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  1. Same here, I didn't expect that will sell out that fast. On the other hand, with all the crapy US bundles, there was one with test pressing.. really cheap, in fact.
  2. So I finally had to time to listen to this album. Singles were growers for me, but wanted to check the whole album in one take, especially when the last one I heard ("Thanks..") wasn't good at all. After one spin, I must admit this album is really really good one for me. Even Willy Wonka fits there, it perfectly flows from one track to another. Only time my ears bled was vocoder-something at the end of the record, but screw it. I didn't have high expectations, as elder-guys-gathering-after-several-years-of-hiatus usually doesn't give good results, but this surprised me in a positive way. Thumbs up, can't wait to see them live. As for all the bitching about cover, c'mon. If I recall seeing "13th Step" cover back in 2003, it was terrible even back then. Lady from the insert haunts me till now. So, they are consistent I'd say
  3. ^Damn, that made me feel a bit afraid! I share the same feelings about Origins and H/E, maybe with a small difference that I haven't given much more chances to Origins to be a grower As for the new one, I just got the gold vinyl, need an evening to listen to it.
  4. I'm still yet to listen to new single(s), but first ones grew on me with the time. I hope it will not disappoint as a whole as I share the same feeling to the old albums as mcpherson123. And have first chance to see them live in June, but the lineup is getting shorter and shorted in terms of members.. Anyway - lazy question - where to get white vinyl at cheapest price?
  5. seku

    Behemoth - Messe Noire (Live)

    Available also as gatefold on silver, gold and black vinyl for like twenty-few bucks. At least in Poland in the manufacturer's store.
  6. That was quite fast, glad I didn't hesitate. To be honest, I wasn't aware that new album is coming. After last one, which was pretty good, imho (in opposite to the previous one, which was terrible) I'm looking forward it.
  7. seku

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Red Scalp has recently relesed new album "Lost Ghosts", check it out: https://redscalp.bandcamp.com/
  8. Easy buy, Subrosa killed when I saw them last time. Why not to have their set from Roadburn?
  9. Sleeping Bear "s/t" Beautiful yet powerful. Powerful yet beautiful. Just like a sleeping bear. Post-rock at its best. Grey tape housed in stone grey decorative die cut cardboard case. Slightly reworked original artwork screenprinted in blue. Cover wrapped in blue cloth stamped with band's logo. Linen cord and felt circle at the top of it. All sealed with blue wax. Limited to 81 hand numbered copies. Cassettes available in store: threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com Check facebook for more pictures and bandcamp for music: https://sbear.bandcamp.com/
  10. ^I totally undarstand you - beside few tests, I have every single slab of vinyl from them First stop was this year's repress of TGS, I passed on getting all variants, and in fact, this might be a momen when variant game with Rosetta stops for me. Part of me cries, the other one says "finally"
  11. seku

    New A Perfecle Circle 10"

    The Doomed caught me, I really like this one. But the second track.. uhh. Anyway, my dream comes true and I will finally see them this year! Missed a show in Europe in 2003 being in US and since then I couldn't get to any, I don't know if they toured extensively since then. As for the 10", I do hesitate.
  12. Haha, I forgot that it's just a matter of personal taste, glad you guys like it! I just realized that this is released by new label, friend of band's one. Fingers crossed it works out and next releases are on the way. Last remark with <bitching_mode_on> - isn't it possible to ship cheaper within US?
  13. Still not into the album, unfortunately. As for the US colours, terrible choice - especially when compared to Pelagic variant
  14. Sleeping Bear debut album is going to be released on tape soon. I think I've seen that name mentioned here, so I assume you might be interested. Released on Three Moons Records on December 28th.