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  1. did anyone ever see this variant? says amazon exclusive but i dont remember this one. i would think its not real but the mock up is so good and looks just like the other mock ups it makes me think maybe at one time it was gonna be made but got cancelled? its not on discogs or anything so its confusing. Amazon.com: The Used Self Titled 20th Anniversary LP - Black, Bone, Oxblood - Amazon Exclusive: CDs & Vinyl
  2. the bandbox variants sold out and a new silver variant for vulnerable and a new gold variant for imaginary enemy are up on all retail sites for pre-ordered now.
  3. . new red variant with alternative artwork. sold exclusively at the superbowl. limited to 58 copies.
  4. some kids have all the luck in the world, you lucky lil ducky.
  5. i think green day are known for dookie, time of you're life, and American idot.
  6. new variant represses release in march/april 2024 *vulnerable /1000 red and white twist (band box exclusive) Vulnerable – Bandbox (bandboxrocks.com) SOLD OUT /1000 silver (any retailer) *imaginary enemy /1000 black and orange (bandbox exclusive) Imaginary Enemy – Bandbox (bandboxrocks.com) SOLD OUT /1000 gold (any retailer) .
  7. all versions of this from the cd to all variants of vinyl are released now.
  8. well my vinyl got stolen. does anyone know or have connections to the FBI that could get them to help me get these dirtbags responsible for this catastrophe?
  9. some fans have begun to receive shipping notifications for the vinyl!
  10. updated main post to list all versions. looks like 5 variants overall: the used store sells green/grey swirl and glow. euro gets black/pink swirl. usa gets classic black. and indies gets picture disc.
  11. digital album out now and its perfect! also some great info The Used: “We’ve been an emo band for 23 years. We never… | Kerrang!
  12. the band hasn't made a bad song in ever* corrected your post for ya. 😉
  13. i read a rumor that they are b-sides on the vinyl version of the album.
  14. less then 2 weeks to release day. maybe another month or 2 for the vinyl but theres still no site outside of the used website that is selling the vinyl. no retailer or indie site. seems odd.
  15. so does the band own their songs (music + lyrics) but the label own the recordings?
  16. looks like the used are already inspiring other bands to due glow in the dark vinyl. well that didnt take long. lol.
  17. we are in may and the countdown to release day is now on!
  18. According to a Reddit post these new songs were temporarily on Snapchat.

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