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  1. Epitaph and Bridge Nine have always been amazing, super fast even during the pandemic.
  2. If you actually read the Forbes article, it says the dude is approaching the business as to what HE wanted as a fan growing up as a passionate horror geek, not as a soul-less suit as you are implying. I'll never understand people who fault bands for being business savvy. It is extremely hard to make a living playing music and if catering to your audience in creative ways that also happens to be lucrative is wrong, than I just don't get your point. I never faulted bands for having great marketing, anything you can do to get more ears on great music, i say go for it! For instance, there were so many bands i loved in the late 90's early 2000's that I feel should have been HUGE , had they had the FOB, Blink, MCR sensibility of how to get noticed we'd probably still have them around.
  3. Actually, the lead singer is the only signed member of the band according to my friend at their record label , the other guys are hired musicians, so the net profits are most likely split one way after industry team commissions, and I believe that figure in the Forbes article was only referring to online merchandise sales, could be wrong. For a band that spent the last year on headlining shows 1200-3000 caps all over the world (many of which sold out ( i attended the downstairs Worcester Palladium show) and are booked on an arena tour this fall with Five Finger Death Punch (say what you will about FFDP, but they are HUGE), I'd say it's probable that they are making some 7 figure money. A quick search of their name shows you that they are also managed by arguably one of the biggest companies in rock, 10th Street Ent., were the Cover of Rock Sound magazine this year and that their last album debuted in the top 30 of Billboard 200 with over 16,000 copies first week, pretty huge for a band like that in this day in age. I also saw they posted on IG that the latest album has garnered well over 100 million streams and landed a top 10 active rock radio hit. Scott when you say that their Forbes coverage "...means nothing in the long run, just like anything this band will ever produce", that sounds a BIT like there's anger and bitterness behind those words, no? Listen, I grew up in the same area as these guys in MA so admittedly I'm bias, and while I'm the first to admit that their response to your review was a poor way to handle the situation back in the day, I think you acted like a pretty big dick too, to which you'll never concede. They never blasted you publicly until after you made a stink about their harmless private message, If memory serves (and by reviewing the original thread) they sent you an email which you then blasted to make them look like fools. They were young kids who held AP to be their bible and were most likely crushed by how you belittled them in their first appearance in the magazine. They were not a name band at the time, so including them in magazine (only to trash them) I think was in poor form and aimed at nothing else than to crush the spirits of a young band. Of course if a huge band like MCR or FOB released a stinker of an album at the time, that's very fair game to write about, but what was the point of including a no name band review just to bash them? They were annoying on Myspace? What band wasn't? I'm sure they were just doing what they thought was the best way to get the name out, I doubt it was with malice intentions. Clearly what they hoped to become and what they believed they could, they in fact did regardless of how cred and original you believe them to be. You honestly seem like a mean spirited person based on this situation back then, and by your comments in the present, that doesn't seem to have changed. I also remember speaking with the band about the incident at a show they played in Cambridge a few years back, they told me they mailed you a letter of apology and a gift basket to try and make amends and acknowledged they were wrong... and you never even acknowledged it. Anyways this is getting long and no one is probably reading this entire thing. I saw the Forbes article, remembered this site bashing them and figured the members who were sure Ice Nine would amount to jack shit might get a kick out of it. And yes, I'm sure you'll reply with something that: a) ignores all the facts I just stated and b) Is just a smug comment with no substance or recognition of how hard work seems to have paid off in their case.
  4. SO FAR: Four Year Strong - Brain Pain Acacia Strain - Slow Decay Run The Jewels - RTJ4
  5. WOW. Someone is a bit angry, huh? Just pointing out the fact that they're successful and earning millions. How many magazines were you fired from, just alt press or substream as well? Looks like they are more successful than you will ever be, sucks huh?
  6. Anyone have in their possession any 80's original slasher score albums? Friday The 13th, Halloween and any of the more obscure ones like Sleepaway Camp?
  7. My boys in Silent Planet are making metalcore still relevant in this decade.
  8. If this moronic sociopath get elected, I'm moving to Canada.
  9. Kind of funny how Ice Nine Kills has since become so successful that Forbes is covering them now: https://www.forbes.com/sites/quentinsinger/2020/07/24/ice-nine-kills-offer-the-latest-spin-to-a-successful-band-business-horror-franchises/#74e0cc0c735c