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  1. Just got an email today they oversold and my order will be getting canceled. Picked up the band /500 version just now as a consolation prize.
  2. Looks like /300 Triple B is back up right now, just got one.
  3. My companion EP's came in yesterday, spun "Collection of Songs" EP and thought it was really cool, excited to listen to the other two today!
  4. At least it's not the only vinyl option, could be worse haha.
  5. State Hospital & A FR EP were UK RSD only releases but US peeps can order online from Banquet or Rough Trade UK while stock lasts. https://www.banquetrecords.com/frightened-rabbit/state-hospital-[rsd22]/RSD2022-016 https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/frightened-rabbit/a-frightened-rabbit-ep https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/frightened-rabbit/state-hospital
  6. They were UK RSD only but I was able to order them today from Rough Trade UK & Banquet Records. Good luck!
  7. Still just CD packages and exclusive CD's at Target but Vince has been teasing dropping the vinyl soon on twitter. Also an exclusive "Moment House" live stream event happening on 5/1: https://store.vincestaples.com/ TRACKLIST: 1. THE BEACH 2. AYE! (FREE THE HOMIES) 3. DJ QUIK 4. MAGIC 5. NAMELESS 6. WHEN SPARKS FLY 7. EAST POINT PRAYER 8. SLIDE 9. PAPERCUTS 10. LEMONADE 11. PLAYER WAYS 12. MAMA'S BOY 13. BANG THAT 14. THE SPIRIT OF MONSTER KODY 15. ROSE STREET 16. THE BLUES
  8. Tempted to make a new thread for RPBMH vinyl but don't wanna get yelled at since it's not actually up for PO yet. Just really don't want to miss out on any exclusive vinyl for RPBMH.
  9. Tyler did say there would be vinyl from the onset if I recall correctly, he just didn't specify when.
  10. Instant order. If anyone is going to one of the remaining shows on this tour and could pick me up a Vince Staples shirt I would be super grateful and throw you some extra $ for the trouble.
  11. Here's my BrooklynVegan variant: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cb0txsEpxJL/