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  1. Finally! I didn't buy it when it came out having no money and I did not expect it to sell out and reach such a high prices on black market. Now it's time to fix this mistake, thanks for the heads-up!
  2. Haha, I though this is the heavy metal Mignight (the one that sounds like we are still in thrash 80's), but I played a track - and holy shit! - was teleported to 80's I don't want to remember 🤣
  3. Damn, exactly when I was going well with money saving on vinyl 🥺
  4. Have you checked Taxi Caveman debut? Highly energetic with some psychodelic vibe. Also available as cassette tape in fancy edition via Three Moons Records.
  5. Hope they are not going to end up as Russian Circles the Band. People are stupid. Fuck Putin.
  6. Just got the King's Road "ruby marbled" one, it's hand-numbered out of 200 if anyone cares.
  7. I'm only afraid that each member will have his own mix pressed..
  8. https://eyesoremerch.com/pre-order-cult-of-luna-the-long-road-north-2lp-eyesore-exclusive-ochre-brown-vinyl-release-date-11th-february-2022/
  9. It is, along with red marbled variant: https://www.indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/band/cult-of-luna
  10. Another one, Season Of Mist exclusive (limited to 300): https://shop.season-of-mist.com/cult-of-luna-the-long-road-north-double-lp-gatefold-coloured So.. five more to go?
  11. Variants so far: Black - ? Clear (boxset) - 2000 Wine Red - 700 Silver - 500 Clear light rust marbled - 500 Red Marbled - ? (Metal Blade) Clear/Green Marbled - ? (Sound Pollution Exclusive) Tan / Orange - 300 (Evil Greed Exclusive) Orange & brown marbled - 300 (Season of Mist Exclusive) Ruby Marbled - 200 (Kings Road Merch Europe exclusive) Ochre Brown - ? (Eyesore UK Exclusive) Transparent Light Blue Marbled - ? (Red Creek Exclusive) Opaque Light Blue Marbled - ? (Red Creek Exclusive)
  12. Option for those beside EU is also up: https://eyesoremerch.com/bands/c/cult-of-luna/
  13. ^Shipping hurts, but that's CoL. And the transparent one (along with adjusted cover art) looks really pretty!

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