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  1. I took the plunge as I was surprised that it was not already in my collection. Hopefully this pressing sounds as good as the previous reissues. Only about 55 left as I type this.
  2. Yeah, samesies. But it's an authorization, not a charge itself. I'm guessing this will not go through. Too bad, as it's one of my favorite albums of his.
  3. Any other band and I'd probably pass, but it's also my favorite album from them. What's another $200+?
  4. Bullmoose is $199, but sold out. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35211995/cave-nick-the-bad-seeds-b-sides-rarities-7lp
  5. Thanks, just bought. Good chance there's a cheaper US release, but I'd be seriously kicking myself if I missed this and had to pay some jackhole $300+ on discogs.
  6. Yeah, this is a must have, but this has to get US distribution in stores, no?
  7. I'm in the area as a visitor, any recommendations between the two?
  8. Ditto. Lame...! I was so looking to grabbing this. It's one of the few originals that I have her signed, it would have been cool to have both versions with her scribble.
  9. Damn, that's a nice find. Couldn't resist the Quake soundtrack for $17 OTD.
  10. Wow. After looking at that list Wow, after looking at that list, it's a easy, and hard pass.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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