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  1. Yeah the new album rules! I'm usually not a fan of slower stuff but it's just so good. Yeah it's super weird that bands grow up and don't want to write songs about killing people and breaking hymens.
  2. Only on the third song but I'm loving it so far. I got shipping notification from Kings Road EU a few days ago.
  3. dethrock

    Need shipping help!

    Shipping to Canada is usually $12 to $15 most of the time for a single LP. So saving very little by doing this and probably not worth the hassle.
  4. How the fuck are you shipping records that cheap from Canada to the US?
  5. Just checked out the track list and So Busted isn't on it. Damn I was hoping it would be I love that song.
  6. dethrock

    Advice on KEF Q500's

    Aren't these discontinued? I was eyeing them up as well awhile ago and all of a sudden I couldn't find them anymore.
  7. Just for fun, what's your setup?
  8. First post I've ever seen anywhere basing a setup on a cartridge.
  9. If you don't listen to The Creeps, you need to listen to The Creeps. New album is Beneath The Pines and Old Crimes is a collection of their EP/7 inches. Both albums can be pre-ordered here
  10. You're absolutely right. Sorry!
  11. dethrock

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Got plain black from Amazon Canada. Cheap so I didn’t care about the variant. Can’t listen to until Monday but I can’t wait!
  12. Whoever runs it is a moron. My friend ordered the pressing they recently did of the A Wilhelm Scream album. His inner sleeves were split so he messaged them asking if they had any extra inner sleeves. They ended up sending him a whole new copy on that Celtics variant which apparently was only limited to 50. Good for my friend, bad for business. I ordered it as well as The Great Explainer record. They sent me the wrong variant so I emailed him and he said he'd get me the one I ordered "right away." That was a month ago and I haven't got anything so I'm guessing I'm never actually getting it.
  13. dethrock

    various download codes

    These should work. Such Gold - Deep In A Hole EP TPNYKBPBQ9 Coheed and Cambira - Good Apollo U58UBTU7V4HPBF6 Propagandhi - Victory Lap VFC3TWC36P WSTR - Red Green or Inbetween 77F472V78P A Wilhelm Scream - Career Suicide R5NKM936YQ