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  1. The Great Machine - these guys are one of the craziest band live I have ever seen. Now, last album is available on tape at Three Moons Records
  2. ^Damn! - late for the rarest variant, still happy to get any
  3. ^Know those guys for years, worth checking if you haven't. At the same time My Proud Mountain has great deal for previous TESA album, "Ghost" (until June 20th): 10euro for 2xLP and free CD with "Control" preorder.
  4. Guys, I have just released two new tapes - both amazing debut albums. For fans of sludgy post-metal, to mention Pelican/Neurosis (Black Tundra) and old Mastodon/Baroness (Mano De Piedra). Check them out, it's really worth it! BLACK TUNDRA - s/t Cold and despair. Sorrow and beauty. Sludge and doom. Grinding groove of bass and guitars, harsh vocals and tribal drums. http://blacktundra.bandcamp.com MANO DE PIEDRA - Today's Ashes Imagine brutal and oppressive sounds going towards well crafted melodies and calm darkness. Imagine dense guitarsm, devastating rythm section and thrilling vocals. Imagine sound that crushes your guts and groove that moves every inch of your body. Imagine Mano De Piedra. http://manodepiedra.bandcamp.com Available in store: http://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com
  5. According to description: "Housed in a deluxe slipcase" So I assume, it's not a box set as we know it..
  6. Wow, really surprised it sold out that fast! I wouldn't expect that, thought that it is really 'hidden gem' type of band 😯
  7. Not sure how German post works these days, but from Poland I can only send economy (surface) to US, which takes ages (and I mean, ages!) to be delivered. I personally even gave up sending to US until airmail is back to save myself and receiver some nerves..
  8. As for the remasters, I really hate how more limited variants differ in terms of price. Like 30% more for 'special' ,which is just different colour variant?
  9. Haha, I read through the whole thread and was not as much excited -rather interested- that they put new album. And then I realized that thread is rooted in 2017 and I totally missed "Eternal..." 😂
  10. Little reminder - check your shelves, make me happy!
  11. Interesting topic. I think it's not really realated to place you live in, however it might be the case that access to music had been better in US than, for instance, in Eastern Europe back then. It's not the case now, when we all have internets and streaming platforms, though. I see it that way - some people, like me and you, don't grow out of being metal head; some change their taste, some stick to old tunes. I, personally, haven't heard last few Korn/Slipknot/Sepultura albums, but when I listen to it - I still love it. When it happens to be in a concert, I love to mosh (don't have enough stamina to do it all set long, though ;). On the other hand, I remember my colleagues who wore Slayer/Cannibal Corpse tshirts being 13yo and now they listen to radio and some light pop stuff. Not really listen to, just knowing them because they are broadcasted. In other words, they are no longer 'in music' as we are. Just like with the other things - everyone collects stamps for a while, some do it for life.
  12. First, I like that price is equal for fancy coloured vinyl and black one. Second - again two albums??
  13. Not really an extreme metal, but worth mentioning "Icon" repress on Music On Vinyl. Still my favourite Paradise Lost album 😍