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  1. It’s coming up on the 2nd anniversary of my SRC order, unless they cancel and it and refund me themselves, fuck it. I’ve waited this long, may as well have two copies of this.
  2. Did anyone in the US get white copies of the 7”? Even if, I’m not taking any chances on this.
  3. 😯 So does this mean I’m finally going to get a refund from SRC?? Yes! Haha
  4. Yup💩 But really, I don’t wanna take away the real reason for the thread. People are stoked and @thedillon is doing wonders for everyone nostalgic for early 2000’s major label pop punk. Commence the love.
  5. Have you ever asked? I never once mentioned anything about my personal investment in any of this. I don’t have any. I was playing devil’s advocate. You’ve waited half a lifetime to finally own this record and it shows up fucked, would you be upset? Would you request a new jacket? As you stated, no. Now let’s say you’re not you, but someone else that’s not as excepting. Also, you did leave a note and request the record be taken out of the jacket. Now your request was ignored and the record you’ve waited so long for looks like shit and you’re fully fuckin bummed. I’ve been collect
  6. There is no entitlement on my end. I asked a question regarding a simple shipping procedure, that any label or fulfillment company should already be fully keen on. Instead of saying “Yeah good point, knowing this is going to be a HUGE record for us and our customers, and it’s on a heavy weight record that’s been very notorious for destroying jackets, I’ll see what’s up and make sure they know these types of requests are gonna come in and ask if it’s possible to fulfill them.” It takes literally seconds to unshrink, take a record out of a jacket and pack to the best of your ability. I know, I d
  7. Really excited about this! I need to put this in my calendar, when we find out, so I don’t forget.
  8. Yes, I am aware how these things work. But what you just told me, right here, is that if someone requests a record be shipped a certain way(if you refer to my initial post, that’s all I asked), you or whatever fulfillment company you use, won’t act on that request because a record is sealed? And that you hope “minimal” damage occurs? There should be no damage if done correctly. I know y’all go through Second City and they’re really good at honoring requests/notes, and even rectifying situations where something is damaged in transit. But that response... haha
  9. The question still persists... I can only imagine how pissed people are going to be when this thing shows up at many customers doors seam split to fuck because it’s 180g and shipped improperly. Jus sayin... 🤷‍♀️
  10. So we can expect requests for records to be sent outside of jackets and printed dust sleeves to be fulfilled? 🤔
  11. Sick! Still need to pick up the represses of Pink & Punk from last year.
  12. I hadn't replaced the Red Tour variant after selling it last year, so I finally hopped on getting a new one. Wish I had seen the email soon and got the splatter, but I think the C/C should turn out interesting.

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