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  1. Yeah, I'll buy this at some point, but that's too much coin, and there's bound to be other, more enticing variants.
  2. 😂Like they've ever cared about their fans over the almighty buck.
  3. The Cult - 'Beyond Good And Evil' Arguably one of their strongest albums, especially considering the crap they put out for the decade before it.
  4. Yeah, I just blew $30, but for The Cult, Temple of the Dog, and Bat for Lashes? Ok.
  5. So it fits right in with everything they've done the last 15+ years?
  6. I'd love to see her live, she's still touring for her latest album, but no US tour dates as of yet.
  7. Who is this amazing musician, and why have I never heard of her before? She reminds me quite a bit of PJ Harvey, and Natasha Khan. The duet with David Byrne is sublime.
  8. Ahh, thanks. Still 339 Chelsea's available. Wonder if they'll still be some for the next 20% off...
  9. Tempted to buy one of the variants, but I have a feeling there will be a more limited release coming. I'm sure as shit not going to buy the bundle with all the hokey kitch.
  10. Yeah...and gone again. For those who have the vinyl, how's the pressing, and overall quality?
  11. Thanks for putting it all together! Hmm, I'm going to have to noodle on this.
  12. I'm seriously considering a subscription, mainly to get the Drowse limited. Anyone care to comment on the quality, presentation of these limited editions? Pictures? Are they the schnitzel?