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  1. Coheed came through San Diego in 2017 and I went before the show to pick something up and there were at least 200-300 people who paid for the before show meet and greet. That’s 4-6 Xs more than the most I’ve ever had to deal with for a M&G. Their fans a fuckin crazy and money is easy to obtain.
  2. There’s been a repress available since 2017.
  3. Anytime you need a reminder that you like mediocre caca music, I’ll be there for ya!
  4. Pretty sure I said this before, but it’s really funny how bent out of shape y’all are getting about a band that changes their sound on every album they’ve released. Now they’re ripping off Captured Tracks band from 2010 that we’re ripping off C86/Flying Nun bands. Haha
  5. Sometimes when you work I live music, you work late and sleep in. That was today and I paid the price 🤦‍♀️
  6. From this quote I’m gathering you’re not really paying attention to what’s been going on the last 15 years.
  7. Oh yeah, glad I didn’t hesitate getting that deluxe.
  8. Oh shit, totally called it. Even better, it’s a fucking picture disc of that image.
  9. Good job at actually paying attention to something, instead of quickly ordering 4 copies to 4 different addresses.
  10. Really hate myself for giving in and paying $23 each for two 7”s, but he’s the only person that could get me to do it. 🤦‍♀️
  11. Are there people out there that care so much about banal shit that they focus so much on that and only have 75 records? Oh and also, has Spotify not made it over to the UK yet?