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  1. Just spent $40 on 11 records and a cassette. Shouldn’t have, but I just sold a fucking TOOL poster for $135. Fuck it dawg life’s a risk hahahahaha
  2. MyEnemy

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    You know that feeling when a stand up comic has a joke that sucks, doesn’t land, is stupid and the whole crowd knows it... now you do.
  3. MyEnemy

    PO: OZMA - Rock & Roll Part 3

    I have, and just listened to yesterday , the Japanese OG Double Donkey, but those look sick. Ugh! Borderline is a no brainer though.
  4. MyEnemy

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Pretty and ugly is the theme, right? Nailed it!
  5. I know how everyone here hates “crowdfunding” projects. But he’s already halfway there, and I’m assuming the majority of the people who complain about this shit, don’t know how much money it takes to produce a record. #jussayin
  6. Thanks. This helps me as someone who lives in Southern California.
  7. Wish there was an actual jerk off emoji. “But did he cum??”
  8. I’m really interested in the $90 pot, but I’m not sure my wallet can take that hit.
  9. I do agree with this. I'd pay $30 for this record, even if it was kind of fucked up. $55 isn't quite hittin me. I've bought deadstock LPs off plenty of bands, and it's normally pretty reasonable. Though a lot of bands do take into consideration secondary markets(ie. Tripping Daisy) and I can't fault them.
  10. Triple platinum in the US and 6.5 million worldwide, I'd say little bit more, probably. But just in the US yeah, I'd guess around 80-100k at this point. Bands like this don't stop selling records.
  11. Yeah, totally agree, and that wasn't even THE HIT record. I wonder how many copies of Blurryface have sold on vinyl? Someone smarter than me should look this up, very interested.
  12. Eh, I started going to shows when I was 10, and collecting when I was 13. It's not that strange. Especially with the internet and how collecting is these days. And you're not that young to be on a forum like this 4 years ago. It would have been strange if there were forums like this when I was 14(there probably was, I was too busy trying to get high and finger girls) and there were 14 year olds on there. 1999! haha