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  1. https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/cant-swim Pressing info: 250 - PN1 - White & Black Aside/Bside w/ Mint, Yellow & Red Splatter 400 - PN2 - Mint / Yellow/ Red Tri-Stripe w/ White & Black Splatter 650 - Indie Retail (US,UK,EU) - Half Black/Half White w/ Red & Mint Splatter 250 - Banquet - Black in Clear 250 - Looney Tunes - Mint w/ White Splatter 1200 – Various – Mint Galaxy Track List: 1. Nowhere, Ohio 2. "can you help me?" 3. me vs me vs all y'all 4. met u the day the world ended 5. yer paradox i'm paradigm 6. i heard they found you face down inside your living room 7. ELIMINATE 8. i've never paid a toll on the garden state parkway 9. even my anger has issues 10. thx but no thx
  2. Pre-orders are now live! Watch out for that AP mag subscription rope-a-dope bundle! (My apologies Scott...wait, you can't see this. Never mind.) http://purenoise.merchnow.com/search/?q=The+Story+So+Far Pressing info: 500 - Watermelon Splatter Sold Out 500 - 180 gram Black Vinyl Sold Out 1000 - Purple/White A Side / B Side Sold Out 2000 - White "We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be releasing The Story So Far‘s What You Don’t See on March 26, 2013. The album was produced by Steven Klein and engineered by long time friend Sam Pura at The Panda Studios. Check out the cover art and track listing below." 1. Things I Can’t Change 2. Stifled 3. Small Talk 4. Playing the Victim 5. Right Here 6. Empty Space 7. The Glass 8. All Wrong 9. Bad Luck 10. Face Value 11. Framework https://www.facebook.com/thestorysofarca
  3. New single "Dead and Gone" out now on Apple Music & Spotify & wherever else. Album release date is 06/15/2018.
  4. 100 - Black & Doublemint Galaxy (Champs Fam VIP Derek) SOLD OUT 100 - Half Neon Yellow / Half Neon Pink w/ Black Splatter (Champs Fam VIP Ryan) SOLD OUT 100 - Violet (Champs Fam VIP Tyler) SOLD OUT 100 - White & Royal Blue A-side/B-side (Champs Fam VIP Evan) SOLD OUT 300 - Royal Blue w/ Black and Bone Twist SOLD OUT https://purenoise.merchnow.com/products/schmkonatw-lp 300 - Beer / Neon Yellow / Royal Blue Tri-Stripe (Rock Sound exclusive) https://us.shop.rocksound.tv/collections/rock-sound-records/products/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-exclusive-vinyl-lp 400 - Neon Yellow w/ Black Splatter (Banquet Records exclusive) https://www.banquetrecords.com/state-champs/kings-of-the-new-age/PNE3357 500 - Neon Pink in Clear w/ Heavy Black & Neon Yellow Splatter (Newbury Comics exclusive) SOLD OUT https://www.newburycomics.com/products/state_champs-kings_of_the_new_age_exclusive_lp?variant=41270678618292 600 - Neon Yellow & Black Pinwheel (UK/EU exclusive) https://www.purenoisestoreuk.com/products/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-uk-eu-neon-yellow-black-pinwheel-lp-pun 700 - Neon Pink & Neon Yellow A-side/B-side w/ Black Splatter SOLD OUT https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/state-champs/products/schmkonapy-lp 1000 - Clear w/ Heavy Neon Yellow Smoke (Urban Outfitters exclusive) https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-limited-lp?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=072&searchparams=q%3Dstate%20champs&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1 1000 - Yellow & Oxblood Galaxy (US indie retail exclusive) https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35380399/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-us-indie-retail-exclusive 2300 - Electric Blue + Cyan Blue Galaxy https://purenoise.merchnow.com/products/schmkonaeb-lp https://www.merchlimited.com/products/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-skate-deck-bundle https://www.merchlimited.com/collections/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age/products/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-duffle-bundle https://www.merchlimited.com/collections/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age/products/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-cooler-bundle https://www.merchlimited.com/collections/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age/products/state-champs-kings-of-the-new-age-poster-bundle
