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  1. Row 1? Nice! I see yours are side view too. Do you have any experience with arena concerts and that view?
  2. Any peeps get tickets to the champaign show? Got home from work at 7 am and set my alarm for 845 but ended up sleeping through it till 1140. Ended up getting section 121 row 10. Happy to have tickets and to finally see them play, but bummed knowing I could have gotten better seats in a similar price range. I've never had seats on the end corner of a stage before, so I'm not sure what to expect. Anyone have experience with that?
  3. I saw they have an exclusive ticket Pre sale access for Capital One users and that the Champaign, IL presales through that would be July 10th. Is that also true if you get access through album preorder or is that date still June 26?
  4. Thank you! Same one he sends updates on new prints, right?
  5. Have any of you contacted Esao before? I need to change something with the shipping of my prints and was wondering what is the best way to contact him.
  6. Touché is always my most anticipated. AOTY for me even if it fuckin sucks (yeah right) and without hearing shit from it.
  7. Can't decide what I want more. Leaning towards the stray II. Good on him for the timed edition this go around. I think it's a good compromise. Everyone that wants one has time to get one, and he'll sell a bunch I'm sure.
  8. i know what it is but it's the first time I've seen it used, believe it or not
  9. Pretty cool read. It took me a while to realize the writer was referring to Holden using "they" and "their". It kept confusing the heck out of me until I realized what they were doing. First time I've seen anyone referred too/written about in that way. Pretty cool. The album is awesome. I was pretty worried that I might not like it cause the singles didn't seem to have that cathartic aggression that hits super hard like they did with Home. But this thing is so beautiful. Just an entire different beast. I totally think Holden and the band nailed it when they tried to give it an uneasy/off balanced feel. I think that's the perfect way to describe it. Just an off balanced and open beauty. There is something special about the music these guys make. I haven't really been able to connect with any music the past couple years. There's been a lot of great stuff that I've enjoyed. But these guys, it's just like, FUCK, ya know?
  10. I believe the tour variant for waking season was purple. More lavender but pretty close. Regardless purple would look great
  11. Was hoping for a classic blues choke fest. Almost had it. The blues were definitely the better team, I can admit that. Surprised it got to 7. Anyway, go caps!

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