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  1. scarfaceclaw

    PO: TT (Theresa Wayman) - Lovelaws

    I'm really enjoying this album now, it's been a grower for sure. Wasn't too impressed on first listen but very much warming to it.
  2. scarfaceclaw

    PO: TT (Theresa Wayman) - Lovelaws

    Yup, totally dig Warpaint & really liked the Right On! album from Jenny Lee too. Shipping from the official store is very reasonable considering it seems to be UK-based, so ordered the signed vinyl.
  3. Agreed, I heard the bonus CD of Deadwing before I got Lightbulb Sun. The vinyl versions of each album is fantastic, but now to my ears the biggest knock on both is that neither one contains the 'best' version of Shesmovedon!
  4. Many thanks for the links. Does anyone have a rough idea on numbers pressed?
  5. Bump - does anyone know of any other retailers with this one yet besides JPC?
  6. scarfaceclaw

    The best David Bowie album

    Nice, swap the order of Low and Station to Station and you have my top four! But yeah, very difficult question given the longevity of the artist, the wide-ranging stylistic shifts over his career, and personal tastes of the listener.
  7. I really don't have an issue with the only GITD record either, but certainly the weight of anecdotal evidence seems damning. Still love Moon Safari and will hope to pick this one up!
  8. scarfaceclaw

    Need help with Beck - Sea Change (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab)

    I have a pink version, and had never noticed the ring nor any playback issues. Playing it now, I can definitely see the ring. And, there is scratchiness in the left channel just before and during the part where the stylus runs over the ring. I can no longer access OPs sound file, but it's not a huge issue for me - one of those things I would have otherwise put down to the charm of vinyl. But seems as though it could be the case with every copy. One of the most treasured pieces in my collection nonetheless.
  9. Same here with my OG red, which sounds great. Very tempted by the clear reissue for completion's sake, and of course curious to hear it. I don't see all that many on ebay...but I do see the prices remain ridiculous. Will be interesting to see where the one starting at GBP 9.99 finishes. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PORCUPINE-TREE-DEADWING-2005-RED-VINYL-2LP-POSTER-STEVEN-WILSON-PROG-ROCK/282767122066?hash=item41d63bde92:g:p~QAAOSwevlaLQuM
  10. scarfaceclaw

    PO St. Vincent- Masseducation

    She doesn't seem too enthused on the plastic sleeve herself.
  11. scarfaceclaw

    PO St. Vincent- Masseducation

    Looks like the yellow is gone from the webstore - deluxe option remains but is pink.
  12. No real progress but Feb 2017 newsletter from Mylene Sheath says they're still cometh: "So we get at least one email everyday asking us if we're going to be pressing up the Jakob catalog on vinyl. We had announced that we would be doing it last year, but the schedules just didn't line up. But we have good news, the wheels are back in motion We'll be pressing the self-titled album, Subsets of Sets, Cale:Drew, and Solace - so be prepared, for they do indeed cometh. Stay tuned!"
  13. scarfaceclaw

    PO: Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle

    That's a shame...would also love to have the Adorata EP in a physical format. Looking forward to the Lanegan though.
  14. scarfaceclaw

    PO: Tinariwen - Elwan

    Sounding good! http://www.npr.org/2017/02/02/512650724/first-listen-tinariwen-elwan