  5. Pre-orders are now live and a new song is up! The album drops on 5/19 http://thestorysofar.merchnow.com/ Pressing Info: 500 - Black 180 Gram (PN Webstore) 1000 - Cream / Aqua Smash w/White Splatter (Hot Topic) 1000 - Royal Blue / Cyan Blue Smash w/Cream Splatter (TSSF Tour) 2500 - Clear In Royal Blue (PN Webstore) 5000 - Half Cream / Half Electric Blue (Various)
  6. New video and two new songs from the upcoming EP coming next december are up now. 200 - PN1 - Black, Gold & Bone aside/bside 300 - PN2 - Bone in Clear w/ heavy black & Gold splatter 250 - Indie Retail - half Gold / half clear with heavy black splatter 450 - Various - Gold Nugget https://purenoise.merchnow.com/collections/no-bragging-rights https://www.purenoisestoreuk.com/search?q=no+bragging+rights
  7. I am far too excited for this one. 4 variants available at this moment and a new song titled Avoidarama. http://merchnow.com/catalogs/drug-church 200 - (PN Webstore exclusive) - Half Red / Half Beer w/ Black splatter 200 - (Indie Retail) - Red in Beer 200 - (Tour Exclusive) - Beer w/ Red Smoke 500 - (Various) - Aqua Blue / Bone / Red aside bside
  8. I'm kinda surprised there's not a thread for this already, but No Bragging Rights is releasing their new record titled The Concrete Flower on 9/23 via Pure Noise Records. Pre Order Bundles Pressing Info: 150 - Grey/Oxblood Red Smash w/Black & White Splatter 350 - Clear w/Silver, Black & Red Splatter
  9. This will be in stores March 29th and orders will ship before then. 200 - PN Webstore Exclusive - A-Side/B-Side: White & Black w/ Heavy Red(ish) Splatter 300 - Various 1 - Ultra Clear & Black Pinwheel 500 - Various 2 - Black Inside Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Black Splatter http://smarturl.it/GraduatingLife
  10. 200 - PN Exclusive - Pinwheel w/ Bone and Coke Bottle Green 300 - Various - Orange Crush w/ Heavy Bone and Doublemint Splatter http://smarturl.it/coldmoon Northern California-based quartet Cold Moon have announced their signing to Pure Noise Records today. “Thanks for taking us in, Pure Noise! We’re excited to be part of the family” share the band on the exciting news. In addition to the signing announce, Cold Moon have released their debut EP, Rising, which is available to purchase and stream today at http://smarturl.it/coldmoon. A collection of six painstakingly balanced and cinematic songs, Rising pulls from influences like American Football and Wilco while embracing post-rock impulses. It tackles themes of change and vulnerability, looking out into the vast expanse of the unknown and mustering up the courage to face it head-on. From the hypnotic, ominous riffs of “Stevie” to the acoustic-based pitter-patter of “Green Eyes” and cascading guitar movements on the set-closing “Lessons”, all of these tracks have a cinematic quality, while the tracked-to-tape nature of the EP imbues the songs with breaths of authenticity and humanity a digital process would have sorely lacked. Musically, the songs Cold Moon have written are miles removed from where the band came from (Bassist Will Levy plays guitar in pop-punk stalwarts The Story So Far, while Drummer Mike Ambrose was a longtime member of the hardcore-tinged Set Your Goals), but they still carried the same intrinsic urgency and emotional resonance that colored their other projects. After demoing Rising and preparing to hit the studio to track the final versions, the childhood friends soon stumbled upon the power of Jack Sullivan’s voice, as well as the influence singing could have on their songwriting. It immediately changed everything for the band, who began using vocal parts not to define their music, but rather drive it—adding yet more melodic textures to their songs. “I don’t know if it was the right approach to songwriting,” Sullivan says with a laugh, “but it felt good. It was like a nice coat of finish on a completed piece of art. We didn’t know what was going to happen when we got in a room together, but it was a real safe, comfortable space. We just let the music happen.”
