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  1. I have no WLTS albums in my collection and I've been eyeing everything on ATA. Got a notification they dropped earlier this morning and figuring I should finally pull the trigger.
  2. Some Frank Turner action this morning... US https://epitaph.store/product/23802/poetry-of-the-deed-lp-whiteblack https://epitaph.store/product/23801/love-ire-song-lp-whiteblack EU/UK https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/22902/poetry-of-the-deed-blackred-vinyl https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/22900/love-ire-song-white-wred-splatter-vinyl AUS https://artistfirst.com.au/products/poetry-of-the-deed-lp-black-white-a-side-b-side-vinyl https://artistfirst.com.au/products/love-ire-song-lp-white-w-black-splatter-vinyl
  3. https://www.ziarecords.com/p/14505610/saves-the-day-cant-slow-down-zia-exclusive-seablue-vinyl-limited-to-300 a little better pricing than BV
  4. https://war-rec.com/products/strife-witness-a-rebirth-glow-out-of-100 Bunch of variants just dropped
  5. https://war-rec.com/products/absolute-truth-clear-lathe-cut-7-out-of-50-preorder plus some tapes are up
  6. There are some random spots out there. I think discord really depends on the community, any of them for that matter. Get some like-minded folks together and it will work well, let some turds be turds and anywhere will stink. They've all got pros and cons. Discord has a nice way to notify and alert people, so if a legit PO drops, you can notify your homies. Not something you can easily do on reddit or even these forums. Discord struggles with threads and kinda keeping long-running topics together, reddit and these forums excel at that.
  7. Rock for Light /800 https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/bad-brains-rock-for-light-lp-limited-edition-transparent-yellow-w-red-splatter-vinyl
  8. REV has an exclusive up /300 https://revhq.com/products/gel-only-constant
  9. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/american-nightmare-dedicated-to-the-next-world-ep-limited-edition-only-250-made-silver-vinyl /250
  10. There is an AUS exclusive I saw https://artistfirst.com.au/products/disposable-everything-lp-purple-vinyl-aus-exclusive
  11. https://epitaph.store/product/23160/blackout-lp-blueblack https://artistfirst.com.au/products/blackout-20th-anniversary-edition-lp-transparent-red-vinyl Dropkick Murphys - Blackout
  12. So optimistic, especially if you're listening to their older stuff. I kept hoping they would find that SOS/59 sound and it just kept getting worse and worse. I know people absolutely love their later stuff, but man, that early stuff is such a different sound. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm open to being surprised and wouldn't be too stubborn to buy their new album if it's anything close to their first couple records @Shitty Rambo

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