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  1. They're both DED 10" I opened the mailers just not the actual records yet.
  2. Also if anyone needs to get in contact with Sandbag, my paypal receipt had a +44 (UK) phone number on it and I called earlier today and a nice guy answered all my questions.
  3. So I ordered two swirls right when they went on sale before the 1 per customer disclaimer. Received a partial refund, and just now two packages both with a DED 10" arrived. I haven't opened them yet but assuming they are the swirls I ordered. Will open and confirm and update this post later today.
  4. I revived a partial refund email from PayPal but no order confirmation or shipping emails from sandbag yet. Hoping it just shows up soon.
  5. It says limited to 500 in item description for the swirl and 1000 for red & white.
  6. Yup, really wish Tom stayed and they kept moving in this direction.
  7. Interesting the VMP tracklist doesn't include "Forced Convalescence" - Edit, didn't see I had to click over another page my bad. 14 tracks - hell yes! I haven't listened to one & done or the new one from today yet but will tune into Colbert performance. Are you guys saying I can sign up for the Secretly Sub next month and still get the Bright Eyes record?
  8. Fuck yeah was just wondering when we might get another LP the other night.