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  1. Shameless self promo coming in. My band, Seagulls put up the pre-order for our record today. The record is titled The Rapture and Resurgens and features your new favorite songs like “Symphony for the Righteous Destruction of Humanity in E Major” which premiered on TheBadCopy.com today (and Spotify tomorrow) and “The Gooder News” over on Spotify. For fans of The Brokedowns, Banner Pilot, D4, light speed punk rock, and grinning while the world burns down around you. We also covered a song by certain veteran Chicago band that will probably surprise you. Pre-order the record here! Also, while you're there, you should pre-order the new Bad Idols. It's going to rule!
  2. This thread rules! '08 VC baby right here! Who's printing the shirt?
  3. Finally upgraded to PC recently and been working my way through Jedi Survivor and Cyberpunk. Also, the grind on Warzone never ends. Any COD players here? Were always looking for new squad mates.
  4. Got the record and EP in the mail, packed perfectly. These are both great records and you should all buy them!
  5. That was before my time in Seagulls but I would love to play in Brooklyn! Not sure if you saw (here comes the icky self-promo part), but Seagulls has a 7in that just went up for preorder and a full length preorder very soon. The thread should be on the front page still. That's all the thread jacking I can do today. Nick rules! He and Rory (Current Seagull and Karbomb alumni) have been getting together and making noise similar to Kid Dynamite. I can't wait to see what happens with it. Thank you for picking up Articles records!
  6. I am one of four Seagulls. Those are our boys! I can't wait to have to many and scream in Gooch's face at Fest this year. lol
  7. Heyo everyone! Long time no post.... ***EDIT: NOW STREAMING SEAGULLS GET STOKED ON SPOTIFY. THE LAST DAY TO ORDER THIS LATHE CUT IS TODAY 06/16 *** Seagulls, Dead Format, Plastic Flamingos, and Custody all have new 7in records on the way. This is the last of the Get Stoked series from Say-10. These are lathe cuts and will be made to order. Basically, if you don't preorder the records, you may not get your hands on one ever. Preorders end 06-16-2023. Follow the link to pre-order. Get Stoked Vol 3 – Custody, Dead Format, Plastic Flamingos, & Seagulls **PREORDER** | SAY-10 Records & Skateboards My band, Seagulls, covered a Riot Before song along with three originals. I know there are some old heads here who loved Riot Before back in the day, and I think we did them justice. We will have a full length up for preorder soon as well and this record will give you a taste of what to expect (middle aged punks still spitting bile with a smile!). Please buy it! We got dogs and cats to feed and an insatiable lust for expensive out of production New Balance shoes and need all your hard-earned cheese! Thanks VC!
  8. Never post anymore but this thread brought e out of retirement. This rules!
  9. A bunch of folks on the Fest Friends Facebook group are looking...
  10. This board used to be Fest central. Where did everyone go? I'm heading down from Atlanta this year with a semi-car full with space for maybe one more if someone needs a ride.
  11. Plan on seeing all you turds around. I'll be wearing a Ric Flair with heavy weight belt shirt or a Macho Man staring into the sunset shirt most of the time. I'll probably be ripped as well. Let's have some whiskey cokes!
  12. Plan on leaving sometime Thursday and coming back Monday after check out time at the hotel. Pretty sure I'll be next to dead so not to much hanging around Monday. Plus, I have to work Tuesday.
  13. Not sure what time they open. Used to be later in the night. I've banned myself from that place however I will make an exception. Never been in the day and I'd love to see how weird it is in there at 4pm on a Wednesday.
  14. Clarmont can be exciting. The fact that you're going on a weekday will make it much more enjoyable than a weekend. It has become a tourist attraction for weekender in the city. I think that is karaoke night to. Just don't touch your face while there. I've gotten pick eye twice from that place. As far as records I'd visit Criminal Records and Wax'n'Facts in Little Five Points. There are bound to be a vape shop or two in Little Five as well. Shoot me a DM when the dates get closer and we can get some beers and wings. The Local across the street from Clarmont has the best wings in the world.
  15. Spending time getting reacquainted with bands I've forgotten about in preparation for Fest so I figured I'd drop by this thread... I can't believe this thread isn't blowing up. Maybe most of the old guard is gone. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. No pre-fest but I'll be around the Holiday Inn early Friday morning starting the party. I'd like to at least put faces to names even though I never posted a whole lot when this board was peaking. I propose a massive VC Bud Heavy (or beer of your choice) Shotgun. For those who don't drink booze I will have a cold twelver of Yoo-hoos. First timer as well. I'lI be 31 a week before the big show. I shall drink bottom shelf whiskey cokes with you.
  16. I will definitely be at TA but I missed out on the Thursday tickets. I have a Piebald ticket so I'm gonna try and weasel my way into Thursday anyway. HOLY SHIT! Thursday in Hell! I gotta feeling that will be the wildest show to ever take place in that room. haha.
  17. Of course there is Yuengling in Georgia. Just be prepared to die in the afternoon heat. Also, don't stumble to far to far west or you could be buying crack. I'll be there today slamming Bud heavies and wearing a sensual Randy Savage shirt. Say hello!
  18. Yeah man, I couldn't tell you how much non-sense I have seen and been a part of in that place over the last 18 or so years. AND it's moving to the west side. THE WEST SIDE! BLASPHEMY!
  19. I'll be there. I live a couple of blocks away. Come pound cheap beer in the August heat with me! Everyone come watch one of the final nails in the coffin of the once glorious 4th Ward neighborhood as it turns into SoDoSoPa!
  20. I do. I'm actually at 3rd and Durant. I thought I saw you for a moment at NOFX the other night but wasn't sure. Carpool to Fest maybe? haha.

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