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  1. Got my clear today. Locking myself in my listening room later.
  2. JRHews

    Athletics - BFRSD

    Got mine last week, looks and sounds great!
  3. If it's a small press number and it looks like they are going to go quick I'll prob end up just getting it myself. Will see in time.
  4. Yea I asked the question the day before It's a steep price but damn I really want it. Might be the only thing I get from this RSD, so might treat my self.
  5. Anyone have a lead on the Erased Tapes Compilation 3xlp set?
  6. JRHews

    Record Store Day 2018

    Can't make it out this year, have a lot on my plate for studios right now. The 2 major ones I'm looking for, if anyone has a lead or can hook me up is the Erased Tapes compilation 1+1=X and the Touche Amore Demo. (will compensate for your troubles!) please PM me if it's possible!
  7. Sophieeeee That price point is a hard sell though....Hopefully it's around for a while, while I decide.
  8. Went DW Clear. Was napping when this went up, glad I didn't miss this.
  9. *deafheaven thread *arguments start
  10. I slept on Caspian for the longest time; I saw an advert for Tertia when checking out Gifts From Enola albums before and never gave them a try until a year or two after it came out, then was hooked.
  11. Reallllly wish I could go to the record release show tomorrow. I'm settling for their later date in Philly in May . Any word on a tour edition?
  12. I'd actually buy this. He'd get me good.
  13. $100 surprise part 7 quad LP incoming.