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  1. Yeah bought everything anyways so might as well. I do wish it was a red more in line with the other variants, it looks a little strange.
  2. https://www.target.com/p/taylor-swift-folklore-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-81462583
  3. Yeah that’s how it was for me too I ordered from him way after these initially came out and I had to paypal claim him.
  4. Went ahead and ordered one, hoping for the american tri stripe. I have the sky blue because it was the last variant left but it was a bitch getting them to ever ship it.
  5. Any recommendations? I might pick up weezers blue album target exclusive Bc I saw Walmart is getting an exclusive of the green album.
  6. I recently ordered Britney Spears in the zone and they shipped me a copy of Britney lol
  7. Target is releasing the Christmas album in a splatter style the end of this month! You should check it out.
  8. Hell yeah!!! I saw some Vanessa Carlton is getting pressed too.
  9. Honestly I need to I keep thinking I won’t be getting as many records and then I fill up another cube lol, so I’ve only been buying a 2x2 at a time.
  10. I need to get a bigger kallax, I have one 2x4 that’s black, a 2x2 that’s mint green, a 2x2 that’s white, and a 2x2 that’s wood grain and it’s all so hideous together.
  11. I read that he said on Twitter they didn’t have any plans to repress them.