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  1. I wanted to watch second season, so I watched some recap of first one found on youtube. Then I realized I don't remember a thing and need to watch it again. But.. as this is planned as trilogy, I decided to rather wait for the third and watch them all at once, than having to watch first season three times
  2. ^ I think you didn't actually understand what he wanted to say with "I have it entered on Discogs as "Purple Mix"
  3. Nice one: https://thehousecorestore-com.3dcartstores.com/Autograph-Your-Merchandise-add-on-item_p_148.html
  4. I have dozens of CDRs in cake boxes burned throughout years, some have more than 20 years are scratched as hell, but play well. Normal CDs hidden in doors, ways too many (that 'cheap must have' thing works everytime I visit Mediamarkt). I still like to burn some music on CDs just to listen to it in my car, getting more and more difficult to make it happen though (no cd in laptops). Still miss cassette player in my old old car though!
  5. If you were into tapes, I just released Red Scalp latest album "Lost Ghosts". Give it a listen, amazing band. Listen: https://redscalp.bandcamp.com/ Order: http://threemoonsrecords.bigcartel.com/
  6. Ping me if you want to unload non-splatter variant from the first batch (it was yellow and grey, I think). Trying not to give up my Baroness collection (sentimental asshole mode on).
  7. I recently recalled how easily I passed the RSD box back then.. not to be repeated, though.
  8. I'd say that TNO pressings and listing kind of transition colours as separate variants is made on purpose, so all the Isis completists realize how wrong they are trying to get them all.. same applies to Panopticon pressings. I know what I'm saying, I have been in that boat for many years now
  9. I'd say the same, I could bet I ordered recent repressed like no more tha 1 year ago.. the same was with recent Celestial repress, as I recently discovered it's been way older that I though. Represses will come that's for sure.. and as incorrigible Isis completist, I'll buy them, like 30 of each was not enough
  10. How could it happened that there is no pressing on red vinyl (clear or smokey), seems to be so obvious choice.. Sorry, just realized red is available elsewhere.
  11. Yes, remember seeing them in 2002, was hell of a concert, I was pretty glad that tooth was the only thing I lost. Now both - me and the band - are older, but we mature in different way I guess
  12. It is really bad. Though 'Purple' is the worst that may happen, but seems like they are going that way even further However, could someone remind me what were the available vinyl variants (maybe you have some mock-ups too?)
  13. Sleeping Bear "s/t" Anniversary Edition Just to remind about Three Moons Records