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  1. Super happy the production isn't fucked on those two songs like the last few albums. Genuinely surprised by both these songs. Really looking forward to the album now.
  2. On one computer I try to access VC from it tells me i'm using an adblocker, which I've already disabled. There are even ads on the page telling me to disable the adblocker. This site is absolute trash, who even runs this anymore?
  3. New Teenage Halloween up for pre-order: https://www.dongiovannirecords.com/products/746035-teenage-halloween-till-you-return https://teenagehalloween.bandcamp.com/album/till-you-return
  4. Haven't been into them since City of Evil but this is absolutely terrible.
  5. Here's a reason I like hearing a single first. Living in Canada, record/shipping prices have at least doubled since I started buying records. If I order a new LP from the US the average price (with shipping) in Canadian is now between $50 and $60. I can't afford to buy something that I might not like. That being said, I ordered from Revolver because they have the cheapest international shipping that I've seen in a long time. Shipping was only $13 US where as most places now charge between $22 to $25 for a single LP and it generally goes up to $40 for two.
  6. I've got a vacuum record cleaning machine but that's not really in a lot of peoples budget. I originally cleaned hundreds of records with a Spin Clean and I definitely think it's a great option.
  7. You think they've got a better record player at the office and an LP60 at home? I obviously have no idea but I highly doubt it.
  8. Yes I tried quoting someone in the other BNO thread and it didn't work. I think it's funny these tests are approved with an LP60.
  9. I always think it's funny when labels use something like an LP60 to check their test presses.

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