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  1. The singles aren't the best songs on the album, imo. "Army of One" and "Coming for You" are my favorites.
  2. Video review of Let The Bad Times Roll. Also an Offspring Discography Tier-List available here: https://bit.ly/2Q5UzDZ Cheers! 🤘
  3. I have a copy of II on white vinyl that I'd be willing to consider trading for a copy of Dead Silence, I, or III.
  4. Some nice set-ups in this thread. My arrangement is such a mess that I'd feel like Lenny if I ever shared a photo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPwyyjtxlzU
  5. Here's the album ranking / tier list I mentioned I was working on earlier. http://www.poppunkradio.com/2021/03/mxpx-albums-ranked-discography-tier-list.html
  6. Price shaming. collection shaming, hobby shaming... Never understood why so many people get so bent out of shape about what other people do with their purchases. Is it a vinyl collector thing, a millennial thing, a first world privilege thing, or a combination of all 3? 😆 Oh what a spoiled life we must live when other people's hobbies are the worst thing we have to complain about on a given day.
  7. Likewise, at least a day or so. Bummed to miss this one. :(
  8. Based on the level of open availability, they'd probably be a poor "investment" for a flipper. Great deal for the superfan though. I sometimes wish I could look like Fat Mike and join the club.
  9. Are you sure about that? I was in a video game group recently and post a comment that was clearly a troll/joke, half the group tried to correct me while 25% tried to correct those correcting me, and 25% got the joke and went along with it. Those are really terrible odds, imo.
  10. Then they should've called themselves Rage With The Machine to be more accurate, but that might not have sold as many albums to us idiots in the 90s.
  11. Not worth it, imo. Most fb groups by this point have devolved in to toxic cesspools of tribalism and bullying.
  12. They put more back up in stock: https://billytalent.store-08.com/music/bt050013-billy-talent-dead-silence-2x12-vinyl-crystal-water/
  13. Panic was OK. BE&A and Secret Weapon I am not a fan of. At all. Those albums mostly turned me away from MxPx, but Mike's positive attitude during the pandemic brought me back. Funny thing is, I spent most of the day on Tuesday working on an MxPx discography tier-list article for my blog. So I had literally just gone through their discography re-listening to the old albums, and getting more familiar with the newer ones that I didn't keep up with as much. When they announced the box-set I thought, perfect timing! Will try to remember to share the article here when I post it.
  14. Ask him to give us all one. Clearly it would be a great business move on Mike's part. 😄 Seriously though, very stoked on this! Only problem is those 2-3 albums from 2003-2007.
  15. It's because on the 25th anniversary stuff, they left pre-orders open for a week or a month and then ordered however many copies they needed after the fact. So the production time gets extended. Where-as the other releases Fat orders a specific amount ahead of time and by the time we pre-order them, they are already in production queue. I don't work for Fat, so this is all hypothesis.
  16. It's been politicized for sure. Not saying masks don't have utility or that this is all a hoax. Two things can be true at the same time. Not sure why so many people try to put things into binary categories and play the football game, when life often exists in grey areas where aspects of both arguments have value. It can be true that Fauci is both knowledgeable in his field but also working with politicians in their power grab. So to say "not at all" is short-sighted, imo.
  17. He's basically become one. But I get it, he's a hero to those who appeal to blind authoritarianism. "Don't wear a mask. No, wear one. Nevermind about masks. Wait, wear 3! Yeah, that's it. I'm an "expert." Trust me on this one..."
  18. About 1400 left. I'm super on the fence about this.
  19. And right on cue, here come all of the Fauci / Pelosi defenders. 😆 Tell us what's so great about those two that would get some people's panties in a bunch over the mere mention of criticizing them? Just because someone wants to see punk music questioning and criticizing authority doesn't make them "republican," but if it helps people wrap their fragile minds around something to hate and gives some privileged kids a villain to focus on in their sad lives, I'll play that role. 🙋‍♂️ What would Propagandhi say?
  20. Agreed. I had a lot of respect for him when he first came out as a cross-dresser. Definitely a ballsy move at the time. Props to him for being who he wants to be. But at this point we get it. We accept it. It's not edgy anymore. Considering the current social-political climate, it starts to border upon pandering. At least it starts to kind of feel that way. I'm just waiting for them to stop blindly pandering to the extreme left and to take some shots at scumbag politicians like Fauci / Pelosi, instead of bending over for them and expecting us to do likewise. Otherwise, I think my
  21. I'd rather hear a new song from The Network at this point.

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