones!
  10. Going to wait to hear the album, but really liking how this looks! https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/western-stars/33823025?ean=0190759572511
  11. Still, have yet to receive any type of label created or shipping notification. A bit perturb I doubt I'll be getting this on release day...
  12. Sure, the whole requesting songs thing is a bit annoying, but I couldn't agree more when people shout for "Dirty Frank"!