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  1. What’s the quality of the press like? I’m kinda gutted as I was holding out for payday (tomorrow) to grab one and it appears as though there’s none in stock and weirdly I can’t find anywhere in the UK holding this too.
  2. Likewise. Super hyped for them making their return but damn that price is a tough pill to swallow, even if the variants look sick. Hoping they’re over in the UK next year even just for Outbreak.
  3. Yeah, very frustrating and makes me feel like the numbers for the /500 & /1000 aren’t exactly accurate
  4. So mine arrived today. I got it from EU/UK kings road and ordered the tri-colour version which I actually preferred but it’s arrived today with a note stating they had been undersupplied that variant and therefore have sent me the /500 swirl. Just a heads up to anyone who might have this issue too. https://imgur.io/a/cM6OaF2
  5. Grabbed the tri which is probably the best looking (on the mock up at least!) imo.
  6. Cheers, hope that’s the case. I’ve been keeping an eye on the shop app but it’s still sat at “ordered”
  7. Likewise. Kinda surprised it hasn’t shipped, but at the same time, I’m kinda not.
  8. I’m guessing I can’t be the only one who ordered from their store who hasn’t had it ship still?
  9. Appreciate the tip off, but I was on this like a hawk. Some of the reimagined songs fall a little flat to me, but some of them are really pretty damn good/if not better than the originals!
  10. Likewise, can’t wait to actually have it in my hands.
  11. So it is. The format didn’t load on my phone at the time and it looked like a properly ropey webpage. Thanks though haha🤦‍♂️
  12. So tempted to pull the trigger on this, but also scared it’s a boot/scam.

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