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  1. Yep, had a download card in there. No hype stickers, just a barcode sticker with a variant code. Really nice package with the slip cover.
  2. got my candy cane variant and coffee on saturday. color looks pretty dope, playing it now.
  3. knuckle puck is on wax bodega with hot mulligan, so label mates now
  4. i like it. i get more shapeshifter vibes from the new song rather than a continuation of 20/20. more of the same sure, but there's a little aggression back, and at least these recordings sound good. i loved the first two full lengths but they sound awful.
  5. My shipped copy was sent in an oversized box as well, pretty gnarly crease 1/3 of the way along the spine. It also had the same little tick mark where my first copy had one, so I guess it’s a common issue. Back to the store it goes.
  6. My target sold out the night of release and constantly checked the stock in the app. Managed to pick up a copy today (only 2 left). They each had a small crease mark on the upper right by the spine, if I were to nitpick. But based on everyone’s shipping experience I am glad to have gotten one. I also got a notification for my shipped copy while I was on my way home (ordered in case I struck out in store, planned to cancel when I got home but too late). We’ll see how that one turns out. I am pretty sure these will be plentiful in store before long. Hope everyone can get the issues with their copies sorted out.
  7. rise really knocked it out of the park with the packaging on this release
  8. throwing a pity party for myself because i waited until the announced preorder time to check, only to find out gold was long sold out. still ordered the silver, but getting buyers remorse for paying $12 for priority when it'll likely be elsewhere with cheaper/free shipping. oh well.
  9. Got mine today as well. For anyone wondering, they shipped in the original sorter boxes so there’s not too much protection. Got a corner ding on my box that crushed a couple corners of the jackets inside. But honestly considering the size and weight, I’m not that upset. The records themselves are in printed inners. I haven’t taken all of them out but my EPM had some pretty bad creasing and bending on it. Others I opened were great, though!
  10. got the white/purple and a one more round 7". shipping was $10.90 for media mail. yikes.
  11. can vouch. got 2 copies, one when it originally dropped and another the next day, grouped with another record to get free shipping. i requested to cancel the original order, but walmart didn't approve the request. both copies arrived with sleeve damage, which sucks, but one had the color hype and mp3 sticker, the other only had the mp3 sticker. i opened the one without the color hype sticker, and it was colored. haven't opened the other one yet.

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