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  1. I recently recalled how easily I passed the RSD box back then.. not to be repeated, though.
  2. I'd say that TNO pressings and listing kind of transition colours as separate variants is made on purpose, so all the Isis completists realize how wrong they are trying to get them all.. same applies to Panopticon pressings. I know what I'm saying, I have been in that boat for many years now
  3. I'd say the same, I could bet I ordered recent repressed like no more tha 1 year ago.. the same was with recent Celestial repress, as I recently discovered it's been way older that I though. Represses will come that's for sure.. and as incorrigible Isis completist, I'll buy them, like 30 of each was not enough
  4. How could it happened that there is no pressing on red vinyl (clear or smokey), seems to be so obvious choice.. Sorry, just realized red is available elsewhere.
  5. Yes, remember seeing them in 2002, was hell of a concert, I was pretty glad that tooth was the only thing I lost. Now both - me and the band - are older, but we mature in different way I guess
  6. It is really bad. Though 'Purple' is the worst that may happen, but seems like they are going that way even further However, could someone remind me what were the available vinyl variants (maybe you have some mock-ups too?)
  7. Sleeping Bear "s/t" Anniversary Edition Just to remind about Three Moons Records
  8. I do everything here: http://nationalaudiocompany.com/ Waaaay cheaper than duplication.ca and generally, best option I have found even when ordering from Europe. For tapes, imprint and dubbing. Tried to do it by myself or in separate companies initially, but it gives no real savings.
  9. hey, test presses for sale: Botch - Unifying Themes Redux (GoE edition) /$100 Celeste - Animale(s) /$100 East Of The Wall - The Apologist /$35 Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife /$35 The Great Old Ones - Al Azif /$75 Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt /$120 Ready to trade for Isis test presses. Thanks!
  10. Yeap, I was trying to find the 'proceed' button when checked-out with paypal, but was not able to do so. I refreshed view and -bang!- looks like the variant I have in cart is no longer available
  11. What was the limit for splatters? And what were the splatters (i.e. colours)? Thanks!
  12. Everyone shares, so I add my two cents. I loved everything Baroness put out, I even like Y&G after some time. But, having several attempts, I cannot get through last record. Is it production or what? Some albums are crap in terms of production, but you still can enjoy them, but "Purple"? Ehh.. something is definitely "not yes" there. And, where the hell is Pete Adams?? Is Baizley alone, looking at the old band? For the trailer, even worse than "Purple" in everything, nothing works there. I know, just a trailer..