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  1. Got mine today, very minimal splatter
  2. https://kontrabandstor.es/mew/ 180 gram Black - £17.99 (approx $24 usd)
  3. i dont know what the fuss is, they were both made by wax mage. so you still got what was advertised, just the colors changed. happens alot with preorders.
  4. for that dont want to go looking...this is the wax mage maybe? i dont know...seems to be some confusion about which is which
  5. Got this at the show tonight. Tour exclusive.
  6. i ran out get up kids variants to collect so i moved onto test pressings. i dont collect them by any other band, just them. well and related side projects (matt pryor, reggie, new ams)
  7. been a fan since the first ep and i love the progression they've made up to this point. excited about the new stuff.
  8. if they put up a get up kids kicker tp someone let me know!
  9. i was finally able to buy bundle 1 via that direct link. thank you!
  10. i dont understand how anyone is even seeing the site. its been fully down for me for almost an hour. constant refreshing, not even a sign of the site working.