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  1. Plus all the colors of TBTB minus whiskey because fuck virgil
  2. What do you want/need? I have pretty much everything by them, including tests and such.
  3. These are both available from No Idea Records, could get them both for about $22
  4. Nice I screened jackets for a bit and while it was a nightmare at times, it was always fun to do random shit for labels with leftovers, tests, etc. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread
  5. fuck yes, finally going to own this album since I missed out on the first press fancy pants versions
  6. it's so much easier to do this shit if you post a wanted list, I promise you I have a bunch of older shit I could probably let go of
  7. A little mixup with clearview and I'm out of the screened fancy pants version. Anyone have a copy they want to part with?
  8. thanks, swooped in for a copy, I missed one of these fancy pant presses, will need to get it again at some point
  9. I've got the frank turner split on red/white, pm an offer
  10. fuck yes, kinda/sorta glad I've held off on ordering (was hoping to track down the rarer of the bunch) and now I get some fun ones to pick from, will keep my eye on the site
  11. I have a couple versions that I'd be into letting go, I think I have the clear and the white represses... First Pressing 1042 Blue/Grey Splatter hand numbered 42 hand printed and hand numbered two color sleeves 50 hand printed and hand numbered posters Second Pressing: 100 White 400 Clear
  12. which version of diver are you looking to get?