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  1. Really hate myself for giving in and paying $23 each for two 7”s, but he’s the only person that could get me to do it. 🤦‍♀️
  2. Are there people out there that care so much about banal shit that they focus so much on that and only have 75 records? Oh and also, has Spotify not made it over to the UK yet?
  3. Bullmoose cancelled my order for both. Not sure if it was because they were in the same order or actual stock. I, also, ordered mine very close to when they went up. Right when I saw those emails, went over to Zia and copped both. Let’s see...
  4. Not to brag, but got Secaucas this year for $150. Fuckin score. But yeah, Silver is resin enough for me to line up! In for Chai, Jonathan Fire Eater, Lizzo and Saturday Morning Cartoons too.
  5. Worked late, slept in, stressed out and still ended up with one of the last copies of the Galaxy 45 minutes after. Pretty stoked!
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll pick it up eventually. Deluxe version with all the bells and whistles sounded enticing. Have had an OG copy of Calculating for years, and even that has me contemplating buying in haha
  7. I need Miss Machine, missed out on the Newbury pressing, but i don’t need a goddamn puzzle. A second LP I could go for!
  8. I had three different orders cancel on me, and hustled my ass off, while on vacation in route to see them, to get the two I needed. THERE’S HOPE!