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  1. It can't sound much worse than the last repress. Edit: I see they also have Misfits - American Psycho. Has anyone actually heard any of the releases from this place?
  2. And SRC. I don't know how Discord works but I'm in.
  3. If you can't find that Stay Home on gold/black anywhere else I've got a copy I might be able to sell. Shipping would be from Canada though and it's EXPENSIVE.
  4. Why do you think you need a portable turntable?
  5. I just checked my email and it was $199 US from Fat Wreck.
  6. Sorry for the bump but they just repressed 100 of these if anyone is interested https://thecopyrights.bandcamp.com/album/make-sound Edit: I believe they had these on tour and then put the remaining 40 copies on Bandcamp.
  7. What's your current amp and speakers? Check out UK Audio Mart. Here's an example of a cheap amp that's still really good https://www.ukaudiomart.com/details/649532035-rotel-ra01/
  8. I like it. Not sure if you've heard of Five Alarm Funk but you'd probably be into them. https://youtu.be/maB3AYfAR1Q?t=30
  9. There is a 10k pressing, I just looked and Good Nature had 10K for the first press too. Maybe math is upside down in Australia.