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  1. Made a cleansing in collection. In most cases I own test presses, some some are doubles. Contact via PM or [email protected] Sick Tired "Dissolution" - gone Oathbreaker "Maelstron" - Brown first press, mint, played few times. 15 usd. Warpaint "S/T" - gone Horseback ‎"Piedmont Apocrypha" - Mint. 10 usd. Between Earth And Sky ‎"Of Roots And Wings" - Tour press #72/100. Mint, never played. 20 usd. Miles Away "Tide" - gone
  2. Feeling totally the same. Except some alternate versions this looks like karaoke "The Fragile". Good version for a bike cause I can sing/scream along.
  3. New EP is really nothing that would make any impression on me. Just a way back to old NIN. Was expecting more from them. Can't wait to listen to Deviations. Maybe this will trigger purchase. 80 usd is a lot.
  4. It was exactly 1 am our time (CET). BTW... round three is here already. Shit, wife is gonna kill me.
  5. Mikolaj do not worry, it will be in a safe place soon. Got this one and Oathbreaker. Shit I'm so happy. Anyhow still waiting for a round three.
  6. Don't worry. I'm going to buy this version as well soon. The real test presses for "Homogenic" have hand written info on the label. There are 4 or 5 copies like that. The rest with typed info on labels are promos. They are cool anyway IMO.
  7. Hate to say, but this not real test press. It is a promo press. Unless the labels of this "Homogenic" is hand written.
  8. This record is a killer! Just can't stop listen to it! Really I do not know how to describe it. It's perfect!
  9. What is the biggest drama of a record collector? When his wife is selling the records for the price he told her he paid for them. If my wife will sell my test presses for few dollars I will die in hell.
  10. The EP didn't do much for me. Well... it was totally not my story if I'm honest. This trailer (and I know it's just few seconds of music) seems really interesting.
  11. For me this record is showing some fascination with 70's psych rock more than ambient. It's definitely specific.
  12. None of both those tracks can top "Circumambulation". For the moment I'm surprised but I'm holding up with order till it leaks.
  13. The record is okay. Not crazy fucking incredible like some of their previous albums (specially from the beginning) but I enjoy it. Calm, moody, slow... perfect for a bike ride. For me strong 7/10.
  14. The new track is A-MAZING. I was not expecting something that good, even though I love previous materials of Oathbreaker. I will place an order tomorrow.
  15. I know this is a long shot... but I have to try. If you are reading this topic maybe you won From Ashes Rise first 12" test press on eBay (link below). http://www.ebay.com/itm/142043671676 I've missed the end of this auction (stupid me I know). However if you would like to sell this LP for much more reasonable price (yeah, you would earn few $$$, not even few) please get in touch. I'm really desperate to get this LP and welcome it in my collection.
  16. This is nice news. Last LP was mediocre, so I sold mine LP. Hoping this will be back to high form release.
  17. Congrats to Cavs and their fans! They fought like hell and won. Nice job!
  18. The 2016 so far for me: 1. Dalek "Asphalt For Eden" - man how I hate hip-hop music... but this is just sick good. 2. Harm Done "Abuse/Abused" - best power-violence this year. You can always count on France. 3. Jesu_Sun Kil Moon "S/T" - most touching album ever. Waiting for concert in Wroclaw. 4. Daughter "Not To Disappear" - just beautiful, can not resist. 5. Graf Orlock "Crime Traveler" - "Hey shithead"... this is pure hate. Waiting for a concert in Berlin. 6. Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm "Trance Frendz" - so quiet as music can be. 7. Cult Of Luna and Julie Christmas "Mariner" - post rock is long dead... well Julie proved it can still be alive. 8. The Body "No One Deserves Happiness" - how I love head stomps. 9. Amenra "Alive" - this is just perfect... and Tool cover is killing me every time I listen to it. 10. Radiohead "A Moon Shaped Pool" - yeah, everybody whine at some point. Me too. 11. Tim Hecker "Love Streams" - music from another dimension. Tim is just from out of space. 12. William Ryan Fritch "New Words For Old Wounds" - mesmerizing music. When I'm out on the bike in the woods... it's like heaven.