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  1. abovetheearth

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Here's a local guy (for me) and he doesn't have any physical releases yet; just IG and YouTube. Soon on Spotify and a release but he's on my radar with some very solid tunes. http://instagram.com/kcsynthguy
  2. abovetheearth

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    seems a bit high. (i do like this)
  3. abovetheearth

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    JFC. Just image how many unsolved crimes/cold cases/murders could be solved if posted in this thread.
  4. abovetheearth

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Limited vs. Very Limited this is where we are at folks.
  5. ATPR was brutal. I got railed pretty good over there. I'd love to hear the Nyctalgia (I'll wait years)...whatever happened with that dude?
  6. abovetheearth

    Butcha's Meat Thread

    Summer has bestowed upon us and no meat updates in nearly 2 years? what gives. lets get some delicious meat pics going.
  7. Science of Silence, Gumby. And it's $35ppd
  8. I can see how maybe they were lackluster at first, live/release. Before this year they were strictly Ohio gigs or within a 75 mile radius I'm sure; right? Playing those same venues and hearing the same 'wooooooo' probably irks them with no ill intent on looking bored on stage. After years, I saw them here and they showed a pulse and I enjoyed it mainly because I had waited so long.
  9. Do you not have any Black clouds albums gumbo?
  10. abovetheearth

    ETR Superfans

    Reminds me of when clients show you exactly how they want their design to be by mocking it up in Word so you 'understand.' You work weeks on it and they just say 'Awesome. Love it.' But end up using the Word file they sent over.
  11. abovetheearth


    Pretty sure I can help you here.
  12. Safe to say A Thousand Arms will probably handle most of what we want from here on out.
  13. I'm in some kind of post rock hiatus. I'm trying to think of why and I can't. Maybe the 'gaze genre has exploded some quality gems and I'm just distracted. It's never been this long of a stagnant bleh feeling.
  14. I'll have to pass. Sorry for the late(r) reply. Thanks for the inclusion - but for now I'm good.