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  1. Well, it wouldn't be so much for just the subscription records. Kind of like the record slip mat or flag. Just something cool to have and help organize.
  2. Yes. Discount code was awesome. How about a coffee cup, more elaborate box, and perhaps custom A-Z record dividers on the next subscription. Time frame doesn't bug me as long as it's good music. Five month delays would be hard to manage.
  3. I really like this band. However, 14,000 for an e.p. and a video? I know there would be costs for the merchandise. Still seems like a lot.
  4. Glad I bought a pre-order where they said it was the only pre-order. I feel like I've been taken advantaged of. I will be canceling.
  5. Does this one come with a download code? I know I got one emailed to me. However, I prefer band camp codes so I can use the app on the go. Mine should be here soon.
  6. I feel like she's stayed away from the spotlight recently. Or may Juan hasn't been posting as much. Just curious how that will impact her next record. Less drama? More life experiences?
  7. This album is amazing! Was surprised to see the download code on the actual insert. Kind of neat. Was kind of surprised by the packaging from district lines. I'm grateful how well it was packed. Seems a bit excessive. Anyone else agree?
  8. Nothing like logging on and missing out. Did you just purchase all that gear to start making the lathe cuts? Good call!