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  1. Tour press is sold out, guessing there’s no VMP variant for this.
  2. I have the white hot topic one but I like that split. also wish they would have used the alternate cover art.
  3. Oh my bad I assumed it was going to be 2 lp since it’s supposed to have the bonus tracks.
  4. If anyone wants to trade a blue disc for a pink one to create make a custom variant I’m down
  5. https://shop.81twentythree.com/collections/themaine/products/the-maine-livestream It’s available for anyone to buy it looks neat
  6. Really disappointed with this, you are ok still has multiple variants still available, why not something like LLL, or pioneer, American candy, etc.. I did buy this regardless though lol
  7. I almost dropped way too much on this album so I’m hypedddd
  8. Looks like a single for the new album is coming out tomorrow so I’d keep an eye out for preorders
  9. Just got one! Thank you so much for posting this I was really bummed about missing this variant.
  10. This guy just had a doom variant taken away by laced Bc of the way he operates.
  11. Yeah I almost bought one but it was just random songs from the anime I thought it was from gold/silver and came out to around $140 usd