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  1. kings road, i didnt realize anyone else was selling them
  2. wish they'd put up some more ex-lives and low teens, i missed those ugh on the plus side my copes of new junk aesthetic and from parts unknown are arriving today, crazy fast shipping from europe
  3. if anyone passed on this initially and still wanted a color copy of Radical based on the new news, I found the indie Green in stock here https://vintagevinyl.com/UPC/045778774739
  4. they should just have Josh Scogin be the new singer. i'd be down with that.
  5. I've only listened through once but this is my take too. It's like they forgot how to make anything remotely catchy, there's basically no hooks in any of the songs, nothing memorable.
  6. i started the thread to request it back in August last year, so happy they decided to follow through on it. my eyes are much happier!
  7. soooo nice! thank you so much for doing this!
  8. MAY 28 Irvine, CA FivePoint Amphitheatre -https://tix.soundrink.com/tours/28-05-2022-15-30-vagrant-25 JUN 11 Worcester, MA The Palladium Outdoors - https://tix.soundrink.com/tours/11-06-2022-16-30-vagrant-25 - https://www.seetickets.us/event/VAGRANT-25/458483?utm_source=hive&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hive_email_id_93486&h_sid=ea65905202-5953e865d8435a0ebe582096&h_slt=eyJoYXNoIjoiN2QwZDQ5NzYwZTc2YzJmIiwiaGl2ZV91c2VyX2lkIjoxMDc1MTAzNn0%3D Passcode for this one: VAGRANT25
  9. also Doghouse has the vinyl rights for STWHA, so probably won't happen unless its in partnership with them
  10. Them piecemealing all these represses is really annoying. The shipping is getting out of hand.
  11. Intimacy is my favorite BP album, just bangers from start to finish. I never understood the hype around the albums before that barring a couple of tracks (Helicopter, Banquet)
  12. they had both splatters and orange marble up earlier too, same price
  13. went with the splatter too, although i wish they had done Red to match the original CD artwork. oh well.
  14. https://deathwishinc.com/products/for-your-health-in-spite-of https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/for-your-health-in-spite-of-limited-edition-clear-red-butterfly-lp-only-100-made?_pos=1&_sid=af474164f&_ss=r Estimated Ship Date: 01/03/22 2nd pressing [includes 18x24" folded poster] 100 Butterfly Effect Clear with Red [BrooklynVegan exclusive] 100 Half Black/Half Coke Bottle w/ Gold & Red splatter 125 Clear with Black, Green, Pink splatter 175 Butterfly Effect Green with Purple and Black and White Splatter 200 Cloudy effect: Clear with Coke Bottle and Coke Bottle splatter [Band tour copies] 300 Galaxy effect: Olive green with white [Band tour copies]

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