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  1. Damn, Filth Is Eternal are close friends but I’m going the 24th. Butt! Very cool for everyone involved though! Really?? All rad bands with some awesome PNW stalwarts ripping. Worth checking out any of the openers for any night.
  2. Sorry wasn’t sure. A LOT of people, that were fans from 2009-2014, don’t really pay much attention to what they’ve been doing for the last 5 or so years, which is a shame. Gulfer, Sweet Pill, Standards & Really From are exactly who I was referring to when I said “few things here and there” Solid releases that should still keep the stalwarts coming back. But also, when it comes to that term, I have a certain idea in mind. Most things people would call that, I just think “math-adjacent”.
  3. Ahhhh. I’ve been sleeping in a lot lately and missing some good shit.
  4. I had tickets for last year, or 2020 that transferred to last year. Was a more solid(bigger) line up, but I feared it was going to be too much of a shit show and sold ours.
  5. Some that haven’t been paying attention to Topshelf, may be surprised to know they haven’t really released any thing “twinkly” in almost 10 years. Outside of a few things, here and there. All of that early stuff is OOP and probably won’t be repressed. But that’s a solid haul of what Topshelf is, as a label, past and present. Some really great, undervalued releases.
  6. Damn, I was hoping this was someone posting about leftovers! 😖
  7. Pretty positive The Palace is ALL seated. Saw Sparks there in 2018 and had 5th row seats. A lot of people ended up in the area between the stage and seats. There was only room for about 150 people there though.
  8. This may be the miss of the year for me. Hoping they do what they did with the Pete Murphy box and have extras.
  9. I got drunk last night and saw 200 Stab Wounds/Undeath. My ass fucked up.
  10. Big ups go out to anyone that thinks this is a great idea, does it, and then has no clue how to unload, or how fucking insane it is to unload, 4k records and actually make the money they’re worth haha ”We got ‘em, now what do we do with them?!” “Dude, this was your idea!”

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