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  1. i ran out get up kids variants to collect so i moved onto test pressings. i dont collect them by any other band, just them. well and related side projects (matt pryor, reggie, new ams)
  2. been a fan since the first ep and i love the progression they've made up to this point. excited about the new stuff.
  3. if they put up a get up kids kicker tp someone let me know!
  4. i was finally able to buy bundle 1 via that direct link. thank you!
  5. i dont understand how anyone is even seeing the site. its been fully down for me for almost an hour. constant refreshing, not even a sign of the site working.
  6. this is so goddamn annoying. why aren't stores prepared for this?
  7. all i get on that link for the last 30 mins is: 502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.
  8. nah, nothing ever went up for real. the site crashed before anything was available.
  9. for anyone wondering, i got mine in the mail yesterday from merchtable, its the same 'early bird edition' as the polyvinyl one. bummer.
  10. before the repress came out i bought a copy of further seems forever the moon is down from a local record store, the sleeve had some pretty terrible ring wear, record itself was fine though. probably paid too much, but i traded in a few things, made the price not sting as much.
  11. Makes Me Sick Again is up now btw http://newfoundglory.merchnow.com/
  12. Got the cancellation email from rough trade today. Super bummed.
  13. they posted mockups on their instagram stories hot pink w/ yellow splatter = tour version /1000 blue w/ yellow splatter = hopeless webstore /1000 out on may 18th. weird that the bullmoose preorder has the same color listed as the 'tour version'
  14. ugh missed out on the sigur ros AGAIN on norman records. got all the way thru the checkout and got a sold out message at the very end. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu