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  1. Unless they are dollar bin fodder...
  2. Have been counting down the days to this, then it drops and I'm neck deep in work and miss it.... fml
  3. Westkust s/t is out and it is an absolute killer. I've been listening to it non-stop. Right now the pressing is: Bandcamp - https://westkust.bandcamp.com/ Black - Unlimited White - 200 RFC - http://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/633795-westkust-s-t Green 200 Purple 800 I havn't ordered yet, but I was leaning towards the purple because it matches the cover the best, and the green looks meh, but I'm torn on purp and white.
  4. It's a bit odd, I think Golden Record is the closest they get to Reach, which I fell in absolute love with and is still a classic for me. War Paint just felt like an experimentation album that didn't fulfill my need for a Reach repeat. Maybe I need a lot of replays of it to really appreciate it in the discography.
  5. Did not really enjoy the ST album from last year, so I'm hoping this one is a bit more ambitious. ST felt too safe and samey, but that was the first with the new band, so maybe it took them a record to come into their sound together. Also kind of disliked War Paint but loved Golden Record, so maybe there is an A B A B A pattern forming here...
  6. I've missed that and one of the Leyland 'Sadly" series gold's.
  7. Need stage 5 to pop back up with some color copies D:
  8. How is this song a 'yikes'? Love the atmosphere and emotion that goes along with the extremely intense video! PO'd the splatter.
  9. Grabbed the space special edition. BSM has a /250 black w/splatter but I may pick that up sometime down the road.
  10. Got my clear today. Locking myself in my listening room later.
  11. Got mine last week, looks and sounds great!
  12. If it's a small press number and it looks like they are going to go quick I'll prob end up just getting it myself. Will see in time.