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  1. Surprised this hasn't made on the board yet, but there is a "revised" version of Bob Marley's Songs of Freedom that is available for pre order. First time on vinyl outside of Jamaica in over 30 years, but the track list has been downsized since the original release and doesn't contain the early years songs (I'm guessing legal issues or ownership rights). Regardless, limited colored vinyl is here: https://shopuk.bobmarley.com/*/Media/Songs-Of-Freedom-The-Island-Years-Exclusive-Coloured-Vinyl-Box-Set/6THP10AF000 If there is a US website, please post the link.
  2. Sorry...black is still available: https://madlib.bandcamp.com/ https://www.rappcats.com/shop/madlib-sound-ancestors/
  3. Thanks...so really, the only new one is the Yellow with Red Splatter. I reached out to Palegic to see if they would combine orders and they wouldn't, which is annoying. It costs a ton to ship these and when you have 8 million different variants, you would think they would try to help combine shipping if they announce a new variant. Otherwise...announce them at the same time for shits sake!
  4. Maybe there will other variants when the international release is launched?
  5. Or...is this version on the band website the same as the Pelagic version as they look really similar.. Band website: Palegic:
  6. So...the 1( Yellow w/ Red splatter and the 2) Blood Red and Solid White (the ones that are limited to 500) all got announced after the first run of 300 of the "clear with orange / purple and yellow splatter", correct? I have an invoice from Palegic back from November, so I'm guessing if I'm a completist, I'd need the other two....damnit!
  7. Picked up the blue and purple...the bundle was sold out by the time I got there.
  8. So...is there a difference between the EU version and US/AUS version? EU and ASUS says Grey/ White Effect US says Silver Curious if they are actually different...
  9. VinylMePlease variant is available now: https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/the-avalanches-we-will-always-love-you?variant=32583765098586
  10. Sorry...couldn't paste what I wanted in this. Most have over 400 still available, except for Galaxy - Red and Black and Galaxy - Kelly Green and Black which still have around 350 left. Hopefully there won't be any more pressings of this...
  11. There might be another spatter variant at Norman Records, as it is is called, clear, white and blue splatter. I don't think the other variants are called this, but who knows at this point.... https://www.normanrecords.com/records/184711-cult-of-luna-the-raging-river Limited edition clear/white/blue splatter vinyl LP on Red Creek
  12. Box set is sold the F out. Individual represses are still available.

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