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  1. I ordered from recordstore.co.uk and it hasn’t shipped yet. Was anyone’s order dispatched yet, regardless of who you ordered from?
  2. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/title-fight-hyperview-smartpunk-exclusive
  3. Saw them in Baltimore in 2005 at the Ottobar. To this day, it remains the best set I've ever seen in my life. It was pure, beautiful chaos.
  4. Indie now up on USA stores: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35364400/warpaint-radiate-like-this-transparent-yellow-vinyl-indie-exclusive-lp https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13506722/warpaint-radiate-like-this-transparent-yellow-vinyl-indie-exclusive
  5. Black: https://www.vinylmnky.com/products/warpaint-radiate-like-this
  6. Mods -- you can delete my dupe post from this morning.
  7. Pink Blossom Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP + Exclusive Signed Print Anyone have the /x ?
  8. Looks like it is in stock here: https://imusic.dk/music/0075678644436/turnstile-2021-glow-on-lp