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  1. Love this band, thought I was a little cold on their last album. Still excited.
  2. Shit that's nice....resist....resist...RESISTTTTTT
  3. In all seriousness, the songs aren't terrible, but it's gonna take some time to get used a new sound, again...
  4. I haven't gotten it yet and I live like 20 miles from Philly...
  5. That's kind of absurd. Email them back the timestamp of your order and tell them to check their shit again and cancel someone else.
  6. Went with Clear w/ White Splatter. Not actually thrilled with any of the other variants, nor the cover art....hope th rest of the music is up to par.
  7. It went up early, and now it's not there...or was that for members only? Come on Flenser, don't pull a KRM...
  8. I thought Good Nature was alright but nothing close to PV. Was a little too subdued for my liking.
  9. Song is a good one for sure, not sure which variant to go for rn though
  10. Went with the splatter; was not excited by that box compared to Kodama. Anyways I'm beyond excited for this
  11. 1. Yi [NR] 2. iMi [1] 3. We [2] 4. Holyfields, [3] 5. Hey, Ma [4.5] 6. U (Man Like) [1] 7. Naeem [3.5] 8. Jelmore [1] 9. Faith [4] 10. Marion [3.5] 11. Salem [3.5] 12. Sh'Diah [2.5] 13. RaBi [2] 2.65/5 Some songs growing on me obviously, but I feel this is about as fair and truthful as I can be at this point. BI,BI > FE > 22 > i,i
  12. Thanks for showing me the digital model for this. Now I can build one myself for 30 bucks instead of spending 300. 🍻
  13. Sounds like some on Jelmore too?
  14. Hey Ma and Faith are what I need more of. So, so good, too bad the rest is just WAY off the mark.