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  1. yes, super annoying. i ended up carefully peeling them off the shrink wrap and putting them on the outside of new sleeves
  2. In any case, finally got the last color in yesterday so here's all of them together
  3. I may aswell just throw mine in the trash after seeing this one. My god its beautiful
  4. ordered this so fast, overstepping from this ep is so fucking good
  5. Yeah pretty bummed @justindinealone what happened?
  6. Man yours is so much nicer than mine, color is weak as hell
  7. i only had variations in darkness ordered from bullmoose and just got the cancellation email i just found both on ebay from a US based record store for $29.99 and snapped them up quick, i would imagine that means the US allocation has just now arrived here and you might see more popping up
  8. Dangit I just made an order last week and now it's 20% off
  9. same as far as the poster i think they tried to do a translucent splatter which never really works well, shows up pretty cool with a light behind it
  10. Got the test press package in today, screen printed sleeve is awesome
  11. heads up, anyone that ordered this from polyvinyl, the digital download is available to download today
  12. Don't recommend this store. Ordered sigur Ros from them last year and it never shipped had to file a claim
  13. Plaid Room thank you! Got the Weezer bsides record with no issues.
  14. The lunar Halo one just went unavailable as I was checking out ugh. Got the other one though.