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  1. pls keep me up to date with this!! I think It will be new bury comics?! Thank you!!
  2. But...justin...is the aussie variant the indie one or yet another??
  3. Got f...ing every variant till now holy sh...t the da 100 was a way too easy and then I checked the /20 und pressed f5 till it was available
  4. @justin paypal put in my old adress...just emailed the webstore to fill in the new one
  5. And yet another vote for a preorder for bundle part 1 purchasers! Would be so nice!! Combined shipping with part 1? I'm in there too
  6. Mine was 2015-01-29 09:01:45 EST and still nothing cancelled fingers crossed
  7. Really stoked!! Got everything on a quick in and out City and Colour : Covers, Pt. 1 (10" Vinyl (Purple)) City and Colour : Covers, Pt. 1 (10" Vinyl (Green)) City and Colour : Covers, Pt. 1 (10" Vinyl (Black)) This one is for my mate andy! Happy birthday man!! City and Colour : Covers, Pt. 2 (7" Vinyl (Teal)) City and Colour : Covers, Pt. 3 (7" Vinyl (NOTL version)) City and Colour : Thirst (7" Vinyl (Purple))
  8. I just got THRICE "Beggars" 1st Press Gray Marble /200 in mint for only 25euros yesterday Made my Christmas this year

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