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  1. After that bullshit diatribe, I'm very curious to what you're listening to that makes you the expert you claim to be?
  2. Looks like I’m getting the band variant when I see them in August. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Glad people are starting to get into this band. They’ve been trudging it out in So. Cal. for about 10 years. Seen them soooo many times.
  4. I’ve been fucking up WAY too much lately. if anyone had an extra copy of the VMP press, lemme know! Thanks.
  5. I have OCT001 & OCT006 (1/35) I’d be willing to part with. Hit me up.
  6. I’ve slipped on all this bands shit since the OG press of Dies. I gotta stop bein stupid.
  7. Target FTW! Fuck that guy that was complaining about them in the other thread. Like records in 2019 are sacred.
  8. Ill have to pick this up eventually. ATO version will be up for a bit.
  9. Shit. I may have to go after that BC exclusive instead of the SB one. Looks rad. Or buy both and just do an old switcheroo and sell the gold variant haha.
  10. Domino special POs usually stay up for a couple weeks.
  11. Ahhh, did not look close enough. Thanks.
  12. Damn, I wonder what this variant’s out of. I’m in the fence.