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  1. Reviving this to say the new album is absolutely beautiful. One of their best, loving the return of the harsh vocals and soaring atmosphere. The piano is also again at the center of this album and damn it's haunting. https://kauan.bandcamp.com/album/ice-fleet
  2. Just to chime in late on this, wow this album is gorgeous. Suuuuper relaxing and chill, love the ambient moments and the symphony fits perfectly.
  3. Three new singles from Fog Lake released over the last few weeks, pretty solid stuff, esp Catacombs. https://shop.orchidtapes.com/product/fog-lake-tragedy-reel-12
  4. Was lucky enough to hop on twitter 30 seconds after they posted the po link and grabbed the whitepink
  5. Might need to listen first, as I'm surprised to say some of the new stuff just hasn't hit me right...
  6. Was still able to grab the /100 just now 👌 edit: Oh, and the single fucking slaps
  7. Singles are definitely a bit boring, I also did not enjoy Vide Noir, but eager to hear the rest non the less.
  8. Gotta be your postman/office then man, that sucks. Mine came perfectly snug in the mailer and no issues to any jacket or vinyl.
  9. 4th press tomorrow, 10am. GL to those who missed the last one! Pro-tip, they usually launch a few minutes early, so spam f5 around 9:50.
  10. Bummer no physical version yet but I bet there will be eventually. Still happy to donate to a good cause!
  11. Not sure, I was actually thinking it might be something Holiday related, or a collaboration, as I don't believe there has been any evidence of new MO recording/writing sessions ect that I've seen anywhere, but I'm not a patreon member. Would be a huge surprise if so.
  12. One you take the plastic wraps off and squeeze the air from the box, the whole thing fits very nicely. The obi strip is nicely snug. The milky clear boxset looks great, very minimalistic aesthetic overall, but I'm not so fond of the Solitude 'galaxy' variant. Might grab the new splatter and see which I like best, get rid of the other.

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