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  1. some independent shops got the colored/numbered EIT copies stateside. if you're okay with waiting a bit longer and also having a higher numbered copy, you should be fine.
  2. my 3 pack sat in the origin facility for a month, but finally made it here. everything in great shape, too!
  3. Order 15151, ordered individual copies and got both screen printed covers and matches
  4. Got the cardigan 7”, 12”, pic disc and christmas tree farm. Cardigan cabin 7” and 12” are moving after pending acceptance for 9 days.
  5. I haven’t had the time to listen yet to be honest. Just noticed when sleeving the records how dramatic the warps are. But to hear that your playback is fine gives me hope though
  6. if this is a super common problem, i'd hate to go through the exchange process with mondo, plus i'm already in the process of one right now. a lot of sending back and waiting, seeing if your replacement is affected or not, repeat until the problem is solved. i wonder if the solid color pressings suffer from the same issue.
  7. did anyone's copies from mondo arrive warped? all 3 of mine have a pretty severe dish warp.
  8. i was super late to the party on reputation (kinda took a break from her then), but i really regret scoffing at that $45 price tag. i would have bitten the bullet if it was a bit cheaper just to keep a complete discography (and not pic disc) but i missed my opportunity. i should have felt the tide turning when copies were listed for $100-120 resale. next thing i know they're $600.
  9. yeah that orange looks pretty sweet. can anyone who has the red confirm that this picture accurately captures the color? pic from discogs. it kinda looks like a muddy orange to me.
  10. got my copy from mondo today, got the splatter as advertised, and not an orange. the red/white/blue variants i ordered have been sitting in MA for about two weeks now. just got a shipping notice for the orange the other day. also in case it wasn't mentioned in this thread, chad said in one of his instagram posts that the christmas songs will be available "on record next holiday"
  11. Opened my in the trees variant, LP2 has side 3 labels on both sides. This happen to anyone else?
  12. Yea it’s more like an espresso cup. Or if you’re trying to watch your coffee intake lol

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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