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  1. Did I win, did I win?
  2. Depiedra - Desértico Enter the flowerful desert; join the journey through sand, wind and mirages. Face the demons; find freedom or loose your mind. Riffs, melodies, heaviness and lyrics. All creating consistent entity. Having its name: Depiedra. Sand tape housed in indian yellow decorative die cut cardboard case. Slightly reworked original artwork printed in black. Cover wrapped in yellow cloth stamped with desert landscape from the outstanding cover art. Enriched with a real desert sand. All sealed with black&gold wax. Limited to 49 hand numbered copies. Check facebook for more pictures. Cassettes available in store: threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com Stream the album here: https://depiedra.bandcamp.com/album/des-rtico
  3. seku

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Check this amazing album from Santiago de Chile's band - Depiedra: https://depiedra.bandcamp.com/album/des-rtico Now available on tape via http://threemoonsrecords.com :
  4. Minsk - "Burning" Legendary demo recorded in 2003, now remixed specially for the cassette tape and released on Three Moons Records. Order here: https://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com/
  5. Minsk - "Burning" Massive, psychodelic, tribal. Unique. Legendary demo released in 2003. Milestone for the band starting their way to define own style and refresh the whole genre. Unavailable for several years, now -celebrating 15th anniversary- strikes back remixed by Joel Madigan specially for tape release. Sounds huge. Yellow tape housed in decorative dark brown die cut cardboard case. Letterpress printing with hand-mixed tone of yellow. Includes lyrics printed on singed yellow carbonpaper. All sealed with wax in stamped linen bag with reworked band's logo. Limited to 81 hand numbered copies sealed with golden/brown (band & friends edition, very few for sale here) or dark brown wax. Check facebook for more pictures. Cassettes available in store: threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com
  6. Isis reunion show?! Holy shit! Haven't seen that before and it hangs since June. Amazing lineup, by the way. I only wish the reason was different..
  7. Sorry to hear all the bad things about one of the best labels in the world.. something must have happened that Lindsay&Joel lost their interest in running label
  8. hi Danny, it's:MÍSTICA - EMBRIÓ I / EMBRIÓ II CS / Three Moons Records thanks!
  9. However - it was 24.99, but in cart showed up as 29.99 - nice trick :|
  10. Hey, I have created cassette topic in vinyl forum, any way to move it in its entirety? Thanks!
  11. Mística - Embrió I / Embrió II One note worth more than thousands. One riff louder than symphony. Doom, poetry and seagulls. Black tape housed in ebony decorative die cut cardboard case screenprinted in white. Cover wrapped in handmade paper stamped with band's logo, tied with linen cord. All sealed with black wax. Limited to 49 hand numbered copies. Check facebook for more pictures. Stream the album here: https://mstica.bandcamp.com Cassettes available in store: threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com
  12. If you want crazy box sets, go to Pelagic Records. One thing made me surprised, as it looks like we see new level of pushing the price bar: Price will go up after first 100 and 200 copies sold!
  13. Mística "Embrió I / Embrió II" Compilation of two EPs from experimental doom-duo Mística has just been released on Three Moons Records Order here: https://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com/
  14. Having already 38 variants of this, do I really need another one..? Rhetorical question, of course. But hey, where's the red one? Does any of you have my copy and is willing to trade?
  15. Same here, I didn't expect that will sell out that fast. On the other hand, with all the crapy US bundles, there was one with test pressing.. really cheap, in fact.