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  1. Seriously doubt anything but black or clear are going to retail. Band copies, possibly. But anything else, nah.
  2. Online? There are other releases that are in front, but would still like this for under $28.
  3. Figured as much. Definitely something that wouldn’t be readily available.
  4. Damn! Crazy PO time for Dais. Also, not digging these “Pure Noise” bundles. But still in! Also, strange that there’s 2900 listed. Wonder where that other 100 is going...
  5. Wait, you guys are pulling this same shit with a fuckin 7”?? Haha ohh man, the worst.
  6. Probably going a little later this year. Hoping to find most of what’s on my “long list”: Anal Cunt - Picnic of Love Twin Peaks Season Two: Music and More Julien Baker – "Red Door"/"Conversation Piece" Frank Black – Frank Black Frank Black – Teenager Of The Year Bone Thugs N Harmony – E 1999 Eternal The Charlatans – Some Friendly The Charlatans – Us And Us Only Demond Deker – Pretty Africa Devo – Box Set Green Day – Woodstock Mission Of Burma – Peking Spring The Pietasters – Willis Ramones – Live Robyn – Body Talk Santigold – I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions The Skatalites – Greetings from Skamania Soccer Mommy – For Young Hearts Ten In The Swear Jar – Fort Awesome: Complete Recordings The Crow Soundtrack Lost In Translation Soundtrack Weezer – Dusty Gems and Raw Nuggets I don’t think any of this will be a problem. Except for maybe Body Talk.
  7. Copped both, also, and chose the cheapest of the two shipping methods and that’s how much my order came out to. Made my day even better, and it hasn’t even started.
  8. Damn, really?!? Knew I should’ve at least went and saw what they had. Frrrrt.
  9. So far it’s mostly reissues or comps. Easy work. Still work though.
  10. Weird. Because “they’ve” been recording the new record with my friend for the last 3 weeks or so.