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  1. So this just came out. Reminds me of This Desert Life. Honestly a return to form if you ask me. Earthquake Driver is actually one of the best songs this band has put out. That should of been the single.
  2. The album is ok but I thought it would be better. Glad I did not order the vinyl
  3. If someone can pick up fob and atl for me I will pay them. I don't wanna risk this selling out one day while I am working. PS me plz
  4. I wish I could of done Futures tickets but its during the middle of the week. At least I saw them on Invented and Damage tour. Such a great live band.
  5. Most of the LPs I want I can find in some way but still not been able to track down a copy of Mayday Parade's self-title. Not the most impressive white whale but definitely something I am hunting. that and especially More Betterness by NUFAN.
  6. To me there is a difference between whats the better JEW album and whats my favorite but there is not an album I don't like. I agree Clarity is their best if not up there but I find myself listening to Chase This Light, Futures, and Invented the most.
  7. They still sound great to me. Love Futures and Chase This Light is one of my favorite albums
  8. Sounds like a go radio song... Not sure why he went solo. Not a bad song and the last Go Radio album was his best release but gonna pass on the vinyl version of this. Will be a good iTunes album.
  9. Honestly got be able to laugh at the jokes thrown your way. Especially since you got some legit advice. Enjoy your records and try not take the stuff you see here to personally.
  10. I like all there albums and started with TTTYG from a friend in middle school and at the time FUTCT became my favorite. It just did not age well for me. I have memories with it but there last 3 albums and tttyg are the albums I listen to.