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  1. Mine has been sitting at 'label created', since the 17th...sigh
  2. Must've been weekend only, I just stopped at one this morning to pick up some more stuff and it all rang up full price
  3. I didn't see a thread about this but Walmart is having a sale right now in store, all the vinyl regardless of original price is $15 Tonight I picked up: No Doubt - Icon 2xLP (Walmart Exclusive) normally $34.97 Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill (30th Anniversary) normally $22.97 Nirvana - Unplugged in New York, normally $22.97 Nirvana - Self Titled (Walmart Exclusive on "Smoke color", some kind of Greatest Hits?) normally $23.97
  4. i ordered "in the weeds" and "running like water" - no shipment notification yet
  5. sorry just now saw this, there was no code, you entered your email address on the pop up, and then in the email there was a special link that you clicked on and it automatically added the 10% off to the cart
  6. its because they made all three albums the same boring color, i guarantee if they had made the box set versions the colored splatter they would've been the first ones to sell. i went with the individuals cause i liked the colors better.
  7. When I first went to the site a pop up came up that said enter email for 10% off. Try opening in an incognito mode window
  8. Just bought the 3 splatters, was able to get 10% off as a new customer. All 3 with shipping came out to $81.95
  9. you know its gonna end up being one of those random novelty things that in a couple years everyone is gonna wish they had ordered and it'll be like $200 on discogs
  10. Available now: https://mondoshop.com/collections/latest-releases https://mondoshop.com/collections/latest-releases/products/so-impossible-ep-10-inch-vinyl https://mondoshop.com/collections/latest-releases/products/summers-kiss-ep-10-inch-vinyl https://mondoshop.com/collections/latest-releases/products/spider-man-2-ep-10-inch-vinyl
  11. im guessing oversight, weird that a company that specializes in limited stuff would leave such a glaring loophole open lol

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