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  1. Not just their official store, indie is also up a lot of places. on Blue https://easystreetonline.com/UPC/075678650116
  2. Loved this record, and it ultimately became my #2 of the year. The more I listen to it, the more layers and depth I hear and the more I love it.
  3. I'd be interested in seeing what music people listened to the most this year, digitally. This being a vinyl site, taking into account a lot of people listen to their physicals when able, and supplement with digital when on the go/at work/gym/what-have-you, I'm curious if some listening habits are shaped differently because of it. There are sites like Last.fm for scobbling what you listen to in all sorts of ways, not just from Spotify. And you can find other sites to manually input your analog listens into your Last.fm history, but I find I tend to neglect that aspect of my music listening habits, so I miss out on the 'recording' of my music I listen to on a daily basis. I really want to do better in recording everything I listen to, because I really like seeing how my music tastes shift from year to year, and how much time I actually give to this 'hobby' I love so much. With that said, I know for an absolute fact that the top 5 albums I listened to most on vinyl this year (mostly electronic and post-rock and metal) are not in any way indicative of my top plays digitally (folk, classical and indie), so its interesting to see how much I listened to other albums/genres from Spotify vs Vinyl, and what I might concider my favorite albums of the year/decade. Anyways, here's mine from Spotify. I really like listening to some low-key, relaxing music on the go, and everything else at home!
  4. Got this in today; holy fuck is this variant and packaging incredible! Very happy with the product, super excited to give it a listen soon.
  5. 500 Black and 750 of each color. I did that as well at exactly 12. Selling quick.
  6. Deluxe Black and Standard Red w/ Splatter. 👌 Black Deluxe only 90 left already.
  7. Sorry yea, 12 midnight. I'm brain dead rn in the morns, thank you, that makes sense!
  8. Video up, it's Catch for Us the foxes repress. Up at 12am est. 11/22. I'm always confused by this though...is it midnight tonight, or tomorrow?
  9. Gonna wait to hear this whole thing before I decide to buy. It's hit or miss for me usually too, but each one of her albums has some incredible songs, then some terrible ones. I've cherrypicked and made my own playlist on spotify of songs from each of her albums so at least its all songs I like so I don;t have to skip.
  10. Already ordered the 180g, but will probably also go for a Coke Bottle Clear as an extra
  11. One of us, one of us, one of us. Our young padawan.
  12. Bah, see this is why I asked, now I'm not sure whether to hold off and see the other variants, or order these 3 now.... Hit me with a dm a about the other 3?