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  1. Just listened to "Flower.." - definitely not my cup of tea, at least after first listen However, I virtually overlooked last two albums..
  2. Haha, I'd expected something much heavier! But don't get me wrong - this is definitely great piece of music, relaxing I'd say; reminds me summer time so much! This is the way I imagine California in its seventies Good luck with the record, Greg!
  3. If you are into bands like AmenRa, Cult of Luna and in general post-metal with a bit of hard-core, check Guantanamo Party Program. You may stream all of their albums on bandcamp: https://guantanamopartyprogram.bandcamp.com/ And if you are into fancy cassette tapes boxsets, check this thread: One pic as a teaser:
  4. GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM "BOX" Apocalyptic hardcore. A beast. 13 years on stage, 3 albums, 4 splits, countless concerts across Europe. Music that will grab your heart and never let go. Lyrics that will squeeze your brain and make you think. Noise that will crumble your body. This release comes in three different variants, each one related graphically to one of the full albums. "Crane bolts" (black), "Old pictures" (grey) and "Rhinestones" (pink). Musical content is the same, each of variants contains tapes in one colour (same as wooden box). Black/grey/rhodamine tapes housed in heavy decorative die cut basalt cardboard case with letterpress finish (counterdie) consisting of unique graphics for each album. Tracklist on carbonpaper. Black/grey/rhodamine stained wooden box, painted dark grey and finished with semi-matt varnish. Crane bolts/old pictures/rhinestones hidden under glass bottom. Lyrics laid down in handy book.Dark grey wax seal to help you get the tapes out of the box. Each variant limited to 27 hand numbered copies. Available now in http://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com Stream: https://guantanamopartyprogram.bandcamp.com/
  5. ^To be honest, all that played this festival.. seems like I slept under the stone for the past few years 😟
  6. Ouch! - over 29 euro now, too late/no luck. Anyway, easy order at wherever, my favourite album by them.
  7. After reading your reports from this festival, I realized I hardly know any of those bands. Can't believe how much music I do overlook nowadays, especially taking into account that huge part of my vinyl is post-rock. Seems like I have to refresh this shelf with new tunes after I got tired a bit with "generic post-rock" and "try to find new way with electronics" bands I have known. Thanks for this!
  8. Maybe some of you slept on Beware of Safety "Lotusville" as I did (it's been 5 years and I still haven't heard it yet, didn't know they had even newer release; I lost connection probably due to leaving Mylene Sheath back then..) - here's your chance: https://bewareofsafety.bandcamp.com/album/lotusville Vinyl 50% off with code 'lotusville'
  9. Quite a surprise for me (not music, the fact of new release): https://theanaesthete.bandcamp.com/album/terra-sola
  10. Fuck, I missed that info, too. And recently was happy to sell "Dead Again" as I'd have it in the box anyway.. 😐
  11. I wanted to watch second season, so I watched some recap of first one found on youtube. Then I realized I don't remember a thing and need to watch it again. But.. as this is planned as trilogy, I decided to rather wait for the third and watch them all at once, than having to watch first season three times
  12. ^ I think you didn't actually understand what he wanted to say with "I have it entered on Discogs as "Purple Mix"
  13. Nice one: https://thehousecorestore-com.3dcartstores.com/Autograph-Your-Merchandise-add-on-item_p_148.html
  14. I have dozens of CDRs in cake boxes burned throughout years, some have more than 20 years are scratched as hell, but play well. Normal CDs hidden in doors, ways too many (that 'cheap must have' thing works everytime I visit Mediamarkt). I still like to burn some music on CDs just to listen to it in my car, getting more and more difficult to make it happen though (no cd in laptops). Still miss cassette player in my old old car though!