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  1. @bgonshor not many records, but other stuff that hopefully isn't wasting your time
  2. Arrived in Brooklyn yesterday! So excited to have this, sounds cool.
  3. Nothing yet in Brooklyn. I'm really hoping there's no problem with mine.
  4. Would have liked to pick up Wasting Light as well. Bah.
  5. Down completely for me now. Got to the shipping screen and it asked me to login again.
  6. Is this the good repress of NIN's Pretty Hate Machine?
  7. The artwork's laaaame. Still excited to hear this though.
  8. Wouldn't object to a Home From Home repress...
  9. i browsed the UK Epitaph store last week and noticed they had the Melancholy collection LP and was shocked! I tried to order one but it was already out of stock. You found a good deal. That would have been a mighty fine score!
  10. Diggin' the album...just seems like something I'd put on if I'm in a shitty mood. The lyrics don't encourage me to do much on my way to work haha
  11. Magic was great, but the vinyl sounds awful. Anyone else notice this?
  12. I'd love to see a repress of this. Great pop album.