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  1. I'm stupid for not picking up the Lavender copy when I had a chance, and even more stupid for not picking this up this time.
  2. Did someone mention how much the tour copies were?
  3. MyEnemy

    PO: Cardigans Discography

    This is awesome! NEED the first 4 records. Even from Bengans it only comes out to $30 PPD a record. Not bad! Was going to buy the Life for Christmas, might need to postpone that.
  4. I wish I didn't pay as much as I did for it(fucking Secretly!!!), I'm stoked with everything overall. It's a nice piece. Definitely agree. And if I can sell my OG copy, it'll make that much sweeter.
  5. I’m assuming since there’s no option, the Mint already sold out? *Edit - Yup. Still stoked. Don’t know why I slept on the other two last year. Me dumb.
  6. https://www.discogs.com/user/Lil_RawB/collection https://www.instagram.com/vinylsbro/
  7. So they sell the blue/black variants on the site? This one I’d pay for.
  8. Damn! Should’ve ordered from Norman, would have saved $5 frrrrrt
  9. Understand what @whosnotwo says. But coming from someone who either only talks shit or comments sincerely on DMB threads, you might wanna keep your shitty opinions to yourself. That being said, bummed I don’t own this record.
  10. MyEnemy

    Emery The Weaks End Reissue

    Very easy pick up for that price. Been waiting to own this record since I slept on all of the Broken Circles records from that time period.
  11. MyEnemy

    Primus Reissues

    Thinking the same thing. It more than likely be Seas through AntiPop, right?
  12. So glad I didn't hesitate when this was posted.
  13. MyEnemy

    PO : Robyn - Honey

    Her store has always been UK/Euro only. Never had a US store.
  14. MyEnemy

    PO : Robyn - Honey

    Really want to buy, but want to see if the white variant will be available in the US, but don’t want to miss out! Ahhhh haha Ehhhh, I just went for it. After the OG S/T & Body Talk records came and went, not gonna take any chances.