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  1. Bump. Buy this stuff! So glad to get my Photobooth s/t back. Thank you!
  2. Yep, my hours are getting cut at work. I'm grateful it's nothing more serious like being laid off, glad i still have a job. Anyway, trying to make up just a little money. I think my pricing decent but make me an offer if you think something is unfair! Thanks for looking! I appreciate it! 12" Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds - 1st Press - Red/400 - 20ppd Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction - RP - Red - 10ppd Three Man Cannon/Lee Corey Oswald - Split - TEST PRESS Black/Limited Cover #34/50 - Make an Offer! Fucked Up - David Comes to Life 2xLP - Black - 20ppd Fucked Up - David's Town RSD - Black/2000 - 18ppd Banner PIlot - Resignation Day - 1st press - United Green/182 - 24ppd Banner Pilot - Pass The Poison - 1st press - NYPD Blue Granite #8/35 (IIRC) -24ppd 10" The Gaslight Anthem - Hold You Up RSD - Red/3000 - 18ppd 7" Smoke or fire - Prehistoric Knife Fight - Black - 6ppd Against Me! - Strip Mall Parking Lots/High Pressure Low - 1st press - Diecut Pink/400 - 12ppd Captain We're Sinking! - Montreal - Clear/300 - 6ppd Fucked Up - Daytrotter RSD - Black/1000 - 12ppd Fucked Up - David Comes to Life (4x7") - 24ppd Tapes Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire - Purple #71/75 - 20ppd Tigers Jaw - Spirit Desire - Blue #12/50 - 22ppd Also I'll throw in one of these awesome vinyl stickers if you buy a lot, or if you want to throw me an extra dollar, that would be very appreciated! And by the way I make these stickers/decals/i can cut decently large things, i can pretty much make any design so if anyone is interested in something for their band or label hit me up!
  3. Tried for that spirit desire screened cover. Lost it , but I got the yellow one! Haha.
  4. What's the deal with the black copies of Montreal, is that technically the first press? And white/clear second?
  5. Well hopefully they do something. "Hey Eric, Thanks for the photos. This has turned out to be a reoccurring issue. We are looking into the problem and will let you know as soon as we find a resolution. Thanks, Kevin KRM "
  6. Damn. I wish mine was good. My clear green oversized potato chip is useless. In an extreme effort I set my tracking weight to 4g. Still flys off the record.
  7. Here are some pictures. Sent these to king's road, guess i'll see if they're going to do anything.
  8. kings road asked me to send a picture of what I received, doing that tomorrow.
  9. Sold a Tigers Jaw Photobooth Press to someone here to help me buy books for college, about 2 years ago. Brianna gave it to me, she drew on the back. It had a sun, grass, maybe a tree, I forget but anyway, always wish I didn't get rid of it.
  10. Bought myself these for christmas: Look Mexico-To Bed To Battle (Salmon) Look Mexico-You Stay I Go No Following (Black) Three Man Cannon/Lee Corey Oswald Split 12"-Test Press (black) x2 The Menzingers-A Lesson in the Abuse... (Black)
  11. I picked up one of the test presses at the show the other night and I preordered it. It's awesome. I definitely recommend this split to everyone!
  12. Mine is paper thin. Pressing lightly on the label makes it "pop" and it goes concave. So bummed.
  13. They didn't have them on their table so I didn't bother, I was more interested in having a reunion with all my friends and getting a decent spot. Although I did pick up two copies of the Three Man Cannon/Lee Corey Oswald 12". They sold them off as "test presses" hand numbered/50 with screened covers, irrelevant. Oh and Greg is cool haha. I'm from Lake Ariel, and for as long as I've known him he's never been anything but nice.

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