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  1. Early Gaslight is my jam, but I'm really liking his solo stuff more than their newer albums for sure.
  2. New 'Inventions' (Matthew Robert Cooper (Eluvium) and Mark T. Smith (Explosions in the Sky) album coming soon. New song and PO up. Bronze and Black. Wasn't a fan of the last album really, but loved the first; will still give this a listen when it drops and decide if I want it then. PO links: https://inventions.bandcamp.com/album/continuous-portrait https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr346
  3. Honestly not worth for the $$$ right now, but the colors are pretty. Great match to the cover art.
  4. I ordered from Bullmoose the other day, it didn't say anything about indie but I'm assuming that's what it will be.
  5. Got this in the mail the other day and its beautiful, will need to listen soon and get pumped for the new album!
  6. Princeton Record Exchange seems to have closed March 21st and moved a bit of their items online, currently with 400+ records for sale on discogs. https://www.discogs.com/seller/PrincetonRecordEx/profile They are great people and always have pretty good prices! Will most likely order a few while this all goes on to help them out. Siren records in Doylestown is great!
  7. This just came in, and wow, this might be one of the most beautiful records I own now! Can't wait to spin later!
  8. Topshelf Records waiving all their label fees as well today.
  9. Nah that for sure has to stay sealed. I bought one for myself at a thrift-store a while back not knowing he had that copy anyway, so I still have a playable one. If he kept it sealed that long, it's probably the way he wanted it.
  10. Also this sounds dope af, keep an update of what happens! My dad passed a while back in 2018 and I was going through his old collection not long ago and found a sealed 1971 press Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces of a Man*. Keeping it that way.
  11. Never knew this thread existed, but while I'm here, I implore you all check out the new Moses Boyd. Solid stuff all around, NuJazz and Fusion, lots of potential for growth. http://www.mosesboyd.co.uk/
  12. I just bought the splatter, couldn't resist...when this thing is constantly 200+ on discogs
  13. This thing riiiiips...like actually wow. Beautiful cover art and vinyl as well. Got the smoke and it turned out better than the mockup