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  1. also, i feel like I know the answer to this question, but are replacement sleeves for people who got major seam splits on their copies ever being sent?
  2. Also, the description indicates: 100 solid black 100 split 300 splatter But it's actually: 100 yellow 100 splatter 100 black 300 split Right?
  3. 330+ left. I bet will last maybe another hour day or two before OOS, but hopefully longer if anyone is on the fence. https://www.punkrockart.com/product/winston-smith-insomniac-limited-edition-prints/
  4. Oh man, those episodes are so packed, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one it was. I think it might have been during one of the Oh Calcutta episodes but I can’t say for sure. edit: I should mention, what I said in my original comment is about as far as Brendan gets into it. It’s something that comes up but isn’t really discussed at length.
  5. Also saw this floating around in the press release announcement.
  6. there was an episode of road to the skeleton coast (the lawrence arms podcast) where brendan talks about how for a period of time, interpunk was actually a front for running opioids or some shit. he spoke about it like it wasn't really public knowledge, but there was an fbi investigation that happened and everything.
  7. I was thinking specifically about the split/splatter variant (not the solid blue), but you’re right. Looking at the past Discogs sales, the split/splatter variant was also predominantly sold by European sellers.
  8. I just got mine tonight. I have no idea how/why it was out as early as a month ago(?). Maybe it was sold early at the store?
  9. this has been out but haven’t seen it on here. any pressing info yet?
  10. could you imagine if they stripped all of the polish off of this album and it sounded more like they did on resurrection? to me, that's the closest they've captured to their live sound/experience to a studio recording. chris from LTJ did a podcast with cyrus talking about the writing and recording of hit or miss. highly recommend it if you haven't heard it already.