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  1. I'll obviously give this record a listen, but I've been more than unimpressed with their last few, and consider them one of the many mediocre acts in post-rock. Too much electronics/math for my tastes.
  2. I had one and sold it recently. What a waste those things are.
  3. Glad I went the BM route and avoid dealing with KRM shitty site/customer service whenever I can...
  4. Literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen a band try and sell...it has to be a price mistake....maybe they meant $50, because that's what it MIGHT be realistically worth.
  5. I'd say since 2011, with TWL. The song is promising but holding out for a full listen.
  6. Guess I'm not gonna try this yet. Why in the world does anyone still use KRM?
  7. That teaser sounds great. Been on and off with this band forever, they go hot and cold for me so I'm super interested after that clip.
  8. I used to keep 2-3 bags of CD's in my car. Not anymore though as I use the aux or bluetooth for everything now. I haven't found a need to use a CD in years now.
  9. Carbon copy of everything Opeth has done since Watershed....I don't understand what this band is trying to accomplish... Are they going to progress further? Take another leap? Just grab whatever cash they can until they fade out? Forgive me if I'm not impressed. (way to make me waste my 1000th post, stupid Opeth >:| )
  10. Much better than the first track. Still not enough of a jammer to order yet though. Gotta hear the whole thing. But I dig that this one sounds more like he HM I know from Earth Pushed Back.
  11. Looks great! Love the more frosted look compared to most clears. Pumped I ordered this one!
  12. How can you know it's a masterpiece if it's not out yet? The last three albums sucked so (PC was alright, I guess) so it's safe to say this might suck as well. Meaning I won't PO/get until I've heard the thing. I'm begging for a Opeth rebirth... gimme Watershed 2.0 even and I'll be happy.
  13. Hey, Ma was great. U (Man Like) was atrocious. Jelmore was just confusing and bad. Faith is gorgeous. Such a weird mix bag of song, I hope they come together more on the album.