  11. http://smarturl.it/inclination 200 – PN Exclusive – White and Red(ish) w/ Heavy Black and Silver Splatter 300 – Various – Half White / Half Blood Red
  12. Happy thanksgiving to all the Americans here! When I was browsing Merchnow this morning I noticed Pure Noise had put a ton of tapes up. Bands include: The Story So Far, State Champs, Gates, Vanna, Four Years Strong, Rotting Out, Seaway, Counterparts, Stick To Your Guns, Like Pacific, Boston Manor, Landscapes, Knocked Loose, Senses Fail, Elder Brother, and Speak Low If You Speak Love. Lots of stuff to check out. I have a feeling a few of these will go quickly. You can buy them individually or save some money by buying a bundle. http://merchnow.com/catalogs/pure-noise-records
  13. I know this is a long shot, but State Champs just released their new album today. They also released an alternate cover that's limited to 80 and I unfortunately missed out on it. I variant collect for them and have every variant of every record they have released, including Living Proof, except this release day bundle. If there is any way someone got one, or knows someone who got one, that would be willing to part with it, I have some stuff I can offer to buy/trade you. If you'd be willing to sell it to me, I'll: -pay you double what you paid for the bundle -pay shipping both ways -give you the Banquet Records exclusive variant of Living Proof which is limited to 300, since I bought two -give you a Like Pacific vinyl that I have a duplicate of -give you a Broadside vinyl that I have a duplicate of -you keep the hat. I don't want the hat from the bundle, just the vinyl/cover All of that listed above for just the cover/vinyl from the bundle. I know I sound desperate, but I am. Please, if there's any way you can share this around, I'll do anything to get that cover. This band means the world to me and it broke my heart to see that I missed out on something to keep my collection complete. I've spent an insane amount of money and time on my SC vinyl collection and it's so discouraging that I missed this. If anyone wants to make this deal, just PM me here or on twitter, my twitter is @elevatxd. I'm 100% open to alternate negotiations if there is nothing in what I listed that you want. Thank you so much in advanced
  14. I missed out on this and need it like crazy. I think it would look pretty damn good sitting next to my alternate cover of Tragedy Will Find Us. Will buy or trade. Thanks!
  15. This is a really weird request, but my favorite band State Champs released a UK EXCLUSIVE variant of their most recent record, and my collection is incomplete without it! http://store.hmv.com/music/vinyl/around-the-world-and-back-(hmv-exclusive)?_ga=2.66144108.372768504.1497062087-1576317829.1497062087 I can't find it anywhere else! Is there anyone in the UK that'd be willing to buy + ship it to me? I will 100% cover all the costs! If anyone could do this for me I'd be forever grateful! Please just PM me and let me know, thanks!
  16. I am well aware it is probably WAY too early to make this post, but my all-time favorite band, State Champs, released a hand numbered /100, alternate cover version of their latest release Around the World and Back DELUXE Edition, the day after I celebrated my birthday with my friends. I (over) slept in cause I got home so late until about an hour after they posted about it's availability on Merch Limited, and not surprisingly, it sold out. I'm literally heart broken, I have every variant of every record they've ever produced, including all of the other variants of the ATWAB Deluxe edition. I've seen them live 13 times and have met them most of those times. My wardrobe consists of only things that have their logo or lyrics. I plan on getting a tattoo soon. I'm so sincerely upset that I missed my chance to get that limited variant. So the point of making this post is to see if anyone might have gotten it that'd be willing to part with it. I know it's a long shot since there were only 100, but I have a lot of other pop punk records in my collection that I can trade for it, or I will just buy it. I will go to the ends of the earth for this thing, it's all I need to have a complete collection. I will trade anything from my record collection save for any other SC records. Please if you know anyone that has it, or you have it and wouldn't mind selling it, it's the only thing I need to once again have a complete collection. Thanks so much in advanced and for taking the time to read this. Here's my collection: https://deadformat.com/collection/statechamps Here's my twitter in case you want to contact me: https://twitter.com/elevatxd
  17. Variant collecting for State Champs and will OVER PAY for test presses. Save for the test presses, the collection is complete! I'll do anything for a State Champs test press. Looking for one from each release, please help me out or direct me to someone you might know is selling one or something along those lines. Also look for the alternate covers for The Finer Things and The Acoustic things + a copy of 'Apparently, I'm Nothing'! Anything is appreciated, thanks so much in advanced!
