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  1. Newest tape, absolutely not to be missed! *** HORIZON - The White Planet Patrol Fuzzy riffs, hard-hitting bass, amazing vocals and rhytm. All to help you travel through space in psychodelic journey to join the white planet patrol. Nod you head, dance, sing along. Beyond the horizon.
  2. Two new releases: ambient Endless Movement and beautiful boxset for industrial Whalesong. *** ENDLESS MOVEMENT - "Somewhere" Minimal, hypnotizing, powerful and destroying; all at once. Five tracks showing you loss, oblivion, hope and paradise. WHALESONG - "D3" Low tuned guitars. Savage soundscapes. Void. Filth. Parasites. Ruins. Abandon all hope. The beast is here again. Just a few copies left! Available in store: http://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com
  3. Just a note - SoM variant (blue&red splatter on clear) has hype sticker saying "yellow&blue splatter on clear" Barcode sticker on the back is correct though. Spinning it right now - so far, so good.
  4. ^just put your email for notification if it is back it stock - worked for me when Master was out of stock (showed up the next day).
  5. ^Huge Mastodon influence noted - bought, cause why not?
  6. Ultra-deluxe because it is gatefold? Or heavy 180 vinyl? Wait, maybe printed poly-lined inner sleeves? Otherwise, it must be the 4-page insert! I know this topic comes back like boomerang every single year, but this time it's really insane. Fuck that pricing.
  7. If anyone knows/seen where to get Baroness live EP for cheap online, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. New God Is An Astronaut is up for pre-order: https://napalmrecords.com/english/godisanastronaut/ I was close to pull the trigger on most limited variant (as I do have all the previous albums that way), but 50 euro for bundle with 'brush print metal plate'? What the hell it was supposed to be? 🤔
  9. Red Creek variants are way better looking than this awful splatter, but.. 19euro shipping for me SoM is ugly, but: more limited, for half shipping cost and minut 5euro if you subscribe to newsletter.. that was enough to convince me. If only I was able to check out.. 😞
  10. Not sure how you used it, but apparently I overlooked exclamation mark at the beginning and it obviously didn't work for me.. now, using the whole code is working fine I had bunch of records in cart with discounted prices plus discount code, all looked fine. But when I moved to shipping step, all prices went up to initial state (e.g. Social Network $27 -> $39). Well, time to get back to uDiscover and use haloween code to get what I can, one by one
  11. Let's make it cheap and sell expensive (we can call it deluxe!) - it's Deftones, it will sell anyway. Shame. Unfortunately, not only Deftones case, could be more majors' way of working (i.e capitalism). Compare some small labels' releases (180g colour vinyl, sturdy gatefold) vs Ohms on vinyl.. ehh.
  12. Check this out, pure joy! Third album is out right now via Cursed Tongue Records (officially October 16th). https://horizonrockband.bandcamp.com/
  13. Ambient/minimal project, Endless Movement "Somewhere" just released on tape via Three Moons Records. Music on bandcamp: https://endlessmovement.bandcamp.com/releases Tapes available at: http://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com

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