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  1. From Run For Cover; https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/718583-camp-cope-running-with-the-hurricane Running With The Hurricane finds Camp Cope on the other side of a storm. The third LP from Melbourne trio Georgia Maq, Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich and Sarah Thompson is about what happens after chaos hits; when you’ve walked through the fire and come out stronger, calmer and happier than ever before. The band’s last album, 2018’s How To Socialise And Make Friends, put Camp Cope under an intense spotlight. That release allowed the trio to say what they needed to but both professionally and in their personal lives, they’re in a very different place this time around. On Running With The Hurricane, Maq (songwriter, vocals, piano, acoustic & electric guitar), Hellmrich (bass guitar) and Thompson (drums) are older, wiser and happier. It’s an album that is gentler than what they have done before, more positive and more at peace with the universe. Because as Georgia Maq sings on the album’s title track, sometimes “The only way out is up”. While the Big Stuff of this album is all about growth, over- coming and pushing through the pain, the little details are still quintessentially Camp Cope. Running With The Hurricane reflects on faltered romances, secret crushes and vibrating with the confidence that makes you feel like you’re on fire. It’s about taking comfort in knowing who you are, feeling yourself and returning, always, to the city of Melbourne. Join the Magic Circle Vinyl Subscription and get Running with the Hurricane on RFC exclusive Violet inside Blue vinyl, along with the next two to five RFC releases shipped to your door before street date. Space limited. Pressing Information: 200 Violet Inside Blue (Run For Cover Records Exclusive) 200 Pink with White Splatter (Specialist Subject Exclusive) 200 Half Pink / Half Silver (Rough Trade Exclusive) 300 Pink & Purple Swirl (Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive) 300 Pink & Clear Spinner (Newbury Comics Exclusive) 300 Pink & Clear Moon Phase (BrooklynVegan Exclusive) 4500 Neon Violet
  2. Based on the track lengths and listing shown here I'm assuming it's not a double LP: https://threefourco.com/collections/christian-lee-hutson/products/quitters-coke-bottle-clear-vinyl-lp-exclusive
  3. Coke bottle clear here: https://threefourco.com/collections/christian-lee-hutson?ffm=FFM_2eb6a44cd8ab54ff821fcd5b83edac1f
  4. Deluxe Vinyl Bundle & "Loser" edition 2XLP up for PO now. https://fatherjohnmisty.com/collections/chloe Father John Misty has announced his fifth studio album. Chloë and the Next 20th Century is out April 8 via Sub Pop worldwide and Bella Union in Europe. The announcement arrives today with the video for his new song “Funny Girl.” The new album was produced with Father John Misty’s longtime collaborator Jonathan Wilson. It was mixed by Dave Cerminara, and the album also features arrangements from Drew Erickson. In addition to the standard vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital releases, the album’s limited deluxe edition comes in a hardcover book featuring bonus 7" singles. One includes Lana Del Rey’s cover of the album track “Buddy’s Rendezvous,” and the other features Jack Cruz’s version of “Kiss Me (I Loved You).” Find the album’s tracklist and artwork below.
  5. I was more excited for the Tyler record but Vince quickly became my favorite. Also my AOTY.
  6. https://store.vincestaples.com/products/vince-staples-exclusive-blue-disc-vinyl
  7. Still waiting on a couple other variants but here's the fan club exclusive: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUdxobBsPg2/
  8. Not listening to this one because I don't want to spoil the entire record but here's another song released today:
  9. Just you....I'll gladly take the /300 off your hands if you decided you don't wait it though!
  10. Here for this! Did my first listen this morning and going to do a 2nd listen outside this afternoon
  11. Any additional info? I really don't want to miss that one..
  12. This and Tyler are all I have been listening to. Glad I saw this and was able to snag one. Now we need the CMIYGL vinyl.
  13. Looks like Marble is still available on their bandcamp, 170 left: https://agreatbigpileofleaves.bandcamp.com/album/pono

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