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  1. This is getting a 10th anniversary repress. "We are thrilled to announce a 10th Anniversary reissue of the debut @badbooksmusic record. The 2xLP release features all new artwork, gatefold packaging, and a second disc filled with seven alternate live and acoustic recordings of songs from the album. Pre-orders for the limited vinyl and merch start on Wednesday at noon EST with the digital release being available on Friday, October 23rd. Patrons get first access to an exclusive vinyl variant available tomorrow." All links are available here: http://linktr.ee/alternateside https://www.instagram.com/p/CGiHFk1puzb/?igshid=k0z3v01fvbw9
  2. I’m not positive but it might be the documentary “one nine nine four”
  3. Anyone else unable to check out with Paypal?
  4. Record is dope, more bands should do releases like this.
  5. Kinda weird they're doing so many variants for an EP, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Morbid Stuff had half as many across different retailers like this?
  6. I got my milky clear after the initial PO and it showed up sometime last week. It had a sticker that indicated milky clear and I got around to opening it today and it is indeed the milky clear variant. Did I type milky clear enough yet?
  7. Probably has more to do with what's going on with USPS right now than Second City tbh....that being said I've ordered places & swiss army from them and both arrived with no damage.
  8. Is bullmoose already unavailable? edit: worked on my phone but not on computer, weird.