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  1. Wish they'd also press Monster Monster. There were a lot of solid jams in there too!
  2. http://hellagoodbuys.net/ Preorder a copy of 2010's "Would It Kill You?" on vinyl and will it into existence! The record has been out of stock & press for over 5 years, but 150 preorders will bring it back! - vote for your color of choice, color most preordered gets pressed - first 150 copies signed - allow 10-12 weeks after 150 orders for pressing - if we don't reach 150 orders within a year, get a refund and a hug
  3. Yeah that cover is wack! I hate how huge the "10 Year Anniversary" is. It kinda ruined it for me. I get it that the quality of the original image isn't good enough but why not use the other elements on the cover (emblem/crossbones/wreath) instead? Anyway I'd still be buying haha.
  4. Pre-orders are now up on Amazon, Bullmoose, SRC etc. I'm gonna assume these are the black ones.
  5. Just looking to get rid of a couple duplicates. DM me if you're interested. Thanks! Thursday - Full Collapse (Translucent Green /1005) *Early 2000 pressing w/ silkscreen cover* $30ppd The Ataris - So Long Astoria (Coke Bottle Clear) $20ppd
  6. New song is nice! Reminds me of their Guilt Show era. Can't wait to hear the rest.