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  1. I’m also annoyed with Bullmoose for the same dumb shit reason. Had to order both separately. But, it’s all good to be able to put these on “lay away” for 2 1/2 months for the $6.
  2. Also, I’m pretty damn sure it was never actually on sale on the UO site when it was active.
  3. Probably just hold out and wait for them to tour the US. Definitely see that happening in the next 6 months. From what I’ve heard, I really dig this band.
  4. I bet... Tell your mail carrier to stop using your packages for playing frolf. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Finally. I’ve been a freakin dork and have missed out on every other pressing.
  6. Also, HUGE fuckin difference when a band rolls through to pick up stuff, hang out, shoot the shot opposed to some rando who wants to come in and pick up a package from you every two weeks.
  7. As someone who worked doing something similar to this for years...Nah I don’t wanna deal with that or see your face or answer your questions. Get over it.
  8. Goddamn. That was really bad. Was just wondering if people really like this shit, since I’ve seen them on tours for the last couple years. Label/agent/mgmt nepotism is very real!
  9. Tickets secured. Hell yeah, road trip!
  10. UL had 4 singles/videos that were on radio and in heavy ratation on MTV. Just sayin...
  11. Not even based on that, but 1500 doesn’t seem like a lot for a 20 year old record that was that big. Also, maybe it’s because I grew up in San Diego, in the mid/late 90s, but this record was fuckin HUGE!
  12. I mean, the only other UL full length on vinyl has 150 wants on Discogs and has gone for $35-$50 for years.
  13. Stoked about all the reissues, but not as stoked as I am to finally get to take a road trip to Meow Wolf and finally see Stereolab live.