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  1. Thanks. A mate messaged me just as you posted. They wouldn't ship to UK, so he's ordered for me
  2. It was actually cheaper for me to order the Black, CD and Cassette from Dine Alone, with shipping to the UK 🤷‍♂️
  3. Can't quite believe I pulled the trigger, OR that I got them all, but I got; 1. DA Exclusive 2. Alternative Art 3. HMV 4. Revolver 5. Newbury 6. Indies 7. AOF Exclusive Just waiting on the cheapest for the Black, and the JB Hifi one to go up. * Edit, just scored the JB Hifi too
  4. So many variants! I'm sure I can survive on water for the rest of the month though....right!? That DA Exclusive will be gone in a second
  5. Looking for a few Alexisonfire records, if anyone has any of these please: * Self-titled (Green w/ Black Smoke) * Watch Out! (Pink Marbled) * Dogs Blood (Blue Marbled) * Accidents (Live in Toronto) 7" Flexi [Aussie tour exclusive] Thanks for any help.
  6. Had all 5 in my cart and Watch Out! went. By the time it removed that, Crisis had gone too If anyone spots either in store, I'd be extremely grateful.
  7. Something for the 20th Anniversary would be awesome. White/Green swirl?
  8. Looks like there'll be a few variants of this one, for any variant collectors: HMV Exclusive (coconut) Link Indies Exclusive (green) Link Band/Label Exclusive (bubblegum pink) Link White Link Black Link
  9. With how nice ADD came out, I can't wait for this. I'd love to see them press the 2nd Self-titled album too, and AOJB could do with a repress already.
  10. Can't wait for these. Way overdue! As someone else said, I'd have loved a 7 ways pressing, but I'll take what I can get. Seen these guys more than any other band.
  11. Received my order today. Two black, so hoping I can pick up a white somewhere soon.
  12. Ordered two from DA. Been lucky with the previous 2 and received 1 of each. Hope I'm as lucky this time too.
  13. Received my order in the UK today... 1 Red and 1 Black Just need to track down a white tour variant at a decent price now.
  14. Fair play to you mate! Any chance of some leftovers ending up online, or is that down to the band?

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