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  1. I'll have to listen to it on something better than my phone. I couldn't tell any difference at all after the first two songs.
  2. I pre-ordered this with the TPC - Champ reissue so it looks like I won't be getting mine until March.
  3. Finally just got a shipping notification for the orange vinyl. Not sure if they shipped the Canada orders last or what.
  4. So from instagram it seems like Cody seems to have had some sort of mid life crisis or something and is out of the band now. It's just Tyler doing this. Too bad because I thought they did an awesome job together.
  5. Yeah the average person doesn't want or need a 300MB WAV download but even making them 320kbps the size would go up by like maybe 20MB compared to 160kbps which is terrible. I agree Bandcamp is by far the best but I'm guessing it comes down to prices for you which I get. Thanks for the answer.
  6. Hey Ian, I just have a question about the download codes you guys include. Is there a reason they're such crappy quality? 160kbps is like what people used to find on Napster 20 years ago.
  7. $34.50 US just for shipping to Canada.. I don't think I want it that bad.
  8. Have both albums ordered from Thousand Island Records, can't wait to get them.
  9. For some people with a decent music collection, HD space matters. Each of these tracks is WAY bigger than it needs to be. I just resize the album art anyway but I don't know what the point of having files sizes that big for such shitty quailty mp3's. And sure, #firstworldproblems.
  10. Who at Pure Noise is in charge of the download codes? 160 kbps is like Napster days bitrate. And they add a 9MB album art file. So stupid.
  11. It can't sound much worse than the last repress. Edit: I see they also have Misfits - American Psycho. Has anyone actually heard any of the releases from this place?
  12. And SRC. I don't know how Discord works but I'm in.
  13. If you can't find that Stay Home on gold/black anywhere else I've got a copy I might be able to sell. Shipping would be from Canada though and it's EXPENSIVE.

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