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  1. i saw a rumor on reddit that the used are releasing a super deluxe edition of "artwork" for rsd next year.
  2. well that was short lived, moved back to dec 9th. lol. vinly these days.
  3. its also on found it on the rsd site https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/810096650702 and the rsd esstials site as well Indie Exclusives — RSD Essentials
  4. description says this was to celebrate their 25 year anniversary but like who seriously knew this band did anything after the 90s? lol.
  5. the indie variant has now been pushed up to 11/25 so they should be shipping out next week.
  6. doesnt really make sense to just leave it off vinyl. not like this is a reissue. really seems they just wanted to keep it a single lp.
  7. why omit 4 songs from vinyl? just make it a double lp it need be.
  8. random colors? like 120 unique colors or just a random one of the other colors?
  9. before you cross your hearts and hope to die at all, you should take off your masks and leave the lies to the liars.
  10. i guess using the logo from lies for the liars was a clever idea for your lie.
  11. @Billich0986 so youre saying you regret listening the best song your head this year?
  12. the new single is out in aussie... change your itunes to auusie and you can hear it now.
  13. someone said the new song was debuted on alt nation radio today but someone in aussie will prob leak it in 10 hours anyway
  14. If you listen to his song that a posted a few posts up, it sure sounds like he inspired it.
  15. vk filter rock announced this single releases oct 21 but no word from the used yet so we shall see but vk has always been right before so probably.
  16. travis has been working with john feldmann for years now. seems like every day feldman post a pic or video of travis recording in the studio. i wouldnt be surprised if the man the myth the legend john feldmann was involved with this.
  17. oh wow that is bizarre. wonder why they would change the name of the album like that.
  18. have they said anything about that yet. it has to be a mistake right?
  19. whats that like the 7th color vinyl? also 10 cd variant covers? and like 4 cassettes? thats a bit over doing it.
  20. some fans already got theirs from the used store and UO appears to have them at the warehouse ready to ship out. the new variant from the used store is scheduled for end of month, indie is scheduled for decemebr, and the black tour variant is still a ? if it will be made for sale online or not.