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  1. Anyone get tix to DIllinger Four on Saturday night? Lets hang!
  2. theyre playing in Chicago for a Riot Fest after show (un official) at SubT with Dillinger Four
  3. Dillinger Four is playing Saturday night at Subterranean...
  4. http://www.marriott.com/reservation/rateListMenu.mi it went up to 103/night since i booked...but there are other hotels in the area. All near O'hare if youre flying out
  5. I usually stay in the suburbs when i go to Chicago. For RF im staying in Rosemont, IL. My hotel has 24 hour shuttle to the Blue Line train which is a 2.25 ride that takes abour 20 minutes. My room costs about 98 bucks a night. You should look into it!
  6. I've got Gutter Phenomenon and Hot Damn...the VC reissues. I'd love that Floral Green
  7. It was 1995, i was 14. I saw Green Day with The Riverdales opening. Insomniac tour. My real first concert got canelled the previous year. It was going to be Nine Inch Nails with the Jim Rose Circus.