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  1. Oh god, my heart (and wallet) isn't ready... ----------------------------------------------------- PO 9/22, 6:31am PST / 9:31am EST via Anti- https://www.fleetfoxes.co/ http://www.anti.com/ ----------------------------------------------------- Frontman Robin Pecknold shared an Instagram video with footage of flowers set to guitar strums, culminating with the word “Shore.” The caption for the post reads “Tuesday.” In a subsequent Instagram story, viewed by Pitchfork, Pecknold confirmed that an album is on the way. “Yoooo next week or so I’ll be posting some promo type stuff on this account but I’ll try to keep it chill,” he wrote. “Forgive me if I post any good feedback I know it’s corny but I’m excited and it’s weird to put out an album from quarantine.” Fleet Foxes released their last album Crack-Up in 2017. Posters teasing the imminent release of a new Fleet Foxes album titled ‘Shore’ have appeared on the streets of Paris. Its follow-up appears to be arriving soon after a French journalist shared a photo on Twitter of posters in Paris with the band’s name, ‘Shore’ and next Tuesday’s date (September 22). "So this is the fourth full Fleet Foxes album to be streamed on Tuesday, for physical release in early 2021." ----------------------------------------------------- Potential Tracklist(?): Wading in Waist-High Water Sunblind Can I Believe You Jara Featherweight A Long Way Past The Past For A Week Or Two Maestranza Young Man's Games It's Not My Season Quiet Air/Gioia Thymia Cradling Mother, Cradling Woman Shore --------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Single recorded a few weeks ago live Robin's his home, at 3:30 - "Featherweight" Full length accompaniment film.
  2. I tapped out after the first drop....this many variants is kind of ridiculous. So many great looking ones that no one should feel like they missed out...
  3. Finally got the shipping note. yesterday on the BS box. Should be here tomorrow. YAYYYYY
  4. I grabbed a rare /100 then then /1000 as well because damnnnn it has potential.
  5. Don't forget the two standards....they have their own PO page. Looks like the pinwheel is sold out.
  6. Nice. Got the pinwheel/splatter /100 and the /1000 which hopefully looks sick.
  7. Yea this is gonna suck...And oof those prices.
  8. You all ever watch Hometown? Shits crazy, what you can buy/get with 200k...
  9. Missed the splatter at 8:05am....but did grab the Milk Clear thankfully. Happy to have either one honestly, but the colors would have been nice. With the errors they had this morn more might go up, but I don't want to risk and cancel my clear for it to only fuck up again. Also the opaque splatters could come out looking like shit. Also nabbed the clear/splatter Solitude!
  10. Speaking of this record, I was interested in getting it too, but have not been a fan of his recent stuff. The collab with Nils Frahm was ok I guess. Also, $60 now is better then 100+ which is what most Sonic Pieces releases go for on aftermarket....