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  1. skycriesmary

    Swans Vinyl Reissues

    Yeah, I couldn't pass this up as it's very nicely done.
  2. skycriesmary

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Yeah, but they haven't had an album as good as Adore since either...
  3. People actually buy this shit?
  4. I ordered this. I'm curious how many were printed.
  5. Saw him on last year's tour and it blew me away. Again. Jubilee Street and Stagger Lee are just phenomenal live. No one does it like Nick. No one.
  6. Will these hit retail? I'd much rather pick it up locally, and not have to pay shipping.
  7. skycriesmary

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Yeah, me too. Just not sure how often I'd listen to them. I've got a few Dead albums that I haven't listened to since buying them. Not sure if they sound any better than streaming them on Spotify (not that I want to get into THAT discussion).
  8. skycriesmary

    Flenser Releases

    Eh, that's the beauty of music - it's amazingly subjective. There's many bands that people go off about on these boards, that I'm like 'huh'? Best practice is not to yuck on someones yum. Not always easy though, I'm guilty of throwing a few unwarranted jabs on these boards, like most.
  9. skycriesmary

    Flenser Releases

    I had to pick the /100 edition, even though I had the regular pressing. Amazing album, and supporting a local artist.
  10. skycriesmary

    PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    You sure this band isn't Nickleback's 'dark side'?
  11. skycriesmary

    PO Now THOU - Multiple EPs and new LP

    I've been curious about this to, but it comes down to probably only wanting 1 or 2 albums out of the 6, and it's not cheap. Those David Lynch coffee beans, though....If you could sell the releases you didn't want for $30 each, maybe it's a worthwhile gamble.
  12. "To which Responded responded, “Quantum550: suck my entire cock.” Bravo, really top notch editing.
  13. Eh, I took the leap, as they will go fast. 2400 pressing for a band like nin? Shipping is quite the ripoff though.