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  1. got the white/purple and a one more round 7". shipping was $10.90 for media mail. yikes.
  2. can vouch. got 2 copies, one when it originally dropped and another the next day, grouped with another record to get free shipping. i requested to cancel the original order, but walmart didn't approve the request. both copies arrived with sleeve damage, which sucks, but one had the color hype and mp3 sticker, the other only had the mp3 sticker. i opened the one without the color hype sticker, and it was colored. haven't opened the other one yet.
  3. i have both copies and compared the matrix etchings. they appear to be the same plates, but pressed at different plants, so the 2021 press has additional machine stampings in addition to the handwritten etchings/signature (which are identical). i'm not super knowledgeable about how records are pressed, so if my read on this is wrong, please correct me. 2021 reads made in canada on jacket 2017 reads made in usa on jacket i have/had copies of the 2017 infirmary, good mourning and crimson, and they all sound like low quality mp3s, sadly.
  4. i posted this in the RSD thread, but the trio infirmary repress uses the same plates from the 2017 split color pressings, which sound horrific. if they repress good mourning or crimson, i'd bet its the same for those as well.
  5. got the /100 and /300 TTS signed exclusives and the BV exclusive. the newbury variant is kind of interesting, so is the orange/red variant. but 3/13 ain't bad. thought about getting the empire club pressing, but i'm not too crazy about the variant. 3 copies are enough (ha ha)
  6. I had an OG at the time and passed on all the cobra side pressings. The OG didn’t survive one of my many purges and boy am I regretting that.
  7. for anyone wondering about the alkaline trio record, the same plates were used as the last pressing from 4 years ago. it still sadly sounds horrible.
  8. got alkaline trio, ariana, lupe and linkin park at my local. got haim and senses fail at zia. both were flickering in and out of stock, so i guess keep trying there if you're looking for stuff.
  9. according to their ig a portion of the proceeds go to musicares. strange they don't indicate that on the product page?
  10. $50 10” quietly back in stock. Not sure how many there are. https://kingsroadmerch.com/jimmy-eat-world/product/18856/live-at-metropolis-10-gold
  11. https://www.fye.com/jacks-mannequin---people-things-limited-180-gram-orange-colored-vinyl-aec.movl6201821.1.html FYE with already applied 15% coupon has anyone had success with MOV releases through FYE?
  12. both this and the glass passenger are available at SOV UK https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/People-and-Things-Limited-Edition-Orange-Vinyl/6YNT0000000 SOV10OFF1 saves 10%, anyone else have a better promo code?
  13. got a blue but kinda wishing i got a blue galaxy instead

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