  18. Must Pay through PayPal. Message me with offers. FLAG SOLD Stick To Your Guns, The Story So Far Cream/Clear/Electric Blue (Tri-Color) Stick To Your Guns, The Story So Far Oxblood Red TSSF/Maker Split White w/ Blue Haze /200 SOLD The Story So Far - What You Don’t See (1st Pressing) Watermelon Splatter/500 The Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt (3rd Pressing) Red/Orange (Kool Aid)/500 SOLD The Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt Black (sealed)
  19. Looking to buy this record. Please message me if you have it for sale or would like to trade something for it.
  20. Handguns just released their new single from their upcoming album Life Lessons due out July 8th via Pure Noise Records. Pre orders are live handguns.merchnow.com Pressing Info: Half Black/Blue w/White Splatter - /300 Half Maroon/Clear w/Aqua Blue Splatter - /500 Royal Blue/Aqua Blue/Baby Blue Smash (Hot Topic Exclusive) - /600 Baby Blue/Milky Clear/Royal Blue Tri Stripe - /1600 Track Listing 01) Anvil 02) Sleep Deprived 03) Highway Robbery 04) Heart vs. Head 05) I Can't Relate 06) The Loved Ones Who Hate Us 07) Queens 08) Give and Take 09) Waiting for Your Ghost 10) New Years Resolution
  21. Hi! Desperately trying to compile the most complete collection of State Champs vinyl possible! Here's an updated version of what I'm looking for! Overslept 1st press -White /300 2nd press -Clear w/ Black and Green Splatter /500 The Acoustic Things 1st press: -Half Royal Blue/Half White w/ Blue splatter on the white side /1000 -Clear w/ Grey&Blue splatter /500 - TEST PRESSES! - The alternate cover of The Finer Things /50 and The Acoustic Things as well! Found a few AWESOME people that got me the remaining two variants of Overslept AND the record release cover of The Finer Things!! ALL THAT I NEED NOW IS THE Clear w/ Grey + Blue Splatter /500 variant of The Acoustic Things! Please help me complete my collection! x) SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE STATE CHAMPS COLLECTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Now on a desperate search for test presses! Willing to pay a REALLY pretty penny!! Please if you have one or can direct me to one, I'll forever be in your debt.
  22. New EP out 11/13! Pure Noise Variants Orange/White Smash w/Black & Green Splatter - /100 Half Orange/Electric Blue w/White Splatter - /400 UK Variants Black w/Screen Printed B-Side - /200 Half Orange/Green - /300
  23. Yep, I don't really have the passion to keep variant collecting this band anymore, and since it doesn't seem like Pure Noise will ever slow down with pressing their records I've decided to sell most of it. I'm keeping 1-2 copies of each release so what I have listed here is what I'm getting rid of for now. I'm only going to sell to people with at least a few positive feedback, I paid a lot of money for these over time and the last thing I want is to get screwed over. Feel free to PM me offers but please don't lowball, again, I've put a lot of money into this and I want to at least make back what I paid (at least for the OOP stuff). Also, I'm low on mailers so try to buy at least two records if you can. Refer to my tradelist in my signature for pictures. Thank you everyone! *Updated with prices (shipping not included), I know some people are afraid to make an offer. If you don't like the price PM me and I'll try to work something out, but most of them are set in stone. Thanks* Test Presses: While You Were Sleeping - #12/20 - $200 Under Soil and Dirt - /15 - $200 Self Titled - #8/20 - $200 TSSF/Morgan Foster Split - /10 $100 TSSF/STYG Split - #17/20 $100 ON HOLD 7" TSSF/Maker Split - Half Blue/Cream - /300 - $70 TSSF/Morgan Foster Split - White - /300 - $35 TSSF/STYG Split - Oxblood Red - /1500 - $30 10" Songs Of - Ultra Clear w/Red/Green/Yellow Splatter (Hot Topic Exclusive) - /1000 - $7 Songs Of - Red/Green/Yellow Tri Stripe - /2000 - $7 Songs Of - Red/Green/Yellow Tri Color w/Black Splatter - /5500 - $7 12" While You Were Sleeping - Purple - /200 - $100 Under Soil and Dirt - Turquoise - 1st Press - /300 - $40 Under Soil and Dirt - Black - 1st Press - /500 - $25 Under Soil and Dirt - Maroon - 2nd Press - /500 - $25 Under Soil and Dirt - Half White/Blue - 3rd Press - /500 - $25 Under Soil and Dirt - Red/Orange Kool Aid - 3rd Press - /500 - $25 Under Soil and Dirt - Magenta/White - 4th Press - /1000 - $25 Under Soil and Dirt - Black - 6th Press - /2000 - $15 Under Soil and Dirt - Yellow - 7th Press - /3000 - $10 Under Soil and Dirt - Electric Blue - 8th Press - /3000 - $10 What You Don't See - Purple/White Swirl - 1st Press - /1000 - $25 What You Don't See - White - 1st Press - /2000 - $15 What You Don't See - Clear w/Oxblood Splatter - 2nd Press - /2000 - $15 What You Don't See - Half Clear/Green - 3rd Press - /2000 - $15 What You Don't See - Blue/White/Yellow Tri Stripe - 4th Press - /2000 - $15 What You Don't See - Oxblood/Cotton Candy Smash w/Bone Splatter - 5th Press - /2000 - $15 What You Don't See - Purple/Oxblood/Olive Smash w/Mustard Splatter - 6th Press - /2000 - $15 What You Don't See - Sky Blue - 7th Press - /2000 - $10 What You Don't See - Clear Purple - 8th Press - /3000 - $10 The Story So Far - Cream/Aqua Smash w/White Splatter (Hot Topic Exclusive) - 1st Press - /1000 - $15 The Story So Far - Royal Blue In Clear - 1st Press - /2500 - $15 The Story So Far - Half Cream/Electric Blue - /5000 - $10 The Story So Far - Royal Blue/Electric Blue/Light Blue Tri Color - 2nd Press - /5000 - $10
  24. Now up for pre order is Bloom and Breathe from Gates on Pure Noise Records. http://purenoise.merchnow.com/ Pressing Info: /200 Coke Bottle Green w/Grimace Purple & Oxblood Splatter W/HANDSCREENED COVER http://purenoise.merchnow.com/products/185713 /300 Bone http://purenoise.merchnow.com/products/185712 /500 Milky Clear w/Electric Blue, Sea Blue, Kelly Green Heavy Splatter http://purenoise.merchnow.com/products/185711 There are a few bundle packages available as well. New track "Not My Blood" Track List: 1. Everything That Ever Has Been 2. Bloom 3. Persist in Delusion 4. Not My Blood 5. Light The First Page 6. The Thing That Would Save You 7. Nothing You’ll Miss 8. At Last the Loneliest of Them 9. Born Dead 10. Marrow 11. Low 12. Again at the Beginning 13. Everything That Always Will Be
  25. I have 2 copies of the S/T album with the tour exclusive sleeve, out of 1000. Send me a message if interested! Paypal only. No lowball offers please.

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