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  1. So does Add Violence feel a bit underwhelming on vinyl, or am I just losing my hearing today? It feels very flat and a bit compressed compared to everything else TR/AR have put out recently.
  2. 404 NOT FOUND Apologies! The page could not be found. haha, wow. We'll I guess I stand corrected, I thought these would be around for a few days.
  3. I bet those poor bastards can't even afford it anyways.
  4. I'm guessing these will be around for a few days. This isn't the vinyl market of 2014. Looking forward to this release!
  5. I think it's really exciting and fascinating. His ambition is inspiring.
  6. They had signed copies up in the web store that went hella quick
  7. IMO what's really working for MM is finding a great song writer / composer that he respects and that can tolerate him. Their talents compliment each other well.
  8. Especially since they don't accept promo codes for them. It's cool they've been selling a lot at 30% off. I think there are three strong indicators that vinyl isn't selling as well for HT: less exclusives, a very extended 30% sale, and pulling it from retail.
  9. Its the lack of transparency. IF they'd just come out and say, "Hey guys, thanks so much for ordering it means a lot that you support us. The album has been ordered at the plant and the first test is on its way. Maybe we'll post a video of the test when we get it". Instead its either no responses or someone telling you they cant process refunds and the manager never follows up....I'd been a vocal supporter for such a long time, but I just can't anymore. The vinyl bubble is bursting and things are different. You have to be more chummy with your audience, give them some value to stick around.
  10. Let's Play Two doesn't sound all that great on vinyl. I can't seem to get the EQ right on my TT. The vault releases sound much better. It sounds alright with the treble at 10 and the bass at nine. I've never had to go so extreme on the EQ with any other LP.
  11. I don't know, they don't seem to keep these supplemental LP's in print.

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