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  1. Just echoing the set Is really well put together. I wouldn’t mind if they did a set with TGG and NCTH.
  2. I feel like the projected release date is too soon for it to be an open preorder, but I don’t know much about windows for that type of thing. Also I toyed with it idea and decided this set looks to good to pass up and ordered it.
  3. Anyone else order all 5 versions of the cardigan single and still waiting for them to ship?
  4. Yeah I’m trying to gauge how they decide which record to pick. Really hoping for hush sound and Cobra though!
  5. I did the 12 month subscription trying to guess what the rear would even be. I feel like twenty one pilots is a given, and probably paramores riot? Other than that I’m hoping for a hush sound album and. Cobra starship.
  6. I bought a mystery bundle a while back that came with this record and I never use my digital codes. I’ll find it and send it to you later tonight.
  7. Excited to have this for the original cover, this is one of my favorite albums of all time.
  8. Albums going to take a few more spins for me to decide how I feel. I’d love an album that was just Taylor Swift and Bon Iver though.
  9. Idk why but I’m kind of disappointed there’s just one variant after getting 8.
  10. Mine started moving yesterday too, maybe those emails did something.
  11. I’ve only ever been to the red tour the pit tickets were so cheap and I got the email to buy them a few days before the show. I wish she still did pit tickets like that.
  12. Mine hasn’t moved yet either, also in florida! and once Taylor Swift grabbed my hand on the red tour during stay stay stay!
  13. I cancelled this twice and they said the refunded me both times but it hasn’t happened yet.

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