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  1. Totally feel you. But I’m a sucker and will throw down $35 for this. And yeah! There’s so much they could’ve done with the cover, gatefold and insert art. There’s so much actual media for this release, that’s all adjacent and corresponding, it’s fucking crazy. I remember first discovering this and all the singles, and just being blown away with all the attention to detail that was taken with it all. Made me love the record even more.
  2. But all that aside... the VMP pressing is sooo nice, on all levels. But, I love this record so much, l’ll definitely be picking this because of the different cover art and because the Fat Possum pressings have, overall, been pretty awesome too. If I haven’t said this enough on here, I’m a fucking idiot and love to waste money.
  3. Ehhhhh, nah. The reason shirts from the past are still around, and for the most part in decent condition, are because they were built to last. Everyone is going to realize they were printing on crappy ill fitting cheese cloth soon. A lot already have. I’ll take a medium that fits like a medium, and doesn’t have stupid droopy neck, that’s for sure.
  4. Yeah, just an o-card/outer sleeve. That fuckin shipping... imma pass.
  5. Ty! Also forgot I want that shitty FFTL record too, if y’all got any leads.
  6. Anyone got any hits on Godforbid, Age Of Quarrel, Lillingtons or t.A.T.u. Hit ya dude up.
  7. Not bad. I’m gonna take my chances with this either dropping more in price, or we get a larger pressing down the line.
  8. Yeah, $6 or having to pay $45 for a Black copy in 6 months. I have a feeling, unless your the first one at a store you know is going to have it, finding a White one is going to be difficult too.
  9. Ahhh really?? I was checking that shit! Typically Triple B. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hurts.

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