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  1. Weird. Took ‘em this long to put these up. Got a copy on your in Nov. Still don’t have any info on it.
  2. That is actually the cast from The Brady Bunch movie, so I’d assume it’s the soundtrack. ETR putting out shit, insanely surprisingly and for whatever reason, people want.
  3. Yeah... not a fan at all, of the new look and set up.
  4. Went for the reg limited variant. At least if the other is cooler, I got stickers and a poster to entice children into my van.
  5. Hmmmmm. Wanna hold off, in case the “Indie exclusive” as an actual mix and not just the tri-color.
  6. I don’t see that happening for another 5+ years, after Reba is done with being robot angry and gets human sad again.
  7. I can fuck with it, especially if it’s an “off track”, “the best possible single” & the rest of the album fucking rips, which it probably does. I’m still a fan.
  8. Safe to assume pre orders are going up at 6:00 AM PST?? If so, I’m staying up tonight. Goddamnit 🤦‍♀️
  9. Great news for anyone who doesn’t already have the album. One of my favorite records of all time. Was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Secaucus for $150 last year.
  10. How many of these songs are still not available on vinyl? Everything else’s been released in one way or another. The Benjamins, Fenix TX and the NFG tracks? That’s it, yeah?
  11. Was gonna ask if there was a way to combine shipping for any of the stuff on the other store?
  12. Coheed came through San Diego in 2017 and I went before the show to pick something up and there were at least 200-300 people who paid for the before show meet and greet. That’s 4-6 Xs more than the most I’ve ever had to deal with for a M&G. Their fans a fuckin crazy and money is easy to obtain.
  13. Anytime you need a reminder that you like mediocre caca music, I’ll be there for ya!