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  1. For anyone interested I think this is pretty much everything If not everything they’ve ever put out, besides the new album. I think the idea is pretty neat and honestly I wish more bands would do something like this for their discographies. Vinyl Club link
  2. Nah two versions of this and two versions of don’t think twice
  3. Face your fears it’s kind of expensive for 4 tracks but I haven’t seen it posted anywhere.
  4. I still find quite a bit at local thrift stores where I live maybe it’s because I live in a small town? Recently I found someone’s entire collection of jazz all 50 cent each with a bunch of original blue note and impulse albums the highlight being a first pressing of John Coltrane’s a love supreme. There was also some japanese imports of jazz stuff so that was pretty cool. But that’s usually how i find stuff thrifting an entire collection or nothing.
  5. Really dropped the ball in not having some kind of red brown Dr Pepper swirl variant
  6. It's on red with a bonus track Bull Moose: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/21189560/mariah-carey-merry-christmas-deluxe-anniversary-edition-red-vinyl-w-extra-song Music Direct http://www.musicdirect.com/p-357218-mariah-carey-merry-christmas-deluxe-anniversary-vinyl-lp.aspx Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/merry-christmas-mariah-carey/219454
  7. This is finally getting repressed!!!! It's up for preorder pretty much everywhere except Amazon. Pretty stoked to finally have this
  8. It was bad enough when labels started doing these rereleases with a few bonus tracks and a dvd with random stuff a few months after the album came out, doing this with vinyl though is so shitty. I guess I should start waiting to buy anything from hopeless with them already doing it for bayside, TBS, and now this.
  9. got this in the mail today #228 i think. havent had a chance to really look at it but it looks like theres so many grooves that it looks like there arent any
  10. Chase This Light is hands down my favorite JEW album! Can't stand a single track on damage though.