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  1. I am seeing Cake tonight in Paris. Hopefully they have these for sale at the show. If I can, I'll buy a bunch. Let me know if you are interested in a copy!
  2. Not sure if anyone noticed this but there is also a limited 7" for sale (one per customer) with two covers: A side - “Hypocrite” by Cage The Elephant B side - “I Turn My Camera on” by Spoon That looks like something I would want as well.... https://shop.beck.com/products/beck-limited-7?variant=29489931944034
  3. Preorder is up.... https://philadelphonic.com/product/the-juice/ THE JUICE ALBUM – PREORDER The NEW G. Love Album, THE JUICE is now available for PREORDER. Preorder now and get an instant download of the first single “GO CRAZY” feat. Keb’ Mo’! “I’ve always tried to make music that’s a force for positivity. It was important to me that this album be something that could empower the folks who are out there fighting the good fight every day. I wanted to make a rallying cry for empathy and unity. I’ve written these songs that give strength and encouragement to the people who are out there doing the work to make this planet a better place. Those are the people I want to lift up with my music. I’m more inspired right now than I’ve ever been before. I feel more thoughtful, seasoned, marinated, confident. I’m making the records I’ve always wanted to make.” The album is co-produced and co-written with GRAMMY-winning icon Keb’ Mo’ and GRAMMY-winning writer Gary Nicholson. The new video is here:
  4. I caved in and resubscribed to Vinylmeplease for the orange variant. Vinylmeplease keeps tweeting that the number record they are constantly told to repress is Songs for Deaf from QOTSA, so hopefully there will finally be a new pressing of this record since they clearly have the Josh Homme connection going on now. Crossing fingers this is happening!
  5. So...it appears that Cake is or has sold a limited amount of 7" pressings in red, blue and yellow of their recent single Sinking Ship with the B side Age of Aquarius....but it's not on their website and I don't know where the heck you can buy them. I found out they existed on Discogs (blue variant here(=) : https://www.discogs.com/Cake-Sinking-Ship/release/13717162 ...but I've never seen it show up anywhere for sale. Does anybody know where you can buy these 7" singles?
  6. “After many twists and turns, trials and tribulations I am back on boogie street,” says onetime Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell who has just announced she’ll release There is No Other, her first solo album in over 13 years, on January 31, 2020. You don’t have to wait that long, however, to hear the lovely first single, a baroque folk-pop gem titled “Ant Life.” Watch the video for that, and check out the tracklist, below. Isobel’s last solo album was 2006’s Milkwhite Sheets, and her most recent record was 2010’s Hawk, her third duo album with Mark Lanegan. There is No Other tracklist: City of Angels Runnin’ Down a Dream Vultures Ant Life Rainbow The Heart of It All Hey World The National Bird of India Just for Today See Your Face Again Boulevard Counting Fireflies Below Zero Some great variants...including test presses is up for order...... Pre-order link here: https://isobel-campbell.tmstor.es/?lf=b2b4fc867e7502a4bdf98e0abae7a390
  7. I'm surprised someone hasn't put up a discounted price if you buy all four. A bundle would be nice....I'd cancel my order through the B Boys site if Bullmoose did this....
  8. https://kingsroadmerch.com/beastie-boys/ Tons of options with four new pressings on color vinyl....good stuff!
  9.  Here there...is there anyway that you could grab me a copy of the DJ Shadow / De La Soul  7 inch?  I could paypal you for the cost, postage and time.




    Mike Cameron

    1. pmlevine


      sure, I will swing by when they open

  10. I couldn't find it. I think it is only available through the label.
  11. Not listened to mine yet....on vacation and will be back in a week to a good listen. I did find a download of it and I like it. Super different than anything Mark Lanegan has done collaborative wise. It's like a crazy soundtrack to a movie....just way outside the box and I love it.
  12. Anybody get their vinyl yet? I am on vacation and won't be back to receive mine for 2 weeks. If you have a spare download code that you could PM me with, I'd appreciate it!