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  1. I'm on the mobile site but for now if you check out my instagram @tmurray87 I have a photo of all 4 of them
  2. I received my shipping noticed yesterday. I should have them today or tomorrow since they shipped from jersey
  3. I just picked mine up today and it says it is still available in the system, so maybe it depends on if the person read the screen correctly. Maybe try another Best Buy?
  4. They sent this email this morning as well: Hey everyone! While the band has been tucked away in Nashville, Tennessee recording their new record, we're preparing for a very busy 2014. We'll be offering all new TGA merchandise designs, including exclusive new bundles with the release of the new record this fall! We've also been making great effort in improving the '45 RPM Club' Fan Club experience since its initial launch. A few months ago, we launched the new dedicated 45RPMClub.com fan club website. This year we improved the quality of the annual Fan Club 7" and t-shirt offered in the Vinyl Membership package, which we've been diligently shipping out by the thousands: Most recently we have just released the first Fan Club exclusive merchandise in the Club Store: The Gaslight Anthem '45 RPM Club' Limited Color 7" vinyl This record, now available in four different colors, includes two songs: Side One: Anywhere I Lay My Head Side Two: This Is Where We Part These records are exclusive to the 45 RPM Club and are extremly limited. In order to get your hands on any of these awesome new records, you must be an active Fan Club Member. In addition to the ability to purchase one or all of these records above, Fan Club members can also purchase advance tickets to upcoming shows before the public can. As we all know, along with a new record comes tons of tour dates, so this is the year to join! We'll be working very closely with the band moving forward, to continue to improve the Fan Club experience. There's a lot more stuff in the works this year at 45 RPM Club so sign up now! Looking forward to a busy 2014, Infinite Merch & 45 RPM Club
  5. Maybe they sold out. I'll check tomorrow at work and post what I find
  6. Oh nice! I was wondering why it would take 10 days so hopefully it comes in early
  7. OMS is the store system of ordering items they don't have in stock from a central warehouse. It's an app in the computer if you walk in and ask any person at a counter they can load it up and get you it as long as you have the SKu
  8. I too work at a Best Buy (with a Mag store inside) I was able to OMS (order one) for the 150 to be shipped to store, so you may need to go in and have the store check OMS for you. We didnt have any in stock nor did any in NJ but I should have it by the 13th.
  9. I re-uped with the digital only subscription and got the four 7"s shipped for 35 so a grand total of 55 compared to the normal 40 vinyl package
  10. No Idea Records has this up I got mine in yesterday and it was the gold from the 1st press