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  1. I feel like this is a super reasonable price for what it is. Will definitely grab this on pay day edit: fuck it, ordered
  2. I won a signed copy of I Get Wet from him years ago, was shipped in a bubble mailer. Slightly bummed about that, even now. Will probably grab the copy from the andrew wk site on red.
  3. Got my copy in yesterday. Vinyl looks great, won't be able to spin it for a bit, but have listened to it digitally probably 100 times through, lol. Really wish there were a few more songs on this, that's literally my only complaint. Good stuff though!
  4. I'm usually a cheap ass, but when it comes to mailers anymore, I have stuck with the mighty mailers. Sure, it's 50-100 cents more than the cheap stuff on eBay, but way less issues in my experience with these. One record getting fucked during shipment can potentially erase all that money you saved by the cheaper mailers. https://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/7979/a-namemlp1mighty-music-mailerbrlp-record-mailer-for-b-font-colorred1-or-2-bfont-vinyl-recordsbr12-58-x-12-12-x-14a
  5. holy fuck, I'm so pumped for this! Got an Enemy You CD years and years ago when I was reviewing stuff for a local 'zine. It's been one of my favorites ever since. Grabbing this for sure, even at $25. Glad to hear some of the funds are being donated.
  6. Feeling the Broken Dreams song, but Nowhere Generation, yikes. I know I can't hang onto The Unraveling or RPM forever, but damnit I want to anyways. I might pick one of these up just in case Nowhere Generation is the one radio hit, lol. The vinyl also looks really fucking good.
  7. We’re on a vinyl collecting forum. Yes, I’m glad they were repressed and these are all amazing albums. But there are people here who also care about stuff like pressing numbers and variants. It’s part of the hobby/interest. Some people only buy to listen, some buy to collect, etc 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Again, for the third time, the comment was less about this particular release and more about it happening in general. PS hoping for a new AWS album this year and maybe even more so, a fucking tour, let’s gooooo!
  8. Okay, maybe not quite opposite, but definitely not confirming they will be.
  9. They said the opposite [img]https://i.imgur.com/fO7oGey.png[/img]
  10. What else can it be? Here is this thing we're offering, with your money you're getting an album that is pressed on this specific quantity, in this specific color. Label/band sells more quickly than they thought, so they change those details after a ton of people already paid for a specific set of details. While this exact instance is pretty benign, it happened, none the less. And sure, maybe that wasn't the initial plan, but here we are... If the label/band thinks that might happen, then just be up front about it. Here are these records, we'll let you PO for a week and then press s
  11. I think my original comment and the subsequent replies were more about the bait and switch tactic in general and less about the represses directly. Seems to be happening a little more often lately 😕
  12. Normally not a fan of the bait and switch like that, but they're all /250, so it's not like any of them will be less or more rare at this point.
  13. Exactly! I've got a bunch kicking around as well. Trying to remember where I first ordered Fat stuff from, a zine or something from back then. Probably just MRR or Punk Planet, then started getting the little catalog/zine deals from Fat directly. All my early Fat Wreck color was ordered that way. I remember the Nitro ones inside the CD's I got, all folded up I think. I didn't order much vinyl in my Nitro days though, wishing I had, hahaha
  14. I remember ordering from fat before they were even really online, sending 10 or 12 bucks in the mail and getting records a couple weeks later, lol. Then online came about and you ordered a record and maybe it came colored if you ordered within the first few days maybe, no idea how long those lasted. I do remember everyone posting their order numbers here or the wiki to try and see how it panned out. Then, thankfully, they started offering the color option as well and prices have crept up slowly...
  15. Was kinda hoping something would go up on the CD site to save a few bucks on shipping. Honestly having a tough time pulling the trigger on these at $24 bucks a pop. I've got all the smoke variants in my cart though...

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