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  1. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    Anyone order the bundle and still not receive any word from KRM? Was charged and never received a confirmation. Even sent them proof of being charged and still nothing. Edit: Nevermind they refunded. Dirtbagged by kingsroad.
  2. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    Got one from the bundle link as well. No receipt but was charged.
  3. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    No idea, works for me. I'm on mobile if that helps. Says everything is sold out. Maybe it went up by mistake again. Got a download for the song static hymm. Edit: it's down again.
  4. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    These are up again? Just was able to order an oxblood.
  5. They played mene and I am a nightmare at red rocks on the 29th
  6. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    Boys Night Out - "Black Dogs" July 8th 2016 - PO Now

    2nd edition on yellow is up as well /200. Both editions will be numbered and come with bonus art print. http://www.smartpunk.com/104597/Boys-Night-Out-Black-Dogs-Smartpunk-Exclusive-2ND-EDITION-Yellow-Vinyl-200
  7. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    Saosin LP3 - Spring '16 (hopefully released on vinyl)

    Dont know if this is still valid. But he said this back in April.
  8. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    PO: Vasudeva - Life In Cycles

    1209 was my order number. Had a receipt about 5 minutes after they went up.
  9. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    inner 12" sleeve mission

    I knew it was bert. If this thread ends with preorders for the new record.... Good luck with the search Mr.McCracken
  10. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    inner 12" sleeve mission

    Anyone ever figure out if tug was bert from the used?
  11. x_doublealbumyeti_x

    Boys Night Out - "Black Dogs" July 8th 2016 - PO Now

    Yellow version limited to 150 http://www.smartpunk.com/103944/Boys-Night-Out-Black-Dogs-Smartpunk-Exclusive-Yellow-Vinyl-150
  12. Thanks for the info guys. Haven't got a chance to spin it yet. Hopefully this weekend..
  13. Tried to post pictures. Guess i'm not cool enough yet. i uploaded the pictures to my deadformat which is in my signature.
  14. Box set arrived today can't wait to get home to check it out.