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  1. Ten Stories box sets, Splatter and black, and the farewell tour tickets.
  2. Got a lot for sale up on my discogs atm. Hitting some rough times recently, so getting rid of quite a bit. Listed prices can definitely be altered for VC people; can cut a deal on nearly everything there, lemme know. https://www.discogs.com/seller/Thanntos/profile
  3. Some new Nils Frahm coming; deep cuts, old tracks and unreleased materials in a double album. Super excited for it. No PO for Vinyl yet except for Amazon, which, pass, so waiting for a legit PO. https://www.stereogum.com/2166253/nils-frahm-all-numbers-end-old-friend-new-friend/music/
  4. Basically the same colors as the 2020 press, just a bit variation in style. Also the tour, so this is not the farewell one.
  5. Kælan Mikla - Hvítir Sandar feat. Alcest Track owns.
  6. A must listen for everyone here. Tokenainamae - タイムマシンが壊れる前に
  7. This. I'm digging all the single's, and love the vibe of the newest.
  8. That would be dope, to follow the same aesthetics as the others, but idk if it's needed with the other 4 versions of boxsets there are already for the album.
  9. Another garage sale up on Polyvinyl. Lots of good stuff there, though a lot more damaged than usual.