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  1. It's all 'ooo'ing' and 'ahhh'ing' so I guess it doesn't count.
  2. I used to jam TEPB so hard, but barley listened to the last two. The change of labels really screwed these guys. Sounds like super generic radio-rock. Agreed on the ez-pass.
  3. I feel like half my collection is clear. I'm not mad.
  4. Missed the Pink unfortunately, so went with the Indie Clear. Haven't had a chance to do anything in the last few days.
  5. Awake is still a go-to absolute fucking chill album. He started to get a bit repetitive, but the new tracks and teasers with vocals are making me super excited.
  6. Still scrobble as well, don't even have to think about it not working, everything from my phone and laptop syncs up no problem. Been less active with listening the last few years, less time, but I've been picking up again. Link in my sig.
  7. I'm liking the two songs, but not enough to warrant a PO right now; will wait for the full album. Looks like the two stocks of color should last a bit.
  8. It actually makes me sick to think how much money he's make over the years doing this, not just on RSD but all his flipping. Scum personified.
  9. I am absolutely fine with this. Everyone who knows mwY knows they take all this stuff super serious, care very deeply about their fan base, and will be around for a long while into the future; they are not going anywhere and want everything to be perfect, which is all I expect from them. If people's mistakes was expecting anything less, that's on them.
  10. Ordered the clear indie for now; absolutely loved HV and Trouble, but not much since then, nor have I gone back too often.
  11. I loved Emotion, played it so much last year, and when I tried to play it for my gf she wasn't having any of it (all she knew was Call Me Maybe and her other cringe old stuff, which I also don't like) Emotion is so much different, baring awful songs like 'I Really Like You', but she still won't give it the time of day, now I feel weird for liking it haha
  12. I just played this again the other day, and I'm gonna have to disagree and say I'm still a bit underwhelmed by it. Maybe that's not the right word though. It definitely has a much different vibe than PV; I suppose I was hoping too much for a carbon copy follow up to that album, and was a bit let down by it's more subtle nature. Lemme play this while I'm chillin on my porch with an ice cold beer this summer and I'll get back to you. :p
  13. Yis. Haven't listening to them in a while, but I absolutely love them. Still remember one of my favorite shows ever with them, Rosetta and Deafheaven in a basement years and year ago. Gonna have to start to revisit.