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  1. This is the Black Friday RSD mixtape version, still sealed. PM me if you want it.
  2. White Crosses seems to be getting a repress on clear w/ red splatter. Release date June 9th. No idea why it's so expensive... http://www.bullmoose.com/p/9421448/against-me-white-crosses-clear-vinyl-with-red-splatter-color($37.97) http://www.banquetrecords.com/whitecrosses(£39.99!!)
  3. Few bucks cheaper if you order from revelation http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=NOSR137&T=1
  4. The beats and everything were amazing, but these bands on here are pretty good if not a little generic. If they're Ugly's high school bands then props. The punk rock song wasn't too bad, but the one Side Three A at 11:30 sounds like dino j without the ripping solos. Then there's a Le Tigre sounding song towards the end too. Kinda interesting
  5. If you buy it, it comes with Oblivion Access clips. Its supposed to be out in June. And the album w/ Nickelus F is called Trick Dice. He posted the covers on his facebook a couple days ago, then took em down an hour later.
  6. Pretty surprised the yellow /1000 sold out so quickly along with the smaller run variants as well. Good for them!
  7. Was talking to James and he said they go into the studio on June 12th. They also signed with Cooking Vinyl in Australia for the new record so they will probably tour that way towards the end of the year. I also got shipping confirmation for this, stoked for it to arrive!
  8. All these are on coke bottle clear, /200, and contain obi strips. Most listened to once, generally no more. PM me with offers. 7"s Allison Weiss- Making it Up #76/200 Adventures- Clear My Head With You #17/200 Xerxes- Would You Understand? #27/200 Departures/Moose Blood Split #29/200 10" The Swellers- Running Out Of Places to Go (No # but /200) (Sealed) (No Obi Strip) 12"s Balance & Composure- The Things We Think We're Missing #101/200 Mixtapes- Ordinary Silence #85/200 In Between- Still #80/200 The Wonder Years- Sleeping On Trash #138/200 Broadway Calls- Comfort/Distraction #169/200 Hundredth- Revolt #91/200 Long Lost- Save Yourself Start Again #178/200 State Faults- Resonate Desperate #56/200 Drug Church- Paul Walker #128/200 (Never Played) TRC- Nation #142/200
  9. shipping confirmation? nope Are you implying you did? Release date is Monday, assume that's when they'll go out. Hope they announce the test press winners soon. I stuffed the ballot with 1 entry so feelin clucky.
  10. Don't offer media mail either so comes out to $50. Might was well throw in the whole BBQ Bundle..
  11. I also didn't pay for priority, yet it came shipped that way. Makes this an $11 record if you factor that in, kinda feel bad.. But I'm sure once I spin this I'll perk up!
  12. Had the Male Gaze in my cart, but sold out as they were checking out. It's still available in the UK store, but shipping would be $19. Are those copies actually in the UK ready to ship? Seems odd to have separate stores if they ship them all from CA, but I could be wrong.
  13. Up In Them Guts has always been my favorite. Mercy is alright but never grabbed me the way UITG and FWF did. Will check out to see what the remastering adds, if anything. Stoked for new music tho!
  14. Loving this album, Frances killed it on every song. Found myself walking around this morning yelling "None of this is gonna happen to me!". Insanely catchy

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