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  1. Any news on that blue Dog's Blood variant being released, Justin?
  2. Yeah, got right to checkout too. Wonder how long until one appears on ebay!
  3. Apparently Roadrunner just aren't too fussed about vinyl. One of the reasons it took so long for KsE's "Alive or Just Breathing" to be repressed.
  4. Only really after the Alexisonfire record, but it's only available in Canada & Australia. If anyone spots it available online, I'd really appreciate the heads up!
  5. I keep checking amazon and other UK/European sites, but nothing here yet.
  6. So happy this is finally being pressed. Pretty sure Jesse told someone on twitter a while back that they were also planning to press the first s/t album. The End of Heartache & As Daylight Dies were only repressed a couple of years ago....That's when I got my TEIH, so can't see those being repressed just yet.
  7. Need to get that flexi myself. When I spoke to the people handling the bundle sales, they wouldn't allow me to purchase one from the UK :/
  8. Damn, that's a bit ridiculous. It's supposed to be 6-10 weeks, although I've had stuff turn up within a week before, and others take about 12 weeks. I've already spent $40 this week on shipping, so couldn't really face paying the $39 for airmail on this one.
  9. Quite surprised at the price with shipping, albeit surface mail. Really looking forward to receiving this...That new cover art looks great! My 3rd order with DA/New Damage this week...OOPS!
  10. Randomly checked earlier and got the DA variant, but couldn't get the C&C store to play ball before work this morning. Checked now I'm on lunch and they're sold out...Only thing missing up until now was the recent Flexi. ** Just seen my 10% off voucher - Hopefully "Send Flowers" gets officially announced and on sale within the next 2 weeks
  11. Considering the original press was going for about 5 times as much too, I was just glad to have a copy...but $25 is nothing!