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  1. So like what Hot Topic was like before comic books, television, movies, and video games???
  2. How did you get this? It doesn't show up in the vinyl section when I browse the site. Quick edit: I'm baaaacccckkk after x amount of years!
  3. http://www.discogs.com/user/natealcatraz/collection Here's a link to my collection. Most of it will probably sell. I really need some quick cash by the end of the day. Will ship tomorrow. Thanks guys!
  4. Is the original version of What It Is To Burn on this pressing? I prefer that version. It will make/break my decision buying it.
  5. I went to a hockey game with some friends and our team lost, but the drive home was the best ever, singing along to Taking Back Sunday's "Louder Now". Anything by TBS is awesome to sing along to during long drives, sober or not.
  6. I'm kind of late to the party but if you have an extra copy, let me know!
  7. I didn't know it was sponsored by Becks. No wonder I saw all the guys drinking Becks beer. The girl working the table was a babe.....
  8. They usually release a compilation every year. They ran out of some last year so when I saw it outside on the table I had to grab it. It's a nice centerpiece to my haul. They're free!
  9. Yeah I went to Fingerprints today and heard that guy run his mouth all day. He's a little fucking bitch who doesn't seem to get anything in life so all he does is whine whine whine. I hope he didn't get anything he wanted for RSD. He doesn't deserve anything in life with that attitude he displayed earlier this morning. In other words... here's my haul if anyone cares!!!!!111
  10. They do love it here. It's like vacation, hockey, and you're not bothered a lot like an A-list athlete.
  11. Corey Perry's night tonight in Anaheim. It was redemption for him after last night's "bad sex". We all have that night and we all have to get it out, but in the end, it helps us get better. If the Sharks win the cup this season, I'm blaming the Kings for not defending their title. But I could care less now that their names are permanently engraved on the cup. My hats off to the Kings (and an exceptional list of fans who are a dime a dozen). And if the Sharks really win it, then California won more cups in 6 years than all of Canada. Not to make Canada sound like shit, but seriously, they h
  12. Most likely not. I usually sit in the 400 section and last season was the season I went to more than 1-2 games. And I don't really meet other people at games. I probably should haha. But my young friend was picking up this older lady's vibe last night. It was awesome. He's got dat game.
  13. Or lack thereof. Sorry, he's not producing like he should be this season. But it's still early. Maybe tonight's his night?
  14. Oh hey. I haven't been on VC since December (I think).
  15. They had a Twin Peaks/Jr. Kings Charity game about a month ago, it was fun too! The only time I can sit with mostly women (I swear it was mostly women at the game, maybe because Twin Peaks is a breast cancer charity) and Kings fans without getting chirped to death. Selanne was supposed to show up but he couldn't last minute (probably got stuck in traffic or something). I bought a pair of tix, can't wait to go!!!!!
  16. If you're in Anaheim area and want to watch Kings vs. Ducks (Could be the last time seeing Selanne play and Parros with his fellow Ducks) Charity Hockey Game Roster Finalized !!! Get your tickets now they are going fast - call (714)493-1417 Quebec Home team 5 Bryan Allen 6'5 226lbs 8 Teemu Selanne 6'0 196 lbs. 15 Ryan Getzlaf 6'4 221 lbs. 16 Brad Staubitz 6'1 215 lbs. 16 George Parros 6'5 228 lbs. 23 Francois Beauchemin 6'0 207 lbs. 32 Toni Lydman 6'1 202 lbs. 44 Sheldon Souray 6'4 237 lbs. 1 Jonas Hiller 6'2 194 lbs. Goalie Quebec Away Team 2 Matt Greene 6'3 232 lbs.
  17. http://watch.tsn.ca/nhl/#clip822014 Press conference from today w/ Gary Bettman.
  18. My high school english teacher works at Honda Center. I miss seeing her at games, but I hope she still has a job with other events going on.
  19. My tracking info didn't update. I do remember getting this email a week ago? I'm in Socal..........
  20. Anaheim fan here, I guess we do hate him (Dustin Brown). I hate him on the ice, off the ice he seems okay. I can't stop laughing at the Corey Perry hate from SJ and Dallas